Sunday, August 30, 2009


We went to Kingman for the weekend for my sister in law, Shelly, and my niece, Megan's baptism.

I was so happy to be there and get to experience this wonderful event! Shelly and Megan are the greatest and I am so happy that they have chosen to follow the example of the Savior and be baptized.

Shelly and Jer

Me and Megan

Thomas, Jer, Ashley, Megan, Shelly Scott, Jazzy and Hayden in front

We absolutely love spending time with Thomas' brother, Scott and their family. Shelly and I have so much fun together! This trip was the best as we were able to witness Shelly and Megan covenant with our Heavenly Father and strive to keep his commandments and follow him. As I watched Megan, step out of the water, after she baptized, I saw the biggest smile come across her face. As she came up the steps, I was able to embrace her in a huge hug. I am so proud of her and her amazing choices. She is such a special daughter of God. She radiates the gospel light and tries hard to be an example of him. Then, Megan and I stood there, as Shelly walked into the water. I could see the nervousness on her face as she stood there. As she came out of the water, I saw a different expression, one of peace, love and sheer joy.

After the baptism ordinances were performed, my sweet husband gave a beautiful talk on the Holy Ghost. I watched him testify of the truthfulness of the gospel and bear his testimony of the Holy Ghost. I am so proud of him and what a truly good man he is. He is such a great example of a disciple of Christ. He is humble and truly loves everyone.

My heart was so full at being able to take part in such a special event. I add my witness to my husbands, that I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I firmly believe in the power and influence of the Holy Ghost. I am so thankful for this knowledge. I was blessed to have been at this wonderful event with such amazing people. I look forward to one year from now when I am able to witness them all being sealed together as a family for time and all eternity in the temple!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hayden's new quest

Awaking Hayden is always fun. He wakes up and discusses what he dreamed about and always has something profound on his mind.

The first words out of Hayden's mouth this morning were:

"Dad, should I stand up and tell everyone in my class that Jesus sacrificed his life for us, so we could live on this earth and then be resurrected?"

My little boy isn't so little anymore, I can't believe that I can have an adult conversation with him about religion. We went on to discuss all religions, their differences and in detail what separates our church from so many others. We discussed that all people that go to church are good people and are trying to be like Jesus.

He said, "That's it, Mom! I am ready to be a missionary! I know important things that I need to teach other people!"

Watch out world! This is the boy that started Hayden's Toy Drive at 4 years old. He is now setting out to convert the world. That's my boy and if anyone can do it, I am sure it will be him!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good News

Hayden is NOT having epileptic seizures. The ones he is having are nothing to be concerned about. They are not hurting him or effecting him. LOVE IT! Glad to get some positive news.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

Hayden was so good during his EEG that his reward was a play date with his best buddy Shameek.

I asked Hayden one day if any of the kids at school bugged him or picked on him. He replied, "Mom, have you seen Shameek? He is huge and if anyone bugged me he would get them!"

You would never know that Hayden is actually a couple of months older than Shameek. But, it is great to have a buddy that looks more like a 4th grader!

These two play so well together!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kidney Stones

Since we hadn't had enough of doctor and hospital visits in the past couple of days, I decided we needed a little more excitement.

Events of the day:
Chuck E. Cheese with Hayden and Shameek until I was too miserable. We lasted 2.5 hours and Hayden had a great time.

After being at home a couple of hours and hurting, Thomas took me to Urgent Care.

Urgent Care referred us to the ER. After sitting in ER, getting CT scans, blood work and all the fun, I had a dose of morophine, three doses of diluadid, a dose of anti-nausea medicine, protonix and a GI cocktail. Real fun. I passed a kidney stone. Eight long hours later, we arrived back home.

Boy did that hurt! And, now at 3:30 am, I have splitting headache... could it be from all the massive amounts of pain meds they gave me?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

EEG Testing

Hayden went in for his EEG on Friday. He did so good. He was so cooperative and inquisitive. He asked hundred's of questions on what will the brain waves look like, what do the wires measure and do other kids cry? He was so brave and so willing to do whatever they asked.

They needed Hayden to fall asleep on his own without medication, so he was only allowed to sleep 4 hours the night before. It worked, once they turned out the lights, he fell asleep quickly. In fact, the test lasted shorter than scheduled because they found what they were looking for. What that is, I won't find out until next week.

Applying all the leads to his head.

He isn't sure about the mummy look.

Talk about a great attitude, he always sees the bright side of things. Here he is reminding me that he didn't cry so we are headed to Toys R Us after the testing.

