Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Day of School

I can't believe that today is the last day that my boy is a 2nd grader. Where did the time go? Why is he growing up so fast?

Hayden won the Character/Citizenship Award for the year. Wow! He is such an amazing kid. He treats others with respect, kindness, love and selflessness. He amazes me and teaches me. I am in awe of him.

He also won the most improved in PE award. He absolutely adores Coach Jones. He has tried so hard and has come so far. I was just thrilled watching him today and the boy that he has become. He makes his mommy proud.

He was so cute. He wanted to sit by me, be by me and hold on to me. Too cute. I thought he may be too big, but he loved me being there. It was such a fun mom moment! We also were able to hold Mrs. Crawford's newborn girl. Ohhhh, I so loved holding her and cuddling with her for over an hour. We will be making lots of visits to her house to snuggle the new baby, Allison. Hayden is absolutely in love with her and can't wait to "babysit" her. It was such a fun morning. I love those perfect "mommy days" where all seems great; Hayden liked me being there and I felt like he is doing so great. It was a good day!

Gila Valley Temple Dedication

The Gila Valley Temple dedication was an amazing experience. It was so neat to get to experience that with Hayden. I loved being able to explain the significance of different moments to Hayden. He did notice the Spirit that was felt during the dedication. I told him that someday, as he enters the temple, he will remember those feelings and I hope he goes often so he will have the continued blessings of the temple in his life. He was so excited when pictures of the Nauvoo temple were shown. That trip was such a special and joyous time for our family and one we will always hold dear to our hearts.

I am so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life. It is moments like those at the dedication when I am reminded at how blessed I am by the Savior. He loves me and provides me with moments of understanding and reassurance that I am his child.

I loved watching President Monson being so playful and having fun with the children. It warmed my heart and made me very reflective on the love our Savior has for the children and the joy that they do and should bring to our lives. It was a great experience and I am grateful for the moments that touched my heart so deeply.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Makutu Island

We took the boys to Makutu Island on Hayden's half day Friday. Talk about a spoiled rotten, fun day. The boys wanted to go to lunch at Peter Piper Pizza and then we headed to Makutu Island. I love this picture of Brody. Aww this kid melts my heart! Hayden and Brody have an amazing friendship. I love how Hayden looks out for Brody. These two boys just love being together! We were driving in the car and I tell the boys, "Grandma is spoiling you rotten. First Peter Piper and then Makutu Island! You are completely rotten!" Brody gasps and says, "Jerlyn, you can't say that to us. That is NOT nice!" Okay, sorry Brody boy, I won't make that mistake again!
Grandma Julie and Hayden. She was holding the boys down as they were playing tag.

These boys adore her and can pretty much call all the shots when they are with her. There is nothing she wouldn't do for these boys. They are completely spoiled rotten when they are with her. They were running so hard and so fast that they had to take a break! I thought they were just going to fall over on the ground they were running so hard and so fast for so many hours.

After Makutu Island, Hayden, Brody and I came home and the boys continued to play. They played the Wii, air hockey, jumped on the tramp, played with the dogs and hamster and played in the sandbox. I wish I had a tenth of their energy and stamina. I was tired just watching them. Can't wait til they get together again. It should be lots of fun!

Talmage Sealing

Talmage Troy Davis was sealed to his family for time and all eternity in the Mesa Arizona Temple on May 15th! I was so lucky! I was the one blessed to stay in the youth center in the temple with these three precious children. During that time, I was blessed with amazing experiences with each of them. Some of my favorites were getting Brooklyn dressed in her white dress and talking to her about her next white dress will be when she gets baptized. Then the next time she will be in the temple is either on her wedding day or the day she goes on a mission. I loved brushing her hair and putting a pretty bow in her hair.

Brigham and I cuddled while we watched the movie on the temple. He was so cute and wouldn't walk a foot away from me. He kept telling the workers, "I want Jer". That's my boy and I adore him!

