Sunday, June 28, 2009

Boys will be boys

I gave Hayden and Logan squirt guns and sent them in the backyard to have a water gun fight and jump on the tramp with the sprinklers on. I was sitting on the couch working and could hear them laughing and playing outside. After about an hour, I went to check on them. I yelled freeze and ran inside to get my camera.

This is what I found them doing:

After I snapped a few pictures, I asked what they were doing. And Hayden responded, "Making mud jacuzzi's mom". I laughed! They had waterfalls and everything in the back yard.

Hayden's favorite place to play is in the holes that the dogs have dug out. I guess now they are even more fun because they turned them into mud swimming pools or jacuzzis. Gotta love boys!!!!

Logan and Hayden

I was helping Suzi out with doing some work for her on Saturday, so I had Logan come play with Hayden.

They played 3D Sidewalk chalk.

They popped Pop-Its.

And they played in the mud.

What a fun day for a 7 and 8 year old boys!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oak Creek Canyon

Jodi's group, Jake's group and all of us went to the cabins for Father's Day weekend. We took off Thursday evening and headed up to the cabins. We had so much fun up there. It was beautiful weather and so peaceful. The kids had a great time and got along so well.

Jodi and I got into the hammock together and were talking. Kaylee decided to be a pill and sat and poked us. She was poking our bums, poking us with sticks and swinging us. She even threw water on Jodi. What a stinker. She is Jake. I love her but she is a tease.

We had fun playing games and just relaxing. We all played softball and had tons of fun! What a great weekend!

And, since we came on Father's Day, the girls packed the cars and cleaned the cabins. Yes, all you dads are loved and appreciated!
Thomas adores Briggy and Briggy loves his Uncle Thomas!

Jake, Brigham and Hayden - Hayden adores Uncle Jake.

The gang at dinner.

Kiley, what a mess.

Briggy beind doctor evil.


Hayden, Kiley,Brooklyn, Brigham, Kaylee, Katelyn

Hayden and Brooklyn

Brigham is so dang cute!

Jake, Jodi, me and Rosie all talking in the wash!

Hayden and Kaylee

Ann and Rosie

Jodi and Brooklyn

We took the kids, rhino and went back trail rhino riding in Sedona. Jake went to look for a picnic spot and came back with, oh, there is this cool opening and a great place to picnic. When me and Jodi got down there, we were imagining a big open grassy meadow, with picnic benches. What we had was a wash, with rocks, lizards and dirt. We laughed.

The kids had a great time in the wash. They explored, pee'd behind trees, and ate dirt covered cookies. Troy, Rosie and I went to get food and found bbq. When we came back we realized they hadn't cut the ribs or the chicken. We looked hilarious eating like cave men.

We had the best time! The kids got filthy dirty and loved every minute of their exploring nature.

Rhino Riding

Jake and Rosie brought the Rhino up to the cabins. All the kids loved the Rhino, especially my big kid, Thomas. He loved driving it and taking the kids for rides. I was so worried he was going to wreck it. Poor guy. He takes a lot of grief from me on the outdoor stuff. I am such a city girl. He loved it and Hayden loved it!


Hayden loves the cemetary. He loves exploring there. He loves how quiet it is and how it is a very still place. This led into a wonderful discussion about how serene and calm the temple is and how you feel completely at peace and feel Heavenly Fathers love. Hayden wants to go now so badly. I am so thankful for Hayden and how much he teaches me about the importance of calmness, silence and the need for just stillness in our lives.

Ariyona's Birthday

Ariyona turned 15! She thinks she turned 21. Happy Birthday, Ariyona! We hope you have so much fun being 15 years old. Terrifying, one year away from dating and driving. Watch out!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My blog book

Thomas was wonderful and uploaded my blog posts from 2008 for me and had it printed into a book. I absoulutely LOVE it! I have 206 pages of pictures and journaling from 2008. Way more than I ever journaled. I am so glad that I blogged and now have a record of our year.

What was interesting to me, is the posts that I most enjoyed looking back on. It wasn't all the fun things, but my feelings and thoughts. I especially loved the posts about Hayden and the doctors. So many things in the last year have changed and it has been a journey. I have kept most of the doctors visits and outcomes out of my blog as I try to deal with all the different diagnosis' and problems Hayden is encountering.

However, those were my favorite posts, and I know over the years as we try new things with Hayden, I will laugh at some of the things we tried and realize how much we have all grown. So, I will probably start posting more about Hayden and where we are at with all his medical challenges and successes.

But, I can't say enough about how much I LOVE my book and that I have some record of 2008! Here's to more blogging for 2009!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I love to get massages.

I found a great new massage therapist, Stephanie, Thomas' cousin. She is amazing and has introduced me to a new favorite type of massage, hot stone! It is heavenly!!! If you haven't tried it, go get one! It is the most relaxing massage ever and you can feel the tension melt away! I feel so relaxed tonight, so at peace and so calm!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hayden's perfect day

I asked Hayden on Saturday morning would his perfect day would be like. He said, for me, him and daddy to have a water gun fight in the backyard, play hamsters, go swimming and have Suzi babysit him.

So, that is exactly what we did! We held the hamsters in Hayden's room for awhile and sat and talked with Hayden while we were holding them. Then, we all went in the backyard for a squirt gun fight. In my mind, we were barely going to get wet. What was I thinking??? We were soaked. Hayden and Thomas teamed up against me and even got Ann out there. The hose came on and we were all drenched head to toe. Already being soaking wet, we decided to go to Jake's and go swimming. We had a ton of fun!

