Friday, August 20, 2010

Treadmill testing

Hayden had his first treadmill/stress test on Wednesday. He was nervous for it and didn't know what to expect. I took Hayden to Target on Tuesday to let him pick out a toy in advance to take with us. I wasn't sure if I would need incentives to get him to cooperate.

We got to the room and the technician was GREAT! He had Hayden talking about Transformers and Bumblebee. Hayden talked and talked but they became friends, so he had Hayden completely cooperating. I have decided I want to take that guy on all future doctor and hospital appointments. He was amazing!

Hayden thought he was so cool being all hooked up. He loves it when they let him help getting himself ready for tests by putting on the stickers or machines. I was just glad I was getting superhero poses instead of tears.
Hayden actually thought the mask was cool and he sounded like Darth Vader with it on.
He was so funny on his tests. I kept wanting to get to the "next level". He loved it as they raised the treadmill higher and faster. He felt like he was playing a video game and conquering the next level. He kept saying, "Bring it on". He had the doctor, technician and me and Julie busting up laughing!
At one point, as Hayden was running, he saw a spot on the treadmill and for whatever reason in his head, he thought it would be a good idea to jump. The tech about had a heart attack himself as they are doing the running portion and Hayden out of the blue jumps. Luckily he caught Hayden but I think it scared the tech more than it even scared me. Oh, Hayden, you are so funny! They got him going again and he did fantastic!
I handled it pretty well, only when he was holding on and begging them to stop did the test get to me a little. Luckily, he didn't have to hold on long at that level of intensity.
I only have preliminary test results back, but so far, so good! His heart looks strong and his endurance looks good. I was so relieved. I was thrilled his heart is still beating strong and so happy that Hayden cooperated and survived the tests!
Every visit to the cardiologist reminds me of what a true miracle my boy is. I feel so grateful that he is here and love the person he is and is becoming. It may sometimes be an adventure but I sure love this ride that we are on!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

40th B-day Party

My 40th birthday was spent exactly how I wanted it, with family that I absolutely love and care about. I felt so very loved. I looked around the room and my heart smiled as I thought about what a great life I have been blessed with. I have a lot of people that love and care about me, and what more could I ask for.

Turning 40 isn't so bad when I look at where my life is. I am happy. I have a great husband, a loving son and so many loving family members and friends that would do anything for me! I feel so incredibly blessed.

Thomas ordered a strawberry banana Cathy's rum cake... my favorite!
Little Miss Brinley has become my buddy! We even hit the Disney Store that week so she could see that they really do have an entire store dedicated just to princesses.
I LOVE that all my little nieces wanted to blow out the candles with me and were right there in the kitchen. I may not have a daughter but I have absolutely adorable nieces that I love so much!
We had fun just chatting.

I love all my cute nieces and nephews and I sure loved them celebrating with me. I may only have Hayden but I have so many kiddos that I claim as part mine. It was so great to have them be around for my birthday!
Dallin wrote my the sweetest card... told me I didn't look a day over 20. He has learned the right things to say to get him far in life!

I was spoiled rotten by so many people. Julie has been teaching me to cook. I always laugh that if there are more than 5 ingredients, forget it! I laughed so hard when I opened the 5 ingredients cook book. I also loved on the Anyone Can Bake that on each page they have, "Ask mom" tips. I laughed reading it!

I was mostly very touched by the kind words and cards that were written. Ann touched me so deeply with a lamp and all the ways that I have touched her life. Couldn't love that kid more.
I am so grateful that I have been blessed with such a great life! I am feeling very loved! I guess that is the BEST 40th birthday present I could ever hope for!

Hayden's Olive Garden

Hayden came up with the PERFECT birthday present for me over a month ago. He enlisted Grandma's help and they were off planning. He has spent a day a week with her planning all the details. I had NO idea what they were up to until the big day.

I was greeted by my waiter and the General Manager of Hayden's Olive Garden. Grandma Julie was the head cook. I loved that every last detail was thought of... Olive Garden green napkins, clear salad bowl, actual Olive Garden recipes of the salad, fettucine alfredo and breadsticks. Hayden served us, brought us his original designed menu and was absolutely amazing! He played the part so well.

It was absolutely perfect! Thanks, Julie for helping Hayden pull of the perfect present for me! He was so proud of himself and it was so much fun!

Back to School

I cannot believe my boy is in 3rd grade. He grew up. He wouldn't even let me walk him in today, he wanted to go by himself. I am happy that he had a great day and absolutely LOVED it.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Night Out

Thomas planned a wonderful evening for me for Saturday night. He took me to Bamboo Hut, one of my favorites for dinner. I love the Macadamia Nut Halibut with asparagus. Yummy stuff!