All ready to start testing. The technician was so great and walked him through everything that was going to happen. She even let him see the results after the test.

I am so proud of my boy and his great attitude. I am so lucky that he is willing to be so brave!


Yesterday morning, before Hayden had his EEG, Thomas gave Hayden a priesthood blessing. I was concerned because they said that if he wouldn't cooperate, they would have to strap him down to the table. I wasn't sure how Hayden would do.

It was amazing as Thomas gave Hayden a blessing. I could feel the Spirit so strong. My worries and scaredness slipped away. It was replaced with an all encumbering peace. I was able to receive a glimpse into our Heavenly Father's love for my sweet son.

What was amazing to me is the Lord went on to explain to Hayden why he had some of these challenges and why Heavenly Father entrusted him with these special challenges. As a mother, I so appreciated the guidance by a loving Heavenly Father to help me deal with some of the challenges that Hayden is facing. I realized that it will always be in my nature to fix things for Hayden. Sometimes, it is teaching him to endure and rise above that is really my job. I don't have to have all the answers, I just need to be able to teach him where to turn to find them.

Hayden is one of Heavenly Father's choice spirits. I have always known that. I have never understood why he was sent to me and Thomas, when I am sure that there are so many people that could do a better job. But, I am thankful everyday for the opportunity. Hayden brings so much joy and peace to our family. His understanding of the gospel is far greater than anything I have ever taught him. He understands the true nature of the gospel and loves with a Christlike love.

Last night, Jodi, Suzi and I talked about Hayden. There is no gray in Hayden's world. It is all black and white... right or wrong. I love that about Hayden, but it sometimes gets us in some sticky situations. There is no sugar coating wrong to make it look less wrong. In his book wrong is wrong and right is right. Oh, how I watch him and realize he has it right and it is me that needs to change.

As I write this, I again feel the overwhelming peace that the Spirit brings into my heart and home. Heavenly Father is aware of Hayden, his needs and his challenges. And, although, I feel the need to "fix" things, I know that all I have to do is my best and then leave the rest up to the Lord. He lives. He loves me and Hayden, as he does each of us. Of that I am sure.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Squaw Peak Waterpark

For mine and Scott's birthdays, we went to Squaw Peak waterpark. Hayden has been begging to go to a waterpark and we got hotel and two days at the waterpark for cheaper than a day at Golfland! Love that! It was so nice to get away and relax and we had a great time with Scott and Shelly. We sure love them and how much fun we have together.
Scott, Shelly, Thomas and Me

Thomas and Jazzy-she has finally warmed up to him.

Hayden and Megan on the lazy river-definitely my favorite in the waterpark. What is better than laying in a tube and having the water carry you around... relaxing and heavenly!

Scott, Shelly, Megan and Jazzy

Me, Thomas and Haydi bu

Birthday Party

Thomas' brother Scott and I share the same birthday. They came down from Kingman and we all went to Squaw Peak Waterpark to play Friday and Saturday. When we got back Saturday night we had a fun party with lots of Simonton's and Murphy's.

Jodi strangling Jake, he must have been teasing her.

Jodi and Suzi



Trampoline fun with all the cousins

What a great birthday! I felt so loved and appreciated!

Hayden at the end of the evening was wiped out. Not sure how he got here but feel asleep in kneeling position. Poor tired boy!


My niece, Megan, came to visit for a week! We LOVED having her here. She is 15 years old and a doll. Hayden absolutely adores her. We shopped, saw G-Force, went swimming, had FHE, played the flour games, and loved spending time with her. Hayden loved that she is great at Pokemon on the DS and Ann and her loved playing Uno. We miss her already! What a great girl!

Swim Party

Gotta love swimming!

My niece, Megan!
Kiley, Hayden, Kaylee, Katelyn

Hayden and Thomas

Second Grader

I can't believe Hayden is in 2nd grade already. Wow! He sure loves Mrs. Crawford and is loving being back in school and with his friends!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

We survived

Yesterday was quite the adventure. I had forgotten how horrible the first month of first grade was. As we were driving to school, Hayden started talking about the last day of first grade and the awards ceremony which was an absolute fiasco. He had a couple of seizures that day after school due to the stress. As we are driving, he starts back at that moment and is reliving it. Then, he starts asking me about what are the rules to go to the bathroom.... I don't know. Hayden will not break a rule or think about breaking a rule. And so, had many accidents at the start of school last year because he was too afraid of getting his card turned, so he wouldn't ask to go to the bathroom. He wouldn't go at lunch because he is terrified of all the noises of the public toilets flushing and there are so many going off at recess. Poor kid! I don't know how to answer, that was 10 months ago and we had overcome that problem. I hadn't thought about it.

