Sunday, March 29, 2009

YW Broadcast

Last night, I was honored to hear President Monson speak to the young women. I love listening to President Monson, hearing is stories and letting his sweet influential parables touch my heart. As I sat with Ann and Taylor and heard the messages by all the wonderful speakers, I was blessed to feel the great love our Father in Heaven has for His daughters.

I looked at both of these girls and felt the unconditional love that our Heavenly Father has for them. They are incredible girls with such sweet spirits. And, although it isn't always easy, I am thankful to have these wonderful girls in my life. I am thankful for all the things they are teaching me. Heavenly Father is using them to help me to develop into the daughter he needs me to be. More patient, more compassionate, more understanding and accepting. Through these girls, he is teaching me the love and potential that he sees in me, just like I see in them.

Listening to our sweet prophet, made me want to better my life, try harder, do more and become the best that I can be. I pray that the sweet messages that were delivered will be lasting to the girls and help them to discover who they truly are: daughters of our Heavenly Father.


I was lucky to get to spend Saturday afternoon with a dear friend. We haven't seen each other in years and years. She just moved here from Utah and we had a great time catching up. We re-lived mission stories, talked about where people are and just caught up. Her kids were adorable and Hayden had a great time with them.

Thanks, Tausha for a wonderful afternoon. I loved catching up. I can't wait to do it again. I brought my camera but was so busy having fun that I forgot to take pictures. I will remember next time.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I came home the other night to find Ann, Trevor, Taylor and Hayden playing Twister.

They had such a great time! I was surprised at how well Hayden did. Fun kids! I am so thankful when they are so patient with Hayden. He sure loves the big kids.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How many kids?

I took the "How many kids should you have quiz" on facebook. Here is the result!

Jerlyn took How many kids should you have? quiz and the result is FOUR TO SEVEN
You must enjoy the pitter patter of little feet...and adolescent feet and teenager feet. Don't worry, you can handle them. It may take a better paying job and some prayin' but you can do it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Escape

That is exactly what it was... an escape from reality, dealing with kids and housework. Thomas and I were scheduled to go out of town and the plans ended up falling thru. When Thomas got home from work on Saturday at 4:00, I told him I was bummed that we didn't end up going out of town.

Within 20 minutes, we had a hotel booked in Scottsdale, had the kids taken care of, and we were off for an overnight getaway.

We ate at the Bamboo Club. Such good food, I had the macadamia nut crusted halibut with asparagus and it was to die for. The best part was sitting outside on the patio with the cool breeze and just listening to the silence. A bird flew up and landed next to me and just sat there. I loved being able to take the time to just enjoy nature and the beautiful breeze and spring air.

This morning, Thomas and I laid in a huge recliner by the pool, under the cabana. It was perfect. I didn't want to come back to reality. I sure like the relaxing moments of just being away from it all.

But, I am a better mom and wife now that I have had a break. I sure needed one. I love all my kiddos but needed a mommy time-out. I am so much better now that I had one.

Spring Break

The kids had a great spring break. I had to work, so we did activities where we could. On Monday, I took Hayden, Taylor and Ariyona to Makutu Island. They had so much fun! In fact, for the last hour and a half, we had the place to ourselves. They played hide and go seek and tag thru the caves and trees.

On Tuesday, Suzi picked the kids up in the morning and had them help her at work for a couple of hours and then dropped them off at the mall. Hayden was so thrilled to get to go to the movies without a parent. The saw Jonas Brothers concert and loved it. They also made their favorite stop to Dairy Queen.

Wednesday they all hung out at Jodi's house and played at the park. Thursday, I took Taylor shopping when I got home. We found some great deals and she got some really cute spring clothes. Hayden tagged along unwillingly, but loved Sports Chalet where he rode a bike all over the store.

Friday night I took Taylor, Ann and Ariyona to Walmart to be one of the first to pick up the Twilight movie. There were tons of people there. But, they got the movie and we all came home and watched it. Okay, I fell asleep but it was after 1am.