When I came home, there were rose petals from the door all the way to the bath. It had rose petals in it with tahitian milk bath oils... heavenly. And, top it off... chocolate covered strawberries by the tub. I was in heaven! He is such a great husband!

Night with Grandma

Grandma Julie took Hayden and Brody out for a boys night out. They went to Texas Rodehouse, the movies to see Cats & Dogs, back to her house for a Wii competition, puppet shadows and Polar Express DVD. Plus they made cookies in there. Hayden had such a great time and it was so nice to be able to have an evening with Thomas.

School BBQ-Meet the teacher

Hayden's school had a BBQ on Saturday along with Meet the Teacher. It was so fun! Hayden LOVED seeing his friends. He was so funny and so excited that he gets to sit by Gunter this year.

Hayden and Joey have been friends since they were three years old and were so excited to see each other. They were talking and playing and having so much fun!

Mrs. Fett and Hayden. She has known Hayden for a couple of years and called him on Monday to personally wish him a great school year. Great teacher! We are so excited to have her. It is nice when Hayden starts the year as one of the favorites.

Justin and Hayden are such good friends. Hayden has missed Justin so much over the summer. He was so excited to go back so that he could play with Justin. Good times!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Root Canals

I took Hayden to what I thought was going to be a simple dental office visit. One minor cavity and they were going to seal some teeth. Little did I know, nor the dentist, that when they opened the tooth, he would need not one, but two root canals. Poor kid, he wasn't prepared for that. Neither was I. Hayden did a good job but I have relented all future dental visits to his dad. Watching those root canals and trying to hold Hayden's arms down, something I never want to repeat again.

He did cooperate and yep, we went to Target. I would have bought him anything for that pain, luckily he was thrilled with the new Transformers DS game. He was more excited to get to spend the day with Mommy at work. And, even happier when he and Grandpa bailed on work and went and watched Avatar in the theater room. Hayden was in heaven!

One of my favorite things about Hayden is he has such a positive attitude. In the moment, he was hurting. Within 20 minutes of the procedure, he was a happy boy and back to his positive self. He even told his dad that it turned out to be a great day!

Night out with Jodi

My Birthday seems to be a week of celebrations. I love it! Jodi and I went on last night. I have so much fun when I am with Jodi. We laugh and have so much fun. We went to Cantina Laredo for dinner, shared nachos and talked. Then we went to see Charlie St. Cloud. Good movie. Good conversation afterwards.
We then sat in the car and talked for the next couple of hours until we decided to go inside and sit on the couch and continue talking. It was so nice to talk and have fun without kids interrupting and having to take care of anyone.

Jodi is one of the most important people in my life. I treasure her. There is nothing like a sister. She has been there from the beginning and it is fun that everyone either of us reconnect with that we can share those times. I am going to make it a priority to spend more quality time with Jodi. Yes, Thomas and Troy, that means some quality bonding time with you and the kiddos once a month.

I had the best evening! Thanks Jodi for a wonderful night out!


Lachelle and I were in Sunbeams together, reconnected in high school, were college roommates and decided to go on missions at the same time. I have so many fond memories of Lachelle. She is one of the most positive people I know.

Favorite memories:
Creative dates, including one in the pool on the canoe.
You can do it messages.
Warren, Travis, Lachelle and I hanging out in Provo Canyon.
Teaching the little girls to dance in the rain.
Experiencing college life for the first time.
Taking pictures at the Y and with the cougar.
YSA Dancing Festival. We rocked.
Matching outfits to the first day of kindergarten.
My fifth birthday filled with duck duck goose and pinatas.

Needless to say, the memories could be listed forever, but Lachelle and I were such great friends. Sometime after our missions, we lost contact. Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from her on Thursday. She called to tell me that she had found a present that she had made me back for my birthday in 1990. It was a cross-stitch of precious moments for my wedding album. She had to bring it to me. We decided to meet up at Chuck E Cheese with the kiddos on Friday afternoon.

It was like time had never moved on. We reconnected immediately. I don't think she has changed a bit, well, other than the fact that she has 3 adorable kids. We had so much fun talking. I can't wait to get together with her again.

Suzi and pedis

Suzi was going to be out of town for my birthday, so Thursday night, we went to Olive Garden and to get pedicures. We had so much fun!

Birthday Summer

Josh, Jake and I all have birthdays within 2 weeks of each other. We always have a big swim party and bbq with all the Simonton's for the event. I love getting together with my siblings and their families. I love spending time with my cute nieces and nephews.

Of course, I LOVE being with my boy and watching him play and enjoying himself! Katelyn