Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunday adventures

Midgely Bridgely is at the beginning of Oak Creek. I have never stopped before and taken the time to hike down to see the beautiful views. It was amazingly beautiful.

I had an absolutely amazing weekend away with my husband. He is such a good husband and I absolutely love spending time away with him. It really makes me focus on all the good and wonderful things the Lord has placed in my life. At the top, is definitely my sweet husband that I adore and love!

Saturday adventures

Saturday we drove up to Flagstaff and ate at this cute little restaurant, Josephine's. I loved it. Most amazing part, peach struesel pie... amazing and delicious. I loved sitting outside with the wind blowing and listening to the leaves gently blowing in the wind. Awww... the simplicity of the moment was exactly what I needed.
I love Oak Creek Canyon... next to the beach, it is definitely my favorite place to be. I love being in the mountains and listening to the water as it moves across the rocks, making its way down stream. It is one of the few places that I am just content to be still and listen.

As long as we were in Flagstaff, we decided to drive up to Snowbowl. While there, somehow Thomas convinced me to go on the Ski lift up to 11,500 feet. I am terrified of heights, but this is something he has really wanted me to do with him. So, I went. I was SOOOO scared, my palms were sweating, I was white as a ghost. I think about a third of the way up that Thomas was regretting that he convinced me to go. All of the people coming down the mountain were laughing at how scared I was.
However, the view from the top was amazing and beautiful and very quiet and serene. I asked the ski lift operator if there were any other options down... helicopter, quads, I would even walk, just let my feet touch the ground. He barely smiled and just put me back on the ski lift. Oh Well. Worth a shot.
I can say that once my feet were safely back on the ground, I was glad I did it. It was something Thomas has always wanted to do. He loved every minute of it and that was worth it. Plus, the views, serenity and time to just spend quietly talking, were so wonderful. I have such a gentle, tender husband and no matter the situation, I do feel safe when I am with him!

My husband

I feel so incredibly blessed to be married to this wonderful man! I definitely picked the right guy to marry. I am so glad that we chose to take this journey together. I can't think of anyone that I would have honestly enjoyed the journey with more than I do him. He knows me, all of my faults, insecurities, my strengths, the things I am easily persuaded on and those things that I dig my heels in for, and he still loves me and cherishes me.

Tip of the iceberg things I love about Thomas:
*Wonderful dad
*Incredible husband
*Honors priesthood
*Takes care of me
*He makes me breakfast every morning
*I have never had to ask him to take out the trash-he just does it
*He cherishes me
*He works hard to provide for us
*He loves time with Hayden
*He will book me a massage if I am stressed
*He understands my need for hot baths
*He knows when I just need him near
*He fills my car up with gas-can count the times I have done this in 10 years
*He grocery shops
*He cooks
*He will do homework with Hayden
*He loves the Lord
*He serves everyone he meets
*He is a true example of our Savior
*He is the love of my life

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

10 Years

Thomas and I went to Los Abrigados for our 10th Anniversary. We had such a great time! We snuck out of work early last Friday and headed up to Sedona. Julie has a time share up there and gave us a weekend. We were greeted with this gorgeous and delicious gift basket from Julie, too. It had all of our favorite treats... Godiva chocolate covered strawberries and bananas, caramel apple, beef jerky, gummy worms, cheesy sticks, chocolates, and so much more. She absolutely spoiled us rotten. It was delicious!

After we checked in, we shopped at Tlaquepaque and had the best time at Tlaquepaque Toy Town! I love all the unique little shops and the quaint dining restaurants. We shared a wonderful plate of Chilean Sea Bass over penne pasta in an alfredo sauce for dinner... yummy!!!

Best part of my weekend was giving Thomas my anniversary present. I had been working on it for several months. I had written to him about our life over the past 10 years and how he was my world. I spoke on the DVD, with our song in the background, as pictures of us during our marraige were shown. It turned out amazing! Our song, "We will Dance", played throughout and ended with us dancing on videotape at the beach. He loved it. He wrote me an amazing poem about wanting to grow old together and had it in a old bottle with rose petals. Too cool!

I am so thankful to be married to such an incredible guy! He is my world and I love him dearly!

Building blocks

Brody and T.J. came over the other day to play Wii. The dads ended up playing the Wii and the boys had so much fun playing with blocks. They built towns, huge buildings and had their superheroes save the town. I had so much fun listening to them and watching them play. They have great imaginations!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Frog Season

I think Hayden's favorite time of the year has to be when the Frogs come out. Thomas and Hayden go on frog hunts and night and they have so much fun! They found a baby one and were so excited to come show me. As I was taking the picture, the frog jumped right at me! Good thing the camera was around my neck, because I would have definitely thrown it. It scared me to death. I think Hayden enjoyed that, as much as he enjoyed finding the frog!

Pizza, Wii and Playdough

I am so thankful for everyone that has helped us out since I have been sick. Grandma Julie came over this past weekend and gave Hayden some much needed playtime! She helped me out a ton, but made sure that Hayden had a fun weekend, for which I am truly grateful!

She taught Hayden how to make homemade pizza. He wasn't so sure about the butter on his hands, but loved cooking enough that he dealt with it!
He was so proud of his creation. He is loving to cook and begging to help out more and more in the kitchen.
What could be better than playing the Wii with Grandma, especially if she promises to let you win? He absolutely loves playing on the Wii.
Playing playdough absolutely topped the weekend. He loves the stuff! I am so glad that Hayden was able to have so much fun, even with me hardly getting off the couch!

