Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life at our house

It gets crazy sometimes with tons of kids at our house. Not only are there the four living with us, but all of their friends, cousins and boyfriends.

The other night at dinner was a crack up:
Ariyona: Asked for more cantaloupe.
Taylor: Isn't that kinda like deer?
Long pause from all of us, trying to figure out what she meant.
Trevor: That would be antelope, not cantaloupe.
Taylor: Laughs and says oh, I thought she was eating deer.
As hard as we tried, Thomas and I couldn't quit laughing.... really??? It is a fruit, not meat.

I was singing in the kitchen making dinner. Hayden comes in and says, "Seriously, mom! That is embarrassing. You gotta stop!"
When did he start talking like one of the teenagers?

Yesterday, walking thru PCH to visit Kaylee, Hayden starts holding onto his neck. I ask him what he is doing. He responds, "I don't want any of the doctors to think they can steal my tonsils again."

He was so funny, going thru admitting at PCH, he kept asking me, "Is this just a trick to get me back here without stressing me out?" I guess he is a little more anxious about going to the hospital than I thought.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kaylee update

Yesterday was a very scary day! Poor little miss Kaylee took a huge turn for the worse. Her fever shot back up, the infection returned, she got water in her lungs, she started not breathing on her own and her fever spiked back to 105. They put her into ICU. For awhile things were very scary. But, by last night, Kaylee was given a blessing and started to seem a little more like Kaylee. Her severe puffiness went down a little.

This morning, although she is still in ICU, she is breathing on her own. That little girl is a fighter and spent the night practicing breathing so she could do it without help of the big mask.

She is still ticked that she can't eat or drink anything. They are trying to decide if they need to do more surgery. So, she hasn't had anything since Friday. Poor kid. She is hungry and her mouth is so dry. But, we are so happy that she is doing better. We think she is going to pull through this just fine, but more prayers her way would be appreciated.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Little Miss Kaylee, Jake's daughter, ended up in ER on Friday night, on Saturday she was transferred to Phoenix Children's Hospital. She kept getting sicker and sicker. They ended up doing emergency surgery on her early this morning.

She ended up losing 20% of one kidney, removed sacks and sists, and had to re-route her kidneys, bladder and the tubes that go between them. She was so sick during the night that the staff tried to keep her temperature under 105 which was difficult.

She was in surgery for 4 hours this morning and is doing so much better. Her fever is finally gone and she is in so much less pain than before.

Poor little girl. I am so thankful for modern medicine and doctors that study so hard to help our little kiddos.

Katelyn and Kiley are staying with me while Kaylee will be in the hospital probably most of the week. It is a zoo around here. Ann and Ariyona babysat Hayden, Brooklyn, Brigham, Katelyn and Kiley while we were all at the hospital. I don't think they want kids anytime soon. :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mamma Mia

Last night, Suzi and I drove to Tuscon to go see the play Mamma Mia! It was fabulous! We absolutely loved and had the best time. Thanks, Suzi for taking me! I loved the ride down there and the musical was amazing!

Right before the play started, Jake called. Kaylee had been rushed to the ER from Urgent Care and thought they were going to have to do surgery. She ended up staying the night at the hospital and early this morning was taken to Phoenix Children's Hospital. Poor kid! They are running tests on her still. Suzi and I rushed after the play back to the hospital and were there until almost 3am. Poor kid, she was miserable!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New shoes

Hayden needed new tennis shoes. No big deal, we went to Famous Footwear. After looking at all the shoes, he decided he didn't like any so we went to Kohls. Hayden tried on EVERY pair. All of them felt funny, were too squishy or didn't look right. Finally, we found the "perfect" shoe... not to squishy and cool looking. He started jumping up and down when he saw these shoes... these were the ones he had wanted.

Thomas and Taylor had been at the Verizon store and met us at Kohls. When Hayden saw Tay, he ran up to her and said, "Tay, from now on I want you to help me pick out shoes. You pick out cooler ones than mommy." Seriously, I have been abandoned for Taylor's cool style. My little boy grew up. No more buying his clothes on clearance the prior year. He has an opinion. He wants to pick out his own clothes and shoes and from now on shop with Taylor.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Katelyn's baptism

My sweet little niece, Katelyn, was baptized yesterday. She looked gorgeous in her beautiful white dress. She is such a sweet little girl with such a sweet spirit! I was lucky enough to get to bear my testimony at her baptism. I am grateful that I was able to share my testimony of the gospel and the Holy Ghost with Katelyn. I love this little girl so much and am so proud of the righteous decisions she is making in her life.

