Wednesday, August 27, 2008


As we pulled up in the driveway a few minutes ago, Hayden yelled, "Look mom, a rainbow!" Then he said, "Do you think your mom is trying to tell you hi and she loves you?".

Yes,rainbows remind me of my mom. At most of the major events in my life, there has always been a rainbow, which makes me think of her. It is her way of telling me that she is still with me. On my wedding day (in fact on mine, Josh's, Jake's, JD's and Jodi's wedding days) there was a rainbow, the day Hayden came home from the hospital, when we lost our baby girl, Kaylee's baptism, our last day in Tahiti, while thinking about her and on many other occasions.

Ironic... I don't know.. and yes, it rained a lot today. I know that. But, in the instance before Hayden said that, I had been thinking about my mom and some decisions I was trying to make in my life. I was actually wondering what she would do if in my shoes. I needed that gentle reminder today that I am not alone, my mom still knows what is going on in my life and the Lord loves me. I'm thankful for these tender mercies that the Lord grants in my life. That moment gave me the sweet reassurance that I already know in my heart what I need to do.

And, yes Hayden, I do think my mom was trying to tell me she loves me, more than just in a rainbow, but from the gentle reminder from my sweet son. And, I needed that today.

Science Experiments

While we were out of town, Aunt Suzi helped Hayden make a volcano. He has been begging to make one. What a great aunt to make a volcano. It still needs paint and then we will be able to make it explode.

She also made several other science experiments with him, they made crystals, fake snow, and all kinds of chemistry experiments.

Hayden had a fantastic weekend! Thanks, Suzi!

Here are a couple of pictures of the science experiments around our house. I'll be shocked if Hayden doesn't do something in the field of science when he gets older. He is all about bugs, experiments, how things work, what makes things work and critters. He loves chemistry and loves experimenting with different concoctions.

Arizona Rain

I love Arizona summer rain. The smell is unbelievable. I love the scent and the way everything looks fresh and new. I love sitting with the doors open, wrapped in a blanket and listening to the rain. The last couple of nights with all the rain has been wonderful. I hope it rains again tonight, I'm ready to curl up in a blanket and just read and relax.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Frog Scare

I come home from work yesterday and Hayden runs in to visit his new pet frog. What do I find, the frog is NOT in the bucket with the lid on it. The frog has escaped while we were gone. This frog was huge, bigger than the last one Hayden and Thomas caught. Hayden and I begin searching the house for this monster frog looking under the couches, around corners, all the while me being terrified this frog is going to jump on me. Hayden finally found the frog behind the piano. My dilemna now, how to get it outside. Hayden is begging the entire time to let me keep his new found friend. There is no way! I do not like critters in my house. Thomas had assured me the frog couldn't get out... needless to say, it was not staying.

I was with a broom at one end of the piano and Hayden was at the other with a bucket trying to catch it. It evaded us for a while hopping ever so quickly around the house, until it came back to the piano. This time, Hayden was able to catch it. All the while I am terrified this monster critter is going to jump out of Hayden's hands onto me. I'm okay with Hayden and Thomas playing with these critters, but only as long as they don't touch or involve me.

Hayden realizes it will be a long time before another frog comes to live at our house. Sorry, glad there is rain and he can play with them outside.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend getaway

One night last week, I told Thomas I needed to get a way and just take a break. I told him that I may need some time away, just me and him. He informed me that in over 6 years, I have never told him I wanted to go away, just me and him. He has always drug me to do things without Hayden. So, within a half hour of me mentioning it might be nice for us to get away sometime, he had a hotel booked and a babysitter for Hayden for the weekend. He told me he wasn't going to wait around for me to change my mind. He's so funny!

So, we enjoyed a wonderful weekend getaway to the WigWam Resort in Phoenix. It was lots of fun and a beautiful resort. We even got a head start on Christmas shopping. It was so relaxing! I wonder why it has taken me so long to just take a weekend for us.

Thank you, Thomas for a wonderful weekend away from real life. And, Suzi, thanks so much for watching Hayden, the dogs and the fish and entertaining them while we were gone. Hayden had so much fun, he didn't even care we weren't home.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Blue Goo

Today in occupational therapy, Hayden made blue goo, or silly putty, or venom; depending on its use of the moment. Hayden has loved playing with it since he got home. He had it on his face pretending he was the blue man group, on his arm using it as Spiderman's venom and just playing with it. Since he made it himself, it is even all that more cool. I love his enthusiasm for anything that could be classified as a science experiment. He loves science, science experiments and making and creating concoctions. There are ALWAYS science experiments lingering at our house, in the fridge or freezer. Anything he can mix together he tries to. Right now it is all innocent, I have a feeling the older he gets the more of a mess my house is going to be.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Christmas presents in August

With Hayden's birthday and Christmas only being a couple of weeks apart, he gets so many toys in December. When I am cleaning up from Christmas, I try and take a bunch of presents and put them up for him to open later in the year. He keeps asking when he gets his remote control pirate ship. So, we have used it as a bribe with all his therapy. Once he received enough stickers, he could have his pirate ship.

