Friday, March 28, 2008

Our little punks

Hayden lets the puppies inside yesterday and said, "Mom, you were right, you chose the good one. Me and daddy, we chose the punk." A little over a year ago, the three of us walked into Petsmart and saw these adorable little puppies. A couple of days prior to this, Toby and Bear had been hit by a car and died, on the same day our adoption fell through. So, the three of us, sat on the ground in Petsmart holding these cute little black fur balls. I fell in love with Princess. She cuddled right into me and I never put her down. Thomas and Hayden played with Spanky for over two hours. None of us would give in on which puppy to get, so we got them both.

Talk about spoiled puppies. But, it is true, Princess is the good one. She is smart and a lot calmer than Spanky. Spanky is truly a punk, but has so much personality. We definitely love our pups.

Thomas was out of town this week for training in St. Louis. I don't know who missed him more, Hayden or the puppies. While we were watching TV, Princess, Spanky and Hayden all had to sit on Thomas' lap. What a crack up. The pups definitely demanded the most attention. We love our little punks, all three of them.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Water balloon fight

Hayden had a ball with all the Murphy's this weekend. We had an egg hunt for the Hayden, Logan and Victoria and a water balloon war. Hayden loves playing in the water. He didn't even mind that although he only had water balloons, his dad had the hose. This was his first time having a water balloon fight and he thought water balloons were the greatest invention ever.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter party

Every year all of us Simonton's get together and have a big Easter party. We hide eggs for the kids to find, and Grandpa always brings eggs filled with money. It is fun to see all of the kids searching for the eggs. I love getting together with my family. I wish JD and his family could have been here. We sure miss them, but especially on holidays.

These are some of my favorite pictures from the day. I love watching Hayden playing with his cousins.

And the race is on...

finding eggs...

Cute Brinley girl... she is a doll.

Kaylee climbing a tree. Seriously, she is a monkey.

Grandpa and Hayden

Grandpa and Grandma gave all the boys silly string. I'm glad we were at Josh's house and not mine. What a mess! But they had so much fun!

The cousins, as well as we could get them together.
In the back, Austin, Kaylee, Brooklyn, Katelyn, Kiley.
In the front, Dallin, Brinley, Casen, Braden, Hayden and Brigham

Spring Break

Hayden had a fantastic spring break. He was able to go to his good friend Channing's house on Monday and Tuesday. Danya took all four boys to the Science Center on Monday and then to the park on Tuesday. Hayden loved every minute of it. Danya used to watch Hayden for a couple of years when he was a baby, so he loves spending time with the Paxman's. Spring break also consisted of playing playdough with Brooklyn and Brigham, seeing a movie with his mom and dad, decorating eggs, and a huge Easter party.

He favorite part of his week with the time he spent with each of his Grandmas. Grandma Bonnie took him to see Horton hears a Who and shopping. Grandma Joyce took him to McDonalds playland and to see College Road Trip. He is so lucky to have Grandmas who love him so much and he loves spending time with them. Thanks to everyone who helped make this a wonderful spring break for Hayden.

Friday, March 21, 2008

What a relief!

It is March and I have figured out plans for Hayden during the summer. This is such a feat every year and one that leaves me with all kinds of emotions. I feel guilt, that Hayden has to go to a daycare place during the summer, financially I try to find the best place without killing our budget, and mostly, I try to find the best environment for Hayden. It is a process. I have spent the past couple of weeks trying to find the perfect place for Hayden to be. Through much prayer, effort and asking around, I think I found the best place for Hayden. I am so excited to say that he is enrolled in a summer camp. He is going to have such a fun summer and he is so excited. Talk about a fun program. Every day he goes to a karate class and a tumbling class. They also play t-ball, basketball and soccer at the park every morning and every afternoon they go swimming. Every day they have a different fieldtrip. Once a week they go to Bounce U, Skateland, the movies, and to a museum. He will have a much funner summer than if I were even at home with him. What a relief! I love that we've moved on to summer camps. And, the best part, when we took Hayden to check the place out yesterday, here was his response. "Sweet! You are definetly the best mom ever!!!!" Hearing those words, and feeling the guilt rush away, priceless.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Joyce's mission call

We are so excited that Thomas' mom received her mission call yesterday. She is going to Salt Lake City to the family history center. We are so excited for her! We know she will be an incredible missionary. She starts on May 2, 2008. We will all miss her a lot, especially Hayden. But, we are so happy that she is choosing to serve the Lord.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kaylee's baptism

What an incredible day! I was able to attend the baptism of my niece, Kaylee. She looked so beautiful dressed all in white. She was absolutely glowing!