Talmage's smile and spirit was amazing. Being able to bring him into the sealing room and be there when he was officially sealed for time and all eternity to Jodi and Troy is a feeling and moment I will never forget. I sure love him and he has brought so much happiness into so many lives!

I sure love my sister and her sweet family! They are just an extension of my sweet family! I love each of her children so much! Her and Troy bring so much happiness into my life. It is moments like these that I reflect on how much Jodi means to me. We have been so fortunate to have been able to walk closely thru this life together. I never question, just know that she will always be there for me. I love having her for a sister.

Renee and Joan were my mom's two dearest friends. It has been 22 years since my mom died, yet Renee and Joan make every important event in our lives. When we see them, we know my mom is close. They always give us words of encouragement and support at those moments and reassure us that our mom is still close. They also try to tell us what my mom would have said in those life altering moments! I am thankful for them and their constant support. They have shown that friendship goes beyond this lifetime. I have been blessed to have some of those dear friends in my life that I know would be there for Hayden, no matter what. What a blessing! What a precious gift!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a great day! My boys woke and made me breakfast in bed and gave me the sweetest cards. Hayden made a book all about his mom and I adore it! He made me a keyring out of his handprint. I love the homemade gifts from my boy. Thomas gave me the gift I have been wanting.. my piano tuned and new piano songbooks. I have been playing the piano and loving his very thoughtful gifts. Ann showed up early with a beautiful drawing of me holding Hayden for the first time. I love it and plan on getting it framed here soon. She is so talented. Then the four of us headed over to Grandma Joyce. We loved spending time with her.
Hayden made handprint lilies for me and his Grandmas for Mother's Day. They turned out really cute! He loved giving them away and we had a GREAT time making them!

I was absolutely showered and adorned with so much love that day. Everyone made sure that I felt so very loved. I am so thankful for such a wonderful family and how much they care about me. I love being a mom more than anything. Hayden makes being a mom the greatest gift on earth. He is such a doll!

Julie gave me the sweetest, most touching angel. I had tears in my eyes as I opened it. She has been so great to me! It was such a heartfelt and touching gift!

Of course, Thomas did a fantastic job at entertaining, cooking and making sure every detail of my Mother's Day was perfect! The guys all played the Wii, per Hayden's request. Thomas barbecued steaks and corn on the cob (my favorite), and best of all banana homemade ice cream! He is such a great guy! I am so lucky that I am married to such a great man that treats me like a queen!

Diamondbacks Game

We had the BEST time at the Diamondbacks game! The guys all loved their official Diamondbacks jerseys personalized with their names and birth years. We had lots of people stop us and ask who Murphy and Knapp were. Pretty fun! Hayden LOVED watching the Diamondbacks play. We had front row seats by 3rd base and it was so great! There was a Diamondbacks little league parade and Hayden and Brody leaned across the fence and slapped all the kids hands walking by. They LOVED it!
Todd, Brody, Hayden and Thomas! They were NOT so thrilled with all the pictures but we had to get the perfect picture.

Brody and Hayden were hilarious. Every time any vendor would come down, they would both raise their hands that they wanted food. They ate pizza, hot dogs, icees, root beers, peanuts, popcorn and cotton candy. They ate non-stop! Too funny!
I tried so hard to get the boys autographs. Todd laughed at me that when the bat boy came out, I was trying to get him to sign the boys' balls. He was in uniform and the boys wouldn't have known the difference. Instead he gave the boys some sweating bat gloves. The boys were in heaven, it really grossed me out a bit. We had the best time. Thanks for a wonderful night of fun! It was a moment I will always cherish.

Father & Sons Outing

Thomas and Hayden had a ball at Father and Sons outing. Hayden loved playing with the other kiddos. And, he especially loved the camp fire. Next year Hayden wants to sleep in a tent instead of the Yukon. Hayden is now wanting a Father/Sons outing with just him and his dad and no one else around. I guess the boys are going camping again soon. Glad they had so much fun together!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Julie has been teaching me to cook. Not one of my strong suits. But, I am learning and loving it. We started with simple recipes but have moved on to stuffed french toast blantyre. It was fabulous and yummy. We may make it a new Christmas morning favorite. Thomas agreed it was one of the yummiest of breakfasts. Who wouldn't love carmelized apples, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and bananas all stuffed into french toast! Good good stuff. I dare say it rivaled T.C. Eggington's french toast.