Today, he had earned enough and got his ship. Nothing like being able to use Christmas gifts for therapy rewards in August. I think the older he gets, the less likely I will be able to put his presents up for later in the year. But, I will enjoy it while I can.

Dunkin Donuts

They opened a Dunkin Donuts clear out by us. Hayden has been watching them build it, put up the signs and waiting patiently for it to open. It finally opened this week. So, today, on the way home from school, I figured we'd stop by and pick them up for a treat. He loved having the box and being able to choose the donuts.

Hayden may not be big on sweets, but he LOVES his donuts.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Spelling Test

Hayden came home with 100% on his spelling test on Friday! I didn't get around to looking at his backpack until late last night. I was shocked when I pulled out his spelling test with a 100% stamp on it. Hayden was so proud of himself. He had two questions, first "are we going to have a celebration" and the second was "are you going to put this on your blog?". So, we are having a celebration family home evening party for Hayden tonight, he gets to pick the activity and the treat. And, I will go home and read this blog to him.

I am soooooo proud of him!!!! He tried really hard and is doing fantastic! Way to go, Hayden!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Breakfast by Hayden

Thomas had to leave for work this morning at 6 am. I had been pretty sick yesterday and Hayden was so worried that Thomas was going to be gone today. He kept telling Thomas that he was big enough to take care of me. So, this morning, Hayden wakes up, asks me if I'm okay. I reassure him that I am feeling a lot better. Next thing I know, I hear all kinds of noise in the kitchen. He has pulled out the stool and is getting bowls out of the cabinents. Then, he gets the cereal, pours the milk and brings me a bowl of Apple Jacks for breakfast. And, then makes his own. He was so proud of himself and I won't let me do anything. He has brought me waters, is making me lunch and has brought me a blanket and a pillow. He keeps asking if there is anything I need.

What a good boy. He is so sweet and so sensitive. He cares so much about people and wants to make everyone feel better. I am so lucky to have him as my son.

Twilight Series

Okay, so I finished book 4 yesterday. I read the entire series in less than 2 weeks, crazy! I don't think I've ever read so fast or so much in such a short time. But, I just kept reading. It was such a good series. I highly recommend the books.

I've never read The Work and the Glory books. I guess it is about time. I have so much time on my hands to read while at all of Hayden's therapy. It is a great way to spend the time. Time just flies by.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday's Warriors

Last night Thomas, Hayden, Suzi, Jodi, Brooklyn, Ariyona, Taylor and I went to see the play Saturday's Warrior's. It was a lot of fun. It was a totally different play as the Saturday's Warriors part was first and then they did the present day Jimmy Flinders. At intermission, Jodi, Suzi and the kids left. What was I thinking getting tickets to that for Hayden and Brooklyn? Too deep, too long, it didn't hold their interest. Oh well, Taylor and Ariyona loved it! It brought back all kinds of memories of me going and seeing the play with my mom and dad. Good times!

Before the play started, Hayden was on Taylor's lap and she was giving him a face massage. He had is eyes rolled back and loved it. Then I looked over and he had both girls massaging him. I love how wonderful these girls are to Hayden. He is absolutely spoiled rotten. As if me, Thomas and Suzi don't spoil him enough, now he has Taylor and Ariyona that will give in to his every whim. I don't think there is anything in the world that Taylor wouldn't do for him... and he knows it. He tells me all the time how much he loves having "big sisters".

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hayden started occupational and physical therapy this past Friday. I wasn't sure what to expect. I remember taking Jodi to physical therapy as a kid and she hated it. I was trying to build it up to Hayden that this was going to be fun. A new adventure of sorts, every week.

Much to my excitement, he loved it! He is with two of the greatest therapists and they were so tuned in to him. I can't believe how well the got him to respond to what they wanted him to do.

Of course, they did incredibly fun things. He didn't like writing in shaving cream. He didn't like the texture or smell of it. He did love playing in a bucket of rice, snapping beads together and playing with colored pegs. He absolutely loved physical therapy. They have an indoor gym with all kinds of different attachments, like a swingset. They room looked like a child's dream play place. There was a mini-tramp in the corner, a swimming pool filled with the little balls, a balance beam, scooters, tricycles, swingset of sorts, and all kinds of games. Hayden's favorite was feet bowling. They put him on a zip ride and he had to use his feet to knock down the bowling pins. Such a hit! He was having so much fun he didn't want to leave.