Suzi was a great sport and watched the kids on Saturday and Sunday so Thomas and I could get away. It was a much needed break. I think I am ready for the routine and schedule again. Here's hoping for another great week!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

We woke up this morning to Thomas making green eggs and I made green pancakes for breakfast. Hayden thought it was the greatest and funnest thing ever. The girls didn't like getting up at 6:30 am for anything, much less green food. But, it was fun.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The girls are back

We had such a quiet weekend. All three girls went home to see their moms. So we were back to just Hayden, Thomas and me. It was so quiet and empty. Taylor and Ariyona came back tonight. I have heard giggling, laughing, noise and chaos since they have been back and I love it! I feel like the family is back together although we do still miss Ann.

Hayden started teasing Ariyona and she dishes right back. She pinned him down and tickled him. Next thing I know, a huge pillow fight has broked out between Ariyona and Hayden. Tay jumped in on Hayden's side, so Thomas had to jump in, too. They had so much fun! I love the noise and laughter in our home. It is such a sweet joyful sound to my ears and my heart.

Welcome back girls! We sure missed you!

Funny Hayden sayings

Hayden cracks us up. He says funny, off the wall things all the time. In fact, when it is Hayden's turn to pray, I get a whole lot of laughter from the girls.

Here are some of his funny remarks this past week or two:

We had been to the developmental pediatrician and we were talking about him crying a lot as a baby, when Hayden piped up and said, "Mom, don't be upset that I was crying so much. It was just that I missed heaven and Jesus so badly that I wanted to go back."

At the doctors office regarding his upcoming tonsil surgery he said, "Mom, is Grandma Sue and Jesus going to be there during this surgery like they were when I had my heart surgery?" I said, I am sure they will be (not knowing what else to say and trying to hold back the tears). Hayden replied, "Oh, that's good, it wasn't scary since they were with me. I will be okay."

He prayed the other night that Ariyona would stop teasing him and she would get better manners. Ann and Taylor were dying laughing. Then, Hayden during the middle of the prayer said, "Please bless the girls will all learn to be reverent when someone is praying". That was it, total hysteria at our house. Everyone was laughing.

He says "Good luck with that" all the time. He says it in the funniest moments. He doesn't get sarcasm yet but with the three teenagers around he is using the phrases without understanding the meanings. Cracks us up! He is starting to talk like a teenager.

He wants alone time when he gets home from school. He walks in, says hi to the girls and then is off to one of two places... either his closet with the door shut or out on the trampoline. I asked him why and he said, "Mom, I have been around people all day. I need some quiet alone time." What a kid. After 30 minutes in the closet and he is again ready to be around people. Got to love him.

My favorite and his most often repeated phrase, "I want my mom!" He says it all the time and more and more often. He loves me, what can I say. He is a momma's boy 100% and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Hayden sure keeps us laughing. We sure love him and the joy he brings to us all.

Deep Cleaning

I have spent the last several days completely deep cleaning my house. I pulled all of Hayden's spring/summer clothes out and am boxing up his winter clothes to sell. Cleaned out closets, de-junked and eliminated tons of trash and containers for donations.

I think we are going to put our house up for sale. We have been debating what to do. But, we can purchase another house for so inexpensive that if our house would sell, we could be so much better off. I guess we will put it up and put it in the Lord's hands.

I would love to lower our mortgage and have more money to spend on therapy for Hayden. There are so many programs out there that could help him but they are all so costly.

With Obama's budget cuts, I am not sure how or when we are going to get Hayden qualified for DDD assistance. Isn't life funny, I spent the last year trying to get the diagnosis, so we could get the help and now that we have the diagnosis, they cut the programs. Oh well. We are trying to creatively find solutions to help Hayden. Hopefully, we will be able to get some of the services thru the school system.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this little boy? He is such a joy and so sweet. I would gladly move to a smaller house if I could help him in any way. So, I will do the work and then if it is the right decision, I guess our house will sell.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

These are the moments

Last night as I laid in bed, after 11pm, I hear a slight knock on my door. Ariyona and Taylor stood in the doorway. Once they realized we were awake, they came and laid on our bed, too.

