Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are you 7?

When Ann received the news that she had received her scholarship to SUU, Suzi was here. She took us all to Outback to celebrate Ann's good news.

Me: "Hayden, what do you want to eat?"
H: "Lobster"
Me: "They don't have lobster, how about mac n cheese or chicken fingers"
H: "Nah, I don't want that"
Me: "Quit coloring and tell me what you want"
H: "I want lobster, but if they don't have it, I'll have crab"

I tell him no, and convince him to eat shrimp pasta with me. But, oh no, Suzi is there and gives him WHATEVER he wants. So, Mr. Hayden man had a crab leg dinner and loved it!

As Hayden is eating, he says, "I love these crab legs! Next time can I try crab arms?"

Hooray for Ann

Ann was accepted to Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah last week. Last night she found out that she was the recipient of a four year scholarship for academic achievement. She will receive $6000 a year for four years towards tuition. She was so excited and we are thrilled! She is doing so great and she hasn't even found out if she has received her art scholarships yet. I am sure she will, she is amazing! Congrats, Ann! We love you and are so proud of you!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday girls

Two of my adorable nieces celebrated their birthdays last night. Kaylee turned 9 and Brinley turned 2. I am so lucky to have the most incredible nieces. I love these girls.

Kaylee was my first niece and I took her everywhere with me. I was so proud of her. She is spunky, adventurous and athletic. She loves playing practical jokes.

Brinley is my youngest niece. I adore her! She is my buddy and I love seeing her. Poor little thing has a broken leg from being jumped too high on the tramp. She loves her picture taken and will totally pose. Then she wants to see herself on the camera. She is hilarious and I love her and getting to spend time with her.

Hayden helped me pick out birthday presents for the girls and he was determined to find the perfect gift. For Kaylee, no question, he knew she wanted Bakugan.

For Brinley, I so wanted to buy a doll. He wouldn't have any part of it. He picked out a little kitchen for her that made noises. Well, he was right, Brinley wouldn't even open the rest of her gifts. She loved that kitchen and wouldn't let anyone else touch it all night. Way to go, Hayden!

Jerlyn Pile

We had just come home after a late night at Jodi's playing games around 12:45am. We are addicted to Ride the Train, such a fun game.

I laid down on the couch and was talking with the girls. I think I was falling asleep so they dogpiled me. Ann first, then Ariyona and Taylor. I hollered for Thomas and he comes out with the camera.

After the "dogpile" we all said goodnight. The next thing I know, all the girls have followed into my room and are laying on my bed talking. I LOVED it! We talked until 2:30 am. I loved having all of them cuddled up on my bed, talking about boys, school and who knows what. I looked around and was so happy! I love these girls, I love my life.

I started thinking about the girls, their plans, their future. I thought back to when I was their age and how I pictured my life. This definitely wasn't it. I planned on getting married a lot younger, having an entire house full of kids and being a stay at home mom. But it didn't happen.

I work, but love it, and only while the kids are in school. No matter how hard we've tried, we only were blessed with Hayden. But, we now have these three incredible girls, sure they aren't officially ours but we have Ann all the time and Ariyona and Taylor a lot. But, they are ours in our hearts and we love them. I sat there on the bed and realized I wouldn't trade my life for the one I dreamed of ever! I love my life and it is exactly the one I needed! It was an answer to me that the Lord really gives us what we need not necessarily what we think we want!


I walked in the door from work and to my amazement, this is what I see. All three girls at the table doing homework. I was shocked!

After dinner, all of them were doing homework and Thomas was helping!

FHE turned flour fight

Two weeks ago for family home evening we set goals as a family and decided what we needed to improve on. I asked the girls when they would rather have scripture study at 6 am or dinner time or bedtime. They definitely did NOT want 6am so it was decided to try dinnertime. So far, so good. It has actually worked really well. Yes, we have had our share of giggling, talking and laughing, thanks partly to Thomas who trys to make them all laugh, but I am happy we are once again trying.

Last FHE, we talked about what the girls were going thru at school, part of their struggles and how to stay strong with all the evil influences of the world. Hayden gets so animated when we discuss drugs or anything, it is fun to watch. I am hoping he keeps the same enthusiasm with following the prophet and if he says it, there is no room for discussion.

Anyway, we decided to play the flour game (Hayden's favorite) and since it related to strong testimonies, we were all in. What started out as a friendly game soon escalated into a full on flour fight. The kids had fun and I guess as long as we are together it works. I'm impressed that Trevor, Ann's boyfriend, has decided to join us for family home evening and scripture study.

Anyone want some good entertainment, show up at our house aroud dinner time. I'm cooking (what a joke) and I have all 5 kids sitting around the table trying to read scriptures after homework. It is chaotic but I love it!