I was so relieved!!! I was hoping it would be a good experience so we didn't have a fight every week. He wants to go back! Hopefully this will help him out. He was exhausted after therapy. I guess our Friday evenings are going to be low key to give him some relaxation after such a hard work out for two hours. So, I took him to therapy and I was a wonderful mom for taking him there. Life does turn out great some days!


So everyone at the beach was sitting around and reading these Twilight books about vampires. I thought they were all crazy and who would read that. Well, after it is all that Rosie, Steph, Cassie and gang have talked about for the past couple of weeks, I decided to see what they were about. Steph convinced me to read something to escape life and not read so many books where I am trying to learn and figure things out.

I absolutely love this series. I have read the first two books and am almost done with book three. It is so great to be able to read and be able to escape everything else going on in life. It takes me away from all of the autism issues, therapy, IEP's, and constant doctors appointments that Hayden has to go to. It has been highly relaxing. But, since I've read almost 3 books in a little over a week, I don't know what I am going to do when I finish book 4. Can't wait to curl up in bed tonight and finish book 3.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Thomas looked at me and laughed the other day. He asked when our lives went from bugs, legos and little boy stuff to girly talk all the time. It is definitely different having teenage girls around the house. They are so funny and keep us laughing.

Ariyona, Taylor and Ann love playing the Wii with Thomas.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I am so blessed with wonderful family and friends. They gave me the best birthday and I felt so loved.

Friday morning, me, Jodi, Suzi, Rosie, Ann, Steph, Bonnie, Dad, Ashlee and Kaela all went to TC Eggington's for breakfast. It was so much fun and so yummy. TC's is definitely my favorite place for breakfast.

That evening, Suzi, Rosie and Jodi all threw me a "crazy 8's" birthday party since it was 8-8-08 and I turned 38. We had so much fun! All the Simonton's came, along with Suzi, Ariyona and Ann. We ate my favorite dinner, Indian fry bread and played games. I sure love being with my family. I loved celebrating with the people I love.

Rosie, Suzi and me

The girls playing Apples to Apples while the guys watched the kiddos.

Jodi made me the cutest "Crazy 8's" basket. It held my 8 favorite things in it:
1)a gift certificate for a massage 2)pictures of Hayden 3)a new book 4)a new game "A Ticket to Ride" 5)Hershey's with almonds 6)Nutter Butters 7)Hot Tamales and 8)Jenny Phillips and Michael McClean CD's. Do I have the greatest sister, or what?
Such a cute gift idea. Everything Jodi does is cute and creative.
I just loved this picture of Ariyona at the party. She is so cute!
Ann, my niece, did this drawing of us for my birthday. She is so incredibly talented! I am so excited that she came down to help us celebrate my birthday! I love her spending time with us and wished she lived closer.

I had such a wonderful birthday and loved celebrating with so many people that are so dear to me. Thanks everyone, I felt incredibly loved and cared about!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My first grader

I cannot believe that Hayden is in first grade today. He looked so big walking into the school today. I remember him walking down this hallway three years ago going to his first day of pre-school, that day there were many tears shed, both by me and Hayden. Today was so calm. He was a little nervous to get out of the car, but excited to see all of his friends. He looked so grown up in his transformers backpack and his Scooby-Doo lunch box.

I guess he is really growing up. Although he did not like that I was taking pictures of him and his new teacher, he did love me taking them of him and his friends. He calmly got into line, hung up his backpack and took his seat at his desk. There were no tears, he didn't hide behind me or even really acknowledge that I was leaving. He was happy to be back in school.

I sure hope his day goes well. He has a great teacher, Ms. Miller. And, Hayden is excited about spending "Miller money" in her store on Fridays. I'm thankful he loves school, has so many friends and enjoys learning. I'm counting the minutes until I can pick him up and talk to him about his first day of school.

Priesthood blessings

Each year as Hayden starts a new year in school, I have Thomas give him a father's blessing that he will have a good year and learn a lot in school. It definitely eases my mind as I feel the spirit and hear the wonderful promises to Hayden. This is going to be a good year for Hayden. I am so thankful for a wonderful husband that honors his priesthood and is worthy to give our son such a wonderful comforting blessing. I can't imagine my life without the sweet influence of the priesthood being in our home. I look forward to Hayden someday being able to be worthy to use this sacred holy ordinance to bless his family. I'm thankful that Thomas is such a wonderful example to Hayden. It is sweet to hear Hayden say, "I'll be fine mom, daddy gave me a blessing and Jesus told me that it was going to be a good year. What is there to be worried about?"