I can't believe that Hayden will be baptized in 8 months. Time is going by so fast! I was worried during the baptism that I am not teaching him enough or giving him enough direction. On the way home from the baptism, I had a car full of kids. Katelyn said something and Hayden piped up with, "Oh, you are going to have to do the repentence process now!" Hayden then proceeded to explain the repentance process to all in the car. So cute, his words and I felt so much better. He said, "You have to say you are sorry, ask for what is that big word mom that says its okay." I say, "forgiveness" and he proceeds with "yes, ask for forgivesness, get down on your knees, tell Heavenly Father you are sorry and you won't do it again!" I thought, well, at least we are on the right track. I guess he gets the basics of the gospel.

I am amazed by the strength and goodness in these sweet children. I know they are so special in Heavenly Father's eyes. I sure do love them and am grateful that I have been blessed to be apart of their lives.

Fun Family get-togethers

I love Simonton family get-togethers. I love how much the cousins love being together. I love spending time with my siblings.

Jake is such a tease. He loves playing with the kids. Hayden loves him and wants to be with Uncle Jake. Ann, Ariyona and Taylor will re-arrange anything to go to Jake's house. They love teasing him and talking with him about boys. He is so great to all of them! Here he is chasing all of them thru the house with the nerf guns.

We love playing games and always have! It is fun now that the kids are getting old enough to enjoy the games with us.

Suzi is the best aunt and they all love her. Me and Jodi are minced meat compared to her, I hate taking a back seat with Jodi's kids to her, but I love her being so wonderful to all of mine. I can't imagine any of these kids lives without their aunt Suz!


The kids love the hamsters. They definitely get played with a ton. It is fun to see them enjoying the new little pets so much! I am trying to enjoy them. I does totally freak me and Taylor out when the hamsters get away and start running through the house. We scream but they so far have always been found quickly!

My kiddos

I love these kiddos! They are mine! No, they were not all born to me. But, I love them all like they were my own. I have grown so close to them over the past year. And, now, I am truly happy when we are all together.

Life is funny! It doesn't always give you what you want. The Lord doesn't always answer our prayers the way we want them answered. But, he does answer them and gives us what we need. I need these girls in my life, as much as they need me. I love them, I care about them and would do anything for them. I am thankful for the way my life has turned out, it isn't perfect, but it is definitely mine and I love it!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Show and tell

Hayden had the best show and tell yesterday. In their class, they only get to have their turn at show and tell once a semester. So, I had to go all out. Suzi decided she could take off work and take the new hamsters in to show and tell. Thomas called Mrs. Angel and she thought that was a great idea.

Hayden was so excited all day. He was going to show off his hamsters and his Aunt Suzi! The kids loved it! He was the talk of the school. Then, to top it off, I dropped off Krispy Kreme donuts for the class.

Hayden said it was his best day of school ever. He gave the class a donut party and they thought he was so cool that he brought in his hamsters.

Thanks, Suzi! You made his day and year!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a terrific Easter Sunday. The Easter bunny came while we were asleep and hid eggs in the back and house for Hayden, Logan and Victoria and hid them in the front yard for the teenagers.

The kids scored with a ton of eggs each. I think the bunny left over 300 eggs and about half were filled with money. The kids were in heaven. Hayden only wanted the eggs with toys and money, he could have cared a less about the candy.

He was funny... he loved his Easter basket but in it was the new Hannah Montana soundtrack. Look at his face as he pulled it out, not amused. Oh well, Taylor really liked it. He did get tons of things he loved, including a how to draw bugs book for Ann to help him with art.

The girls got new purses for their baskets filled with girly things. Hair supplies, nail polish, lip gloss and new shirts. They also loved their new Easter dresses.

It was a fantastic day and we are so grateful for Easter. I have loved this Easter celebration. Mostly because I think Thomas and I were really able to relate the atonement to Hayden and the girls this year.