I am grateful for a wonderful family that understands my relationship with these fantastic girls and treats them like they were my own.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thankful Prayer

I have been trying to teach Hayden that sometimes we just need to have a thankful prayer or as Hayden calls it a "thank you prayer". This morning he offered the sweetest prayer and I really wish I could have video taped it. Thomas and I loved it!

Here is some of the things he was thankful for:

- Heavenly Father protecting him.
- Jesus keeping him brave.
- For Jesus making sure there were video games at the hospital to play.
- For his brain not hurting anymore this morning.
- For getting to eat dinner since he was so hungry during the day.
- Grandma Bonnie for giving him fake teeth to scare the nurses with.

What a kid! I am sure that the prayer was warmly received and that Jesus loved it as much as Thomas and I. We sure got a good laugh at some of his list. I needed to record this for posterity sake.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hospital update

Hayden did great today at the hospital. I was so calm it was amazing. The priesthood blessing that Thomas and my dad gave Hayden last night promised all would be well and I was amazingly calm and peaceful.

Grandma Bonnie gave Hayden fake teeth to scare the doctors with, so he went in with these horrible ugly teeth on, but he thought he was hilarious.

He underwent the anestesia well and the testing went a lot quicker than I planned on. He had a hard time coming out and I felt horrible when he just kept crying and saying, "I hate this place. I want to go home".

Jodi and I did laugh at him on the way home. He kept saying, "They took my memories!" He was so angry at them. He loves his hospital, but said, "I hate MY hospital" over and over. He also complained that his brain was hurting. I think I laughed the hardest when he said, "That's it, no more toys for that hospital". I guess he was done with them today.

Once we were home he was a lot better. Although while still groggy, he ran into the bathroom door and I then put him on the toilet and he fell off, even with me standing there. Poor kid. It was a rough day, but he is doing great!

I love Hayden to death. Now that he is fully awake he is laughing about it and is very happy that his memories have returned. I am so thankful today went so well.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My little bug

Little Mr. Hayden man goes into Phoenix Children's Hospital tomorrow for testing. I am used to this kid undergoing testing, but for some reason putting him in tomorrow is really stressing me out. I think maybe because he is going under for 3 1/2 hours. They will have a cardiac anistesiologist in the room, but I still worry.

It is getting harder, he asks so many questions now and wants to know exactly what they are doing. I am not sure myself other than he is having a MRI scan on the brain, an EEG of the brain and a ABV test to determine hearing and blood circulation. He is so worried about getting shots. I feel horrible that he will have an IV. This was so much easier when he was little, at least he couldn't vocalize his concerns and fears. He wants me to stay in the room the entire time, obviously I can't but he is so worried that I won't be right there. Although I have reassured him I will be right outside the door.

He keeps asking if he is good if I will buy the Star Wars lego game for the Wii. You better believe it. I would buy him anything. I can't wait for Thomas to give him a blessing tonight that everything will go okay. I really need to hear those words from our Heavenly Father that he will protect my dear son. And, I am anxious to feel the sweet peace that a priesthood blessing always brings.

Haydi boo, in case I don't tell you often enough, I love you to pieces and I am so glad that the Lord entrusted me to be your mother. I don't feel worthy to try and protect you, nurture you or teach you, but I am grateful every day for the challenge and the loving care of a Heavenly Father that trusts me with you. You have brought more joy and happiness into my life that I ever dreamed possible. You will be okay tomorrow. I love you!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Trampoline Fun

Suzi bought Hayden a trampoline for his birthday and Christmas present. Thomas, Hayden and I have been bouncing on the trampoline almost every day since. I can't believe how much we love it.

Taylor has even been teaching me to do a flip. I explained that at her age I used to be able to, but it has been a really long time. She is convinced I can do it again, so we have been practicing. Thomas prefers me to wait for him to get home to try and break my neck.

With all the Murphy's here, at one point, Kelli, Scott, Thomas and I kicked all the kids off. Thomas and Scott wanted to see how high they could make me fly in the air. So much fun! I felt like I was 7 years old again!

Scott and Victoria, boy does she get high!

Ann's Back

Ann went home to see her family over the Christmas break. They all drove her down early Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday morning. It was a quick trip, but we had so much fun! We were so excited to see Ann again. Hayden informed Aunt Terri that she wasn't nice for taking Ann away for so long. He really missed her.

We played our new Guitar Hero world tour. The kids all loved it, even the "big" boys... Chris, Scott and Thomas! I died laughing watching Chris sing Beat It. How sad that none of the teenagers knew any of our favorite songs.

Chris, Hayden and Logan



Chris showing the kids his Michael Jackson moves.

We played Pounce, hands and different games and ate a ton! It was fun having the Murphy's all together, although we did miss Grandma Joyce.