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Little Things

I've decided it is the little things in life that mean the most. This morning I woke up to Hayden giggling. I smiled as I opened my eyes and realized he was still sleeping. He had the biggest smile on his face. A while later, he again got the biggest smile stretched across his face.

These are some of the moments that are forever etched on my heart. I am so thankful for the little moments of happiness and joy that I'm blessed with every day. The older I get, the more I am thankful for the simple little moments of joy in life.


Yesterday at work, my dad called me in and asked me what this party is that everyone was planning for my birthday. I told him I had no idea. Thomas was working late and me, Ann, Hayden, Taylor and Ariyona would probably just go to dinner and watch a movie. But, my dad persisted. He wanted details on this party. He wouldn't let it go.

Needless to say, Rosie, Jodi and Suzi are not very happy with my dad. They had been planning a surprise party for me for the past two months. I know the party has been ruined, but I am so grateful for such wonderful friends. I felt so loved and so cared about as the details started unfolding yesterday as to what great lengths they went to so that I could have a wonderful birthday. I had no clue what was going on.

Thank you, Rosie, Suzi and Jodi! You guys are amazing and I am so grateful for your friendship, love and influence in my life. Life really is about the relationships, and I am so fortunate to have so many people around me that love me and would do so many wonderful things for me. That is the greatest birthday gift around. And, yes, we will still have a lot of fun, now I can look forward to being with people that care about me so much.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hayden's Bucket List

So, as Hayden was listening to Ann and I talking about our bucket lists and he decided to come up with his own. He is so funny. What 6 year old wants a bucket list.

Here are a few of Hayden's:

Go to Disneyworld
Buy his kids lollipops
Go Goofy-golfing with his kids
Go on a mission to New York City
Hang upside down like a bat
Go on the new Disney ship
Become a scientist
Learn to play the guitar

Ann wrote them down while I was videotaping it. I'll have to look at the list but it was really fun discussing his bucket list. I guess I will buy more lollipops and take more time at to go goofy golfing. Since those are the things he wants to do with his kids.

Bucket List

Last night, Ann and I were talking about the movie "Bucket list" and what was on mine. She started telling me her goals in life and things she wanted to accomplish. Hayden walks in and says, "What's a bucket list, mom?". I explained to him that it is all the things that you want to do before you die. He asked why they call it a bucket list. I said because sometimes when you die, people say you kicked the bucket. His response, "Oh, so your mom already kicked the bucket, didn't she". I'm so going to regret teaching him that phrase. I can see it now that he is going to use it in the most inappropriate ways. Oh well, me and Ann laughed like crazy!

Ann & Hayden

Hayden absolutely loves having Ann at our house. While I was at work yesterday, they played the Wii, played with sidewalk chalk, conducted science experiments, colored, did art projects, watched a movie and ate ice cream. He had so much fun with her and had a total agenda planned for today. I'm glad he is getting to know his cousin better, it is too bad that they live so far away.

Frog Season

I think Hayden's favorite season is monsoon season, which comes with tons of frogs around our house. Hayden always begs Thomas to go searching for frogs. They take their flashlight and go search the empty lots for frogs.

Last night, the dogs were barking like crazy and Thomas went out to see what was going on. This frog was right by our back door. Hayden loved the huge frog. He was so big that Thomas was having a hard time holding on to him and he jumped when Hayden tried to hold him. At least he got to pet him.

Monday, August 4, 2008


We are so excited! Thomas' niece, Ann, came to visit us. She got here last night and will be here all week. We are so excited to get to spend time with her. I love that she is all grown up and wants to play. She's 17 and headed into her senior year at high school. We are going to hopefully do lots of fun things, including shopping, movies, dinner and maybe a pedicure. What a fun week for me.


Steph introduced us to the funnest game, Pounce, at the beach. We love it! It is played with Rook cards and it is a game of speed and quick thinking. We introduced it to Thomas' cousins last Sunday, and they called us over last night to play again. It is a ton of fun and everyone really gets into it. Sunday night with the Murphy cousins is becoming a ritual. We love them and have so much fun playing games every Sunday night.

Swimming, Swimming and more swimming

Last week we went swimming a lot. My cousin, Lisa, came down with Josh and Chad and we all went swimming at Josh & Steph's on Thursday. It was a lot of fun. I was amazed that Hayden kept jumping off the boulders, so unlike my reserved child. He had a great time. He loves Lisa and the boys so much!

Then on Friday night, we all got together at my dad's for more swimming and a bbq for the kids, hot dogs, fruit, mac n cheese, and kiddo foods. They loved it! Cassie's gang was leaving Saturday, so we got to say goodbye. Jodi's group, Jake's gang, and us, including the girls, all went swimming and watched a movie. It was fun to let the kids all swim and just have a good time. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so no pictures. Oh well, we made great memories.