Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve

We had such a fun New Years Eve party at Jake and Rosie's house. We played Rock Band and had a ball. We played Scum and Kaylee and Katelyn even played... so fun! Kaylee even became President. Kiley and Hayden colored and watched movies. We even stayed out until 1:30am. I love spending time with Jake's gang. They are so much fun and I love them to death! It was a great way to ring in the New Year!

Simonton gang and games

Monday night all five Simonton siblings, spouses and kids were together. I love that! And, we all played games. We all laughed and had the best time! We played "Would you rather..." and it was a lot of fun!

I love having all of us together and enjoying each others company. The cousins all love it and they had a great time running, laughing, making a mess and just being kids.

Josh has the coolest gameroom with a Playstation 3 hooked up to one tv with Rock Band and the Wii to the other TV. The kids loved that they could all play!

And, of course, always lots and lots of food. Cassie made wonderful homemade cinnamon rolls.

So Sad

Last night, Thomas asked me what time I needed to get up in the morning. I told him not to wake me up when he left, I wanted to sleep in. He laughed and said what you aren't going to get up and make me breakfast. Hayden chimed in, "What? I didn't know it was Father's Day tomorrow?". Little stinker, he thought since I would be making breakfast it was Father's Day. How sad is that. I felt bad for a minute and then remembered that I love that Thomas gets up and makes breakfast every morning.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

We're going to Disneyland

Suzi gave Hayden and me a trip to Disneyland for a week in February. We are so excited to go! Can't wait! I love that place!

Christmas Night

We celebrated with the entire Murphy clan! So fun! I love it when we all get together. There was tons of food, lots of people and of course, fun games! We played until almost midnight and had so much fun!

Christmas with Dad & Bonnie

We had so much fun at Dad's this year. We made my Dad and Bonnie a slideshow of the beach for the past four years. I think he really liked it! We watched it and had a great time discussing memories of the beach. I love that we all go over individually and get to open presents. It is so much fun to get alone time with them.

They were so great to us! Hayden received a d-rex dinosaur that you can control. It is voice activated and he loved that it can attack the girls. It even has a pester mode. He just giggled as grandpa told him all the things it could do. What a perfect present. Ann, Taylor and Ariyona may not love it as he trains it to attack them, but what else do you expect from a 7 year old boy?

Bonnie was amazing and made all of us bedding. I knew she was making them but didn't know we were getting one. I loved mine! So perfect. I appreciate all the hard work she went to and it is wonderful!

Thomas was excited for Guitar Hero world tour. But, even more excited to call and tell all three girls. That is their thing, they all play the Wii together.

It was a perfect Christmas! Thanks so much for spoiling us!

Christmas with the girls

Christmas morning after we opened presents we went over to Taylor and Ariyona's house. They were adorable and so excited for everything. They were thrilled with their new school bags and clothes but mostly loved the photo album I put together for them. They brought it over later that night and looked at it a ton of times. They loved the pictures of all the fun things that we have done together over the past nine months. Cute girls and I love them like they were my own. I am so grateful that I was able to spend so much time with them on Christmas!

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was quiet and wonderful. Hayden was sick so it was a slow going morning. In the middle of opening gifts, Hayden opened a coloring book. He disappeared and came back with crayons. He was so tired he kept laying on us and just almost fell asleep. Poor kid. But, it was relaxing and just so much fun to enjoy him.

Santa brought Hayden's most requested item... both the red and black Megazords. He was in heaven and could have been done there. Lucky boy also received a trampoline and games for his DS. He thought it was a huge success. Hayden picked me out a Twilight shirt. As I opened it, he said, "This is for you, mom, not for Ariyona or Ann". I laughed.

I love being together and just talking and seeing the sheer joy on Hayden's face. He loved that the reindeer made a huge mess with the carrots outside and that Santa liked the snickerdoodle cookies best. It is the little things with him that mean so much! The biggest hit this year with the certified good list certificate that Santa left for Hayden. He loved it!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Santa came! The excitement that feels the air when Santa walks in is amazing! The kids are on their best behavior but the anticipation in their eyes is delightful. They can't wait to talk to him, put in their last minute requests and see what he brought.

The kids sat in awe. They loved it!

Santa brought Hayden his #1 request on his list... the drago Bakugan ball. Hayden was so happy! He put in his request for Power Ranger Megazords on Christmas morning.

The girls got lip gloss and nail polish. They loved seeing Santa, too and getting to put in their requests, of course, they want cell phones, IPOD's, and all the electronics.

Brigham was so scared of Santa but we got him to go up there at the end.

Christ on Christmas

This year we had a wonderful surprise visit from Jesus Christ. The kids were being wild, talking, giggling, the usual. Then, when Christ walked in, everyone immediately silenced. You could have heard a pin drop.

As Christ began to explain Christmas, why we celebrate His birth and why we give presents to one another, the room was silent. Even all the 2 year olds sat in awe and listened as he spoke. The spirit in the room was strong. It brought back the reason that all of us were sitting in this room enjoying each others company. The presents no longer mattered, everyone was recalling the birth of our Savior. The reason for this wonderful Christmas season was brought back into the forefront of everyone's minds.

Hayden said it best, "I know that is Grandpa, but I still feel like Jesus is with us."

I am so thankful for this time of year. The celebration that our Savior was born, that he died for us so that we will live again with Him forever. I am thankful for the time we have to reflect on His important message and celebrate this season. I am thankful for the wonderful spirit that comes this time of year. Where people look beyond themselves and how they can help and bless others lives.

Christmas Eve

I love the Simonton Christmas Eve party. I am all about traditions and this is probably my favorite of the entire year. I love getting together with everyone and enjoying all the togetherness.