As we pull up to the school Hayden starts talking in his rout, repetitive voice and is really freaking me out. He only does that prior to seizures and when he is out of control nervous. He is repetitively saying, "Gotta go in the front, gotta go in the front." I am trying to get him into the school and it is not working.

Luckily, we saw Shameek and Joey. They have all been friends for years. I get Shameek to come talk to Hayden and it pulls him out, somewhat. His teacher and Coach Jones, see this and take Hayden from me. At this point, I am not even sure that Hayden is aware of what is going on. I get in the car and SOB!

I drive to work, as I get in, my dad tells me to go back to the school that I will be of no use to him. I go back, walk in the office and loose it. This is the first time I have ever cried at the school. But, I really thought now that we had some of this figured out, it would be easier. The office staff, reassures me that he will be fine. They understand Hayden and things are going to be much easier than last year. We have narrowed down the problems, his teacher has attended an austism in the classroom training course this summer and they are all more aware of his needs.

I cry, telling her that since I learn new things, deal with them, adjust our routine, adjust our lives according to Hayden's needs, that I had forgotten all the changes that took place since last May. Hayden has started into seizures, he has become more outgoing (thank you speech class) and I swear he has more energy! They tell me that it is okay, they understand, and that they love Hayden. At that, I felt an overwhelming comfort and peace.

That is true. This group of people have known Hayden since he was 3 1/2 years old. They all love him. So yesterday, I left, knowing that he was in good hands. Coach sat by Hayden some of the day, the office staff checked in on him and his teacher was amazing. When I picked him up, his teacher and the principal met me at the car. Said he did great and told me that it would get easier. He was most excited that if he gets 10 positive popsicle awards he can use the teacher's chair for the day and she will use his. Whatever floats your boat dear boy. That is way cooler than a toy or treat to him.

All in all, Hayden had a good day and wanted to go back today. This morning, his teacher met me at the car to take him out. He smiled huge when he saw her and told her he was going to try and earn two positive popsicle rewards today! I am so thankful for good teachers and so thankful for the Spirit that helps guide me in what to do with my precious little boy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to School

Tomorrow, Hayden embarks on a new adventure... 2nd grade. I think I am so much more nervous for him to start than he is.

With his ASD, it has been a struggle to keep him in school. I am hoping this year goes smoothly. Changing from 1st to 2nd grade is a huge step... most of the kids are reading, and he still struggles. More is expected out of him than last year behaviorly... will he be okay? Will the teasing start this year or can I still help him to have friends and feel good about himself?

Tonight, my mind has been eased. Thomas gave Hayden the sweetest priesthood blessing. I watched as my dear husband laid his hands on Hayden's head. The Spirit was strong and so comforting.

Hayden was promised that his burdens would be made light. Explaining this afterwards to Hayden was priceless... as he said, "Yes, that means 2nd grade is going to be easy for me!" I love his attitude and positive outlook on everything.

He was also promised that he would continue to be happy and have self-confidence. I sighed a breath of relief. Really, when all is said and done, what I want for him most is to be happy, to have self-confidence, to believe in himself and know that he is loved. All of these wonderful blessings were promised to Hayden. And, after talking to Hayden, I am reassured that although he does have his trials and struggles, he is a happy, confident little boy that everyone who meets him, loves him. What more could a mom ask for?

I am so grateful to be a mom to this sweet wonderful boy. I am so blessed!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ring Tone

So, Hayden and I are shopping and he hears some Star Wars song... his response, "Mom, do you hear that? That is the ring tone I want for my phone."
Me: What are you talking about Hayden, you don't have a phone.
Hayden: Oh yeah Mom, I have been meaning to talk to you about that.

Dream on little buddy! You are WAY to young for a cell phone.


Hayden looks at Ann the other day and says, "I need a break from Summer."

When asked why he said he is ready to see his friends. He does miss his friends. These same group of kids have been together since they were almost 4 years old. And, although, they are going into 2nd grade, this will be their 5th year together.

I agree, Hayden, I am ready for the routine of school and early bedtimes, and getting back on a schedule. I am especially ready for not having to juggle babysitters. I love that I drop Hayden off and pick him up. We welcome school starting on Wednesday!