I looked over at these two girls just talking to us. I took a picture in my mind (way too tired to get out of bed to get the camera).

Maybe because they haven't been in my life long or maybe because I never thought I would have a girl or teenagers... But, I couldn't be happier with these two and how incredibly wonderful they are. I sure love them.

These are definitely some of the moments that make my life so wonderful and I love it!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Little Miss Kaylee

Kaylee is in her first year of gymnastic meet competitions. She was born a gymnast. It was so fun to go see her compete. She did such a great job and looked absolutely adorable. She loves it and spends a lot of time perfecting her sport.

It was fun for Hayden to play with his cousins and grandparents.

Way to go, Kaylee! I am so proud of you!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I am back to real life.... dealing with doctors and insurance. Both of which frustrate me. But today is worse than normal. Hayden had an MRI and a bunch of bloodwork and genetic testing done in January. I have repeatedly called for test results. Finally, I receive a call this morning with the MRI results and part of the lab results but am told I have to go in to the office for the genetic results and part of the bloodwork results. Okay, I make an appointment.... May 21st! You have got to be kidding me.... the results are too serious to tell me over the phone but they want me to wait almost 3 months to get them???? Do they not understand that I have other doctors and things hinging on this???? Not to mention I am thinking the worst.

After crying, yes, crying on the phone to the nurse, I find out that the nuerologist is out of town until next week. So, I must wait to see what will happen. But, come on doctors, don't you know that this stuff is way harder on moms than anyone? I think to be a pediatric doctor, the requirement is that you have kids so you know how incredibly stressful this stuff is on parents.

So, test results, and therapy is all on hold again, thanks to not being able to get test results. Me, I need a good nap after work. Maybe that will take some of the anxiety and stress away. I guess that being told he has autism last week and now not knowing what other problems are going on is sometimes a little on the overwhelming side. But, I love my little boy and regardless of what the doctors say, we couldn't love him more. I guess I will be camping out in the nuerologist office next week.... they will eventually have to see me, right? (As a back up plan... the developmental pediatrician and regualar pediatrician are going to try and help get the results).

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Back

The last two weeks feels like an absolute whirlwind. Not only physically but mentally. Lots has happened and I feel incredibly grateful for my wonderful life.

Jodi and I flew up to Utah last Thursday to go to Dave's viewing and funeral. We were incredibly giggly on the way to Utah and just relieved to have some girl time without all the responsiblity of the family. We laughed as we tried to drive on a steep hill and freaked out a little, kept getting lost and just talked non-stop. By the time we got to the viewing, the somberness of the situation really set in and the rest the weekend was more serious.

Dave had a lot of people that loved him and lived a great life. My favorite moments of the funeral were spending time with Suzi's amazing nephews, Coop and Ollie. During the funeral, Ollie wanted me. I loved that. At one point, he started cracking up laughing really hard. Everyone around started to look, then Ollie yelled, "Dave funny!" Ollie was cracking up about something Dave had done. It was a sweet reassurance that life goes on after death. Ollie gave us lots to smile about. Each of the family was putting something in to the casket... Ollie had golf tees. When it was his turn he threw the golf tees at Dave's head and said, "Play golf Dave!"

I will have tons of fantastic memories of Dave and what a good friend he was. I will always be thankful for how much time he spent with me in the hospital while Thomas was sick. I can still see him sitting there and telling me to sleep that he would make sure all was okay.

I am thankful for all my wonderful friends that make the journey of life so much more worthwhile. As I sat at the funeral and viewing and heard so many wonderful stories of Dave I began to realize that the relationships are so important. And, friends definitely make the journey worthwhile.