After coming home, Thomas and I decided we needed to go out on a date to let Hayden have some Suzi time! :) We went to Black Angus and to see the Proposal. However, it was sold out. I agreed to see Star Trek. Lo and behold, who do we run into?? Jodi and Troy going to Star Trek. We had lots of fun but were surprised we ended up at the same place.

Hayden loved his perfect day! I enjoyed just being able to play and was thankful we didn't stress about the house, chores and responsiblities. Definitely a memorable day! Thanks, Haydi bug for such a perfect day!


Hayden hates getting EKG's. I am surprised that it bothers him so bad, considering all other things he goes through. So, sitting in the cardiologist office, we had this conversation.
Me: "Does it hurt you to get the EKG?"
H: "No, it scares me"
Me: "Why?"
H: "I am afraid they are going to mess up and they are going to turn me into a Transformer"
Me: Trying not to laugh, "Oh, Hayden, I promise, it won't turn you into a transformer."
EKG tech: "Hayden, the absolute worst thing that will happen is you will turn into a Haydenbot. That wouldn't be so bad, would it?"
Me: "Hayden, I promise you will still be my Haydi bug whe this is done, you will not be a transformer"
H: "Do they actually make Haydenbot's? If so, I want one!"

Poor kid! He was terrified during the entire test but was so good. I was so impressed at how well he did during the ultrasound and Echocardiogram. Amazing kid! And, he is so good!

Hayden's results came back wonderfully! His heart is doing good! No more leakage than there has been and he sounds great! The pain he has been having is chest wall pain when he is growing, not actual heart pain! I am so relieved!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Enduring to the End?

It is days like today, when I tend to sit back and re-evaluate my life. Where am I? Am I on course? Am I headed where I want to be headed? Am I doing what the Lord expects of me.

And, although, I know that there are so many areas I need to improve in. It is the Lord's silent peace and stillness that I hear... be still and know that I am God. I do know that He lives. I trust him, I believe in him. I see him working so many miracles in so many others' lives. I see the potential and all the good that so many other people are doing. Yet, I question myself. I question my abilities. I question the good that I am doing. I am so much harder on myself than the Lord is on me. I don't know why. If the Lord is willing to let me have weaknesses, why don't I allow myself to have them?

I want to do it all. I want to raise a righteous family, I want to leave this world a better place than I found it. I want to do all I can to help all those I can. I think I take on way too much! I think I take on so much somedays that I fail at everything I try. I hope the Lord in the end understands, I really wanted to do it all. I really did try my hardest... but sometimes my weaknesses take over and I can't do it all. I get so down on myself.

I want to feel the Lord's arms wrapped around me and for him to tell me that although I keep falling down, that it is okay because I keep getting back up. I want to know that he loves me, in spite of me. I need to feel his love. I need to know he loves me. I need to know that no matter how much I fall short of my goals and things I should be doing that I am enough in his eyes.

It is a struggle for me. It really is. I am hoping that as I get older, that this will get easier for me to understand and accept my imperfections. Someday... I hope this gets easier to handle. Today it all feels really heavy!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


We had a great time all hanging out in the pool and swimming together! All the dads were doing flips, diving and cannon balling. The next thing I know, up walks Grandma Joyce and at 73 years old, Grandma decides to show them all up with a dive! We all laughed, she didn't say a word, just went up to the diving board and dove in. Gotta love her!

Thomas doing a flip. I think he actually half way cannonballed. Ouch!

Scott, Shelly and Jasmine

Uncle Chris and Hayden

The Murphy gang in the pool!

Kelli, Grandma, and Terri

We all loved swimming! Tons of fun! Plus, a great way to spend a hot summer afternoon!

Hanging with the Murphy's

What a group! We had all of Thomas' family at our house for several days. We hung out, ate, talked, made homemade ice cream, jumped on the tramp, bbq'd, went swimming, fed the horses and played Rock Band.

Me, I was most content hanging around Jazzy, she is almost 2 and so cute! Plus, she says, "Jer, Jer" so cute! I'm hooked and ever since she has been home she has been asking for me. Too cute! I absolutely love her!

The kids all love Rock Band! They are actually pretty good, although I don't think I ever want to listen to the song Eye of the Tiger again. I heard it so many times as they were trying to perfect it! :)

I loved watching Thomas with his brother and sisters. He loved being with them and they had a great time together. I loved seeing him so happy and having so much fun!

Murphy Reunion

Since we have been married, this is the first time the entire Murphy family has been together. We loved Scott, Shelly, Megan and Jasmine coming to stay. It was especially great with all the rest of the family here. We had a ton of fun and I can't wait for them to come back!

Scott, Thomas, Joyce, Kelli & Terri

All of the gang!

Goodbye 1st Grade

Hayden and Shameek - Hayden's best friend

Joey, Hayden, Andre - All three have been friends since they were 3 years old!

Receiving the 1st grade artist award.

Hayden was promoted from first grade to second grade. I was so sad watching him stand up on stage. He is growing up way to fast and it is driving me crazy! I want time to slow down.

Hayden won the 1st grade art award! He is a fantastic little artist and loves every minute spent drawing and coloring. Plus he has Ann in the house showing him all of her tips.

I can't believe Hayden will be in 2nd grade next year. That is crazy! But he is excited!

Girls Camp

Taylor and Ariyona left at 4:30am for girls camp, the day after school got out. They were cute and wanted us to both be at the church with them. Poor Tay, she is so light that everytime she put the backpack on she would tip over. It was funny to watch, but I felt bad for her having to backpack in 4 miles to Fossil Springs. They had a great time and loved it! I am so glad!