We always eat, have tons of food and then the games begin. Each year we start with the kiddos acting out the nativity, move on to the Grinch game and end with Santa Claus bringing presents to the kids.

I love watching each persons face. I take mental pictures as I sit with my family and see the joy on each child's face, the happiness in each parents eyes and notice the sheer joy my dad feels that he is blessed to have us all together. This year was no exception. It was perfect.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hayden gets it!

Last night I had Christmas movies on for Hayden while I was wrapping. Honestly I don't even know which ones, I wasn't paying attention, just concentrating on wrapping and all that needed to be accomplished.

Hayden looks at me and says, "Mom, that girl is wrong, Christmas isn't about the presents, its being with family, isn't it?"

I stopped, hugged him and assured him that yes, Christmas isn't about the presents it is most definitely about family and the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I looked around and realized I was getting caught up in the things that needed to be done, the wrapping, the presents, the gifts. I stopped, said a quick prayer for the innocence of my sweet son and his reminding me what this season is all about!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

25 best things at Christmas

If I made a list with people that I love the list would go on forever. So, I wanted document my favorite things about Christmas.

Watching the Christmas Tree lights when it is dark. So relaxing!
Serving Others and bringing needed joy into their lives.
Hayden's Toy Drive- I love that this forces Hayden to focus on giving all season rather than getting.
Christmas carols
Making gingerbread houses
Receiving Christmas cards and catching up with friends
Reading Christmas stories with Hayden each night
Hearing Silent Night for the first time each Christmas season.
Santa coming Christmas Eve and the awe in the kids faces.
Baking kissy cookies
Decorating the Christmas Tree
Dropping off the toys at Phoenix Children's Hospital. One of my most treasured days of the year.
Drinking hot chocolate while looking at Christmas lights.
The smell of real Christmas trees
Christmas Eve party at my Dad's- the highlight of my year.
Teaching Hayden about the birth of our Savior and focusing on the real reason for this time of year.
Visiting Santa
Frosting sugar cookies
Cookies and milk
Christmas shopping
Christmas morning right before Hayden comes out... Santa has come, there are presents under the tree, it is dark and the lights on the Christmas tree sparkle.
Smiles and giggles from the kids during Christmas.
Finding the perfect gift for someone
Christmas night, after everyone is gone and in bed, Thomas and I sitting on the couch, looking at the tree, and discussing how much joy Christmas brought. I love that it is just our time together.
The magic, the love, the joy and excitement that comes with this wonderful time of year!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hayden's Mad Science Lab

Hayden had a Mad Science Birthday party with 20 friends. The science guy came and he was fantastic! The kids loved him! I loved that the kids were completely entertained for an hour and a half. The science guy did magic tricks, ate foam, blew out candles, did a vortex, all kinds of experiments and made slime. The kids loved the slime that they got to take home with them. The kids were mesmerized by all the experiments. He had their complete attention. It went over perfect.

The kids loved the rocket launch at the end. They were captivated by the entire experience. The birthday party went over incredibly well.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My boy!

Happy Birthday, Hayden!

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful son! He is my joy and life. I can't believe he is already 7 years old. Boy how time flies.

Here are some of my favorites of Hayden being 6 years old.
- Learning to boogie board at the beach
- Hayden playing with Chip and Dale at Disneyland
- Going to the beach in January and turning around and seeing him up to his waist in the ocean
- Hayden saying his best part of being six was "being with you, mommy".
- Bedtime cuddles
- Watching Hayden and Thomas find sand crabs at the beach.
- Hayden and I trying to find the lost frog in the house
- Missing front teeth
- Telling the doctor that daddy let him watch a PG13 movie and then looking at me and saying, "I just got Daddy busted, didn't I"
- Fixing Hayden's hair for school and every morning him telling me, "I am a boy. I don't need to look handsome every day"
- When I was sick, Hayden pulled over a chair, stood on it, put his hands on my head and tried to give me a priesthood blessing.
- Watching him and the girls play playdough together
- His infectious giggles
- Tickling my feet and pillow fights
I've had so many great memories of this past year. I sure love Hayden, his enthusiasm for life, his positive attitude and his true love of other people. I am so blessed to be his mother. And, so very thankful for another sweet year with my son!

Birthday surprise at Therapy

We walked in to therapy today and in the waiting room was a big poster board that said, "Happy birthday, Hayden!" along with steamers and a card signed by the entire staff. They even had birthday presents, paint markers and silly putty. I couldn't believe that they went all out for his birthday.

I was so touched. Hayden felt incredible! And, I know that I am with wonderful therapists that love Hayden and try to do everything top notch. I am so impressed with Coester's Therapy! Sandy did a wonderful job!

Growing up

Hayden turned 7 years old today. I can't believe it! He sure is growing up.

We pulled into the school this morning listening to Disney Christmas songs, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Aly & AJ, and as we are about to stop, Hayden says, "Mom, hurry, turn off the music!" I ask why and he says, "I don't want anyone to hear, that would be embarrassing!"

I turn the music off and he proceeds to jump out of the car. I look over as a cute little girl with blonde pigtails was standing at the gate. She smiles big at Hayden and says, "Hi Hayden! I waited for you to get here." She grabs Hayden's hand and off my little boy walks hand in hand out to the playground with Abbi.

I gasped, it literally took my breath away. Here is my sweet little boy, walking on the playground holding a little girls hand. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Hayden loves seeing the Christus in the visitors center. Last night was really special as Grandpa sat and talked to Hayden about Jesus and how much Jesus loved Hayden.