This was one of my most meaningful Easters. I took the time to study the atonement and really tried to apply its message in my life. I am so thankful for this time of year when we can celebrate the reason our Savior came to earth and to help us more fully understand the importance and mission of our Savior's life.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hayden is in heaven. Grandpa and Grandma Bonnie gave him a science kit/microscope today for his Easter present! He loves it!

Right when he opened it, he said, "Yes" and wanted us to leave the party so he could go home and do science experiments.

I tried explaining to him today that he is lucky. Most kids don't get Easter presents from grandparents and parents. What a spoiled rotten little boy! He is so loved!

Simonton cousins

Hayden is such a lucky boy to have so many cousins! They all get along great and have so much fun!

All the kids love playing at Josh and Steph's house! So much fun with a huge swimming pool, sports court, golfing area, playhouse, trampoline and underground caves and sandbox. We are so lucky that we don't even have to pay to go there. Hayden thinks it is better than most amusement parks!

Easter eggs

The Simonton Easter party was tons of fun! I love the tradition of getting together on Easter Saturday and decorating eggs, having an egg hunt and being together! I am so thankful for my family, my brothers and sisters, their families and all of my cute nieces and nephews!

Hayden loves being with his cousins, grandparents and family! We all have so much fun together!

Hayden loved coloring the eggs! And, was hardly even messy this year! He did a great job finding eggs and made a complete haul!

Ann even proved that you are never too old to have fun decorating eggs!


When Hayden isn't feeling good, I could give him anything he wants. Well, what this boy wanted was a hamster. He has wanted one forever! He loves animals and thinks our house should be a zoo!

So, with him not feeling good this week, he won! We have two new additions in our family, Whiskers and Bugsy, our two new hamsters. I sent Hayden with Thomas to the pet store and they came back with two hamsters. How fun for us.

So now we have three kids, two dogs, two fish and two hamsters. What are we thinking???

When I asked Thomas why two? He said, why not? You keep bringing kids home. I decided for each additional child you bring into the family, that entitles me to bring in another pet. Bring in as many kids as you like! I laughed! We are going to end up with a houseful. I sure love my chaotic life! :)

Hayden update

Hayden is doing a lot better and we survived the week after the tonsils were removed. He has loved being able to go to work with me and having me around for the past 9 days straight. As soon as he has to go back to school, I am sure there is going to be a huge adjustment. But, for now, he is doing great!

Thanks for all the well wishes, nice calls and emails. They were very much appreciated! Hayden has been spoiled rotten and has loved all of the attention and gifts. He is one loved little boy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sweet Spirit

We have been lucky enough to have the missionaries in our home the past couple of weeks. I love the Spirit that comes when we are talking with the missionaries. It takes me back to the days that I was a missionary and having the Holy Ghost help me to witness to others at the truthfulness of the gospel and the divinity of our Savior.

I love having all of us gather together and be taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I cherish these moments we can spend together learning of our Savior and his plan for us.

Thomas and I took Hayden, Taylor, Ann and Trevor to the Easter Pagaent at the temple this week. I absolutely loved it. I loved how it explained not only the Savior's role in our lives, his life but also the why we needed a Savior. It was amazing. Hayden was full of questions and understood meanings so much more deeply than I could have imagined. Taylor loved it and learned a lot. And, Ann and Trevor enjoyed the message and being on the temple grounds. I enjoyed us all being there together.

I am thankful for the tender moments we can spend together as a family learning about the Savior and all he has done for us.

Goodbye Tonsils

We have survived Hayden getting his tonsils out last Friday. Poor kid is still miserable but we are loving that we are home.

He is so funny, he woke up from surgery and started crying for his tonsils. He has been quite funny on medicine, keeps saying he is tippy. He hates the feeling of the medication and really hates having his throat hurt so bad.

Spending the night in the hospital was no fun. His heart monitor kept going off all night because his heart rate kept dropping. They think it was the morophine causing it to go so low. But, we only had to stay one night, so we were happy.

I am ready for him to start feeling better. He is grumpy and miserable. I feel so bad for him. But, in another week, I am hoping that he starts feeling better and he stops getting so sick all the time.