Before the baptism, Kaylee, Katelyn and Kiley, sang "I am a child of God". As I looked up and saw my three sweet nieces singing, I was choked up by how strong the Spirit was. I am so proud of them and the choices they are making. Kaylee has been such a great influence on those around her.

As Kaylee entered the waters of baptism today, it took me back to the day I was baptized. I was only eight years old, but I remember the day like it was yesterday; my dress, the songs sung, the people in attendance and the family party afterwards. Most of all, I remember how I felt. I knew at that time that church was true. I had an assurity that I was a daughter of God and that my Father in Heaven loved me. I knew those precious gospel truths at eight years old, and had those same truths reaffirmed to me today.

As I look back over my life, I cannot express what comfort and joy that the gospel has brought to me. Each day I am reminded of the simple truths that God lives and loves us. I am grateful for my testimony and the Lord's guidance in my life. Days like today help me to stop and reflect on what is most important.

I am excited for Kaylee and her willingness to commit to follow our Savior and am excited to see all of the great things the Lord has in store for her.

Brooklyn (4 - Jodi's) Kiley (5 - Jake's) Kaylee (8 - Jake's) Katelyn (almost 7 - Jake's) Brigham (21 months - Jodi's) & Hayden(6)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My little missionary

I picked Hayden up from school yesterday and this conversation begins... "Mom, my friend's mom came and told me that the bad word he is saying isn't really bad and for me to quit telling him it is." Okay, Hayden, some mom's have different rules, if his mom says it is okay, then you don't say it, but don't tell him it is bad. "But, mom, it is a really bad word and he shouldn't be saying it." Well, Hayden, some people have different rules and different standards.... "Mom, what if we have his mom come over and you can teach her the right way, maybe she just doesn't know?" As I am thinking of what to say and he cuts in with, "I have a great idea mom! Why don't you get the Book of Mormon, circle the part where Jesus says we shouldn't say ______ and we can give it to _____'s mom. That's a great idea, isn't it?".

How do I say no to that?
So, my next step... getting the courage to give his buddy's mom a copy of the Book of Mormon. How else do I teach Hayden to stand up for his beliefs and to be a missionary? Any ideas?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm the Luckiest Girl

I had to be up at 4:30am this morning to take Suzi to the hospital. Thomas woke me up and I got ready. When I walked out into the kitchen, Thomas was making me breakfast. Yes, at 4:30am, my sweet husband was up making me breakfast and what is even more amazing, is that it didn't really surprise me. I am very grateful, but Thomas is a great guy and does wonderful and nice things for me every day. I don't tell him often enough what a great catch he is. Thomas is a mellow, get along with everyone kind of guy. He always finds the good in people and genuinely finds the positive in life. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't show me he loves me. He does so many little things, like checking the car and if it is getting low on gas, he just goes and fills it up. He gives me nightly foot rubs and millions of more little things to show me he loves me. I am so grateful for him, and all of the wonderful things he does for me, Hayden and anyone else that needs him. I am definitely the luckiest girl to be his wife.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Spiderman Room

Hayden has been begging for a Spiderman room ever since Grandpa and Grandma Bonnie gave him this huge Spiderman for Christmas. Thomas anchored it to the ceiling. Hayden sure adores his room.

My intention is to get pictures of Hayden dressed as spiderman and pictures we took with him and Spiderman at Universal Studios, and put them all over the web. It is on the list of projects to be done.

Jodi made me this incredible storyboard for Christmas. I love how she captured the relationship between Hayden and Thomas. Hayden thinks his dad is a superhero. I love looking at this picture. I sit in Hayden's room, after he is asleep, and love all the wonderful memories and emotions that this storyboard brings. I absolutely cherish the relationship that Thomas and Hayden have. I hope they are always as close as they are now.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dolly Steamboat

All the Simonton's and Bair's went on the Dolly Steamboat at Canyon Lake to celebrate my step brother Brian and his wife Alyssa getting married. We had a great time on the dinner cruise. We all sat around and talked and laughed. It was a lot of fun and the views were amazing. Thomas enjoyed taking pictures, while I just enjoyed being with everyone.

Jodi Davis, Jodi Lewis and me. We had such a wonderful and relaxing evening with all adults and no kids. So what do we talk about??? Our kids, of course!

You're a Star

Our ward had a primary activity day where the children choose one of their talents and performed for everyone. Hayden sang the Spiderman song. He ran up to the microphone, sang he heart out and ran back to me. I was so amazed that he got up there and sang his song. He did a great job. He keeps telling me he wants to be on stage. I guess it is time to put him in drama classes.

Toothless Grin

Hayden lost both of his front teeth this week. He looks so different. He is growing up way too fast.

In order to get a real smile, I had to pin him down and tickle him. He gets so annoyed at me taking pictures of him.