School Lunch

Suzi went to Hayden's last bring a relative day at the school. She spoiled him with a dozen bean burritos, donuts and a huge icee. He was a hit! He sure loved spending time with her. The kids in his class all love "Aunt Suzi" too! What a lucky little boy!


For Thomas' birthday and Father's Day, Julie had these official Diamondbacks jerseys made for the guys. Yes, she actually had the Diamondbacks make them. They are official jerseys. The boys both have their birth years on them. They were both so excited! And, we are going to a Diamondbacks game. Front row tickets by 3rd base! Sweet! TJ and Brody got matching Knapp jerseys and are going with us!
Hayden absolutely adores Julie and how great she is to us. They have so much fun together! I love how excited Hayden was for his official jerseys. He kept telling us that he felt powerful in the jersey. Not sure what he meant but he loved it! Thanks, Julie! We are excited to go to the game! We will have a great time! We love you!

John Taylor

Hayden was so excited to go to John Taylor's house and see the rocking horse.

He was so cute! He stood up and told all the missionaries and others visiting John Taylor's home the story of John Taylor going back for his son's rocking horse.

He was so cute about telling how John Taylor's son, after they had crossed the Mississippi River was crying for his rocking horse. John Taylor was a great dad, so he went back across the Mississippi River, hid from those trying to take his life, went and got his son's rocking horse and then crossed the Mississippi River again to bring his son his favorite toy!

Hayden was so animated and telling every detail. He impressed me along with the missionaries. I guess he really is listening to during family home evening!

Parley Street

Parley Street was amazing! We got up early one morning and walked down the Trail of Hope. Nauvoo was still, quiet and relaxing. The spirit of the early pioneers could be felt. We talked to Hayden of the Saints leaving this beautiful city and heading to the West. They uncertainty they must have felt was evident by the walk. The hope they had for a bright future resounded on that street.

There are days when I find myself unsure of how to face the future or uncertain of events that are unfolding. It sure put things into perspective as I walked Parley Street. My trials and the hardships I am asked to face, are minimal in comparison. I admire the strength of the early Saints and their dedication to the gospel.

The peace of walking Parley Street is something that is imprinted on my heart. It was a peaceful feeling and one of sheer gratitude for the early Saints and their sacrifices that have enriched my life so much.

Joseph Smiths House

Joseph Smith's home tour was amazing. It was just the three of us on the tour. The tour guide told tons of stories about Joseph's son and all the adventures he had in Nauvoo when he was about Hayden's age. Hayden loved the guide telling about Joseph blasting for a well and little Joseph running out during the explosion. He was unharmed during the incident.

The guide also explained how Joseph III and his cousins would play, collect water from the river and all of their other daily happenings. Hayden was fascinated and what was originally a 30 minute tour turned into over two hours of questioning from Hayden. We learned so much.

The neatest experience was in the Prophet's home. The bedroom that Joseph and Emma stayed in was blocked off, so you could only look in. Hayden charmed the guide and as she told of a secret stairway in a closet, that was built to hide Joseph from the angry mobs. She actually let us back into the room, right next to Emma's chair and into the closet where a hook was turned to turn into a door with a staircase that led up into the attic and out the back. It was an amazing experience to get to stand where he stood and be that close to the experiences that happened to him. It made it all very real to Hayden.

Hayden came away from Nauvoo with an understanding of how the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored on the earth today. He understands the sacrifices made by the early Saints. He was able to see how blessed we are today because of the sacrifices and dedication of so many generations before us. He felt the Spirit of the Lord testify to his heart and soul of the divinity of our beloved Prophet Joseph Smith. It was such an incredible experience for me to see my son gain an understanding and appreciation for the early saints.