Grandpa Murphy

Thomas pulled out his gems, rocks and stone collection that his dad had. He was showing Ann and Hayden all the different jewelry and things that their Grandpa Bert had made. The kids loved it! Hayden loves that he has a rock collection just like his Grandpa did. I love that the kids want to hear stories about their Grandpa and try to get to know him even though he died before Hayden was born.
Thomas and Ann trying to sort all of Grandpa's treasures. All three of them developed their loves of stones, rocks and gems from Grandpa Bert.

Hayden loves when Ann comes back home. He sures misses her. I absolutely love watching these two together. They have become so close since she moved in with us.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chicken Pot Pies & Cinnamon Rolls

Hayden is loving learning to cook. Ever since Uncle JD told him that cooking is science with food, he was sold!
Grandma Joyce picked up Hayden from school and taught him to make a Chicken Pot Pie. He mixed the ingredients but absolutely LOVED rolling the dough and making the pie crust, he had so much fun! After they made the chicken pot pie, they made a cinnamon roll. Hayden thought that was the coolest thing. He is enjoying cooking and is even venturing out and will try what he cooks and bakes. With the exception of him picking out the corn, he actually ate the meal... shocking!
I love that Grandma Joyce is working with Hayden and teaching him to cook. He is loving the time with her. He was so funny and absolutely talked non-stop while cooking. I think Grandma enjoyed the time with Hayden, too. I know that Hayden will have fond memories of being in the kitchen with his Grandmas. He is a lucky little boy!

Star of the Week

Hayden was chosen for Star of the Week!
He made this poster for the class to get to know him better. I laughed at some of his responses. For his treat he brought in a package of powdered donuts for each student...amazing how a package of six little donuts creates such excitement in 3rd graders. They loved them.

No surprise that he wants to be a scientist when he grows up, but I was so happy that all of the students told him he cared and thought about everyone and their feelings. They told him he was a star because he started Hayden's Toy Drive and some of the things that make him a superstar is that he has survived six surgeries, swam with stingrays and he has a rock tumbler and rock collection. I love 3rd graders. I especially love my Hayden boy. He definitely is a star!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cooking Lessons

Hayden was so excited that Grandma Julie was staying with us while I had surgery. Since he had a half day on Friday, he figured it was the perfect time for a Grandma cooking lesson.

Grandma Julie bought him a kids cookbook that they have been working out of. They had so much fun just planning the menu and picking the recipes.

While grocery shopping for their ingredients, Hayden found these beautiful flowers for me.... I love that he always wants to get me flowers.

They started with a Hayden and Grandma creation of brownies, made especially for mommy... heath, chocolate chunk brownie bars..... and boy were they yummy!
Then they made a wonderfully yummy pasta primavera dish. Hayden cut up the broccoli, cooked the pasta, helped make the alfredo sauce and create the final dish.
He loved stirring it all together on the stove. But, he said the best part was eating it. I think that is going to become one of his favorite dinners. He sure loved it!
I am so glad that Julie is being so great with Hayden and helping him to learn so many new things. He is having so much fun with her and he is loving learning to cook!

Krispy Kremes

On Wednesday morning, Hayden was a little nervous for me to go in to surgery again, so we stopped by Krispy Kreme donuts on the way to school and bought donuts for the class. It worked. He was so excited about bringing donuts to everyone, he forgot that he wanted to miss school and take care of mommy.
He was running around the school and telling all of his friends that they were going to get donuts for breakfast. It was so fun to be at the school. Thomas especially loved it, since he doesn't get to be there often with Hayden during the day.

Hayden had the BEST time passing out donuts to his classmates and friends and was thrilled when there was enough for the entire class to get 1 1/2 donuts each. I loved that I left him at school with a HUGE smile on his face and him having so much fun!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Very Grateful

I cannot express the sheer gratitude in my heart right now for the wonderful people in my life.

Being knocked down has given me the ability to see so many blessings in my life. Most importantly, I have been allowed to see how much people really care about me and love me.

I have never been so good at accepting help, I have needed it, but just tried to keep doing it on my own. Having been repeatedly sick and so many surgeries and hospital stays over the course of this year has taught me to be better at accepting when I need help. I have realized how much this journey of life, isn't about how much you can handle on your own, but learning to accept that we are all here to help one another through this life. And, that I need other people, I can't do it all on my own.

I haven't resisted this time thru, and have allowed a lot of people to just be there, help me out and do things for me. It has been amazing, as I haven't resisted, how much love I have felt instead.

I can't begin to list everyone that has loved me and helped me... only touching the tip here of things I am thankful for:

-Thomas for being the world's greatest husband and father-I couldn't say enough
-Julie-loving me and being there to do anything and everything I need done for me, Thomas and Hayden-don't know how I would have survived this without you.
-Hayden-the best "mom babysitter" in the world (He has officially announced tomorrow as a 2nd Mother's Day) Who wouldn't love this kid?
-Jodi-being here everyday... calling... bringing diet cokes and giving me cookie hugs
-Joyce-for taking on Hayden, driving us around and caring
-My dad-for his patience with work and calling every day to check on me
-Ann-Help with Hayden is so appreciated and so are all of the phone calls
-My family and friends that have called, dropped by and have just been so supportive.

Thanks is never enough... but you are all so much appreciated. I love each of you! I have been so filled with gratitude for my life and the wonderful people the Lord has placed in it. I have been so very very blessed!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More Surgery

I head in to the hospital in a couple of hours for yet another surgery. I am so done with surgeries and hospital stays. I am hoping that this is the last surgery for me. I have not been feeling so good lately, and am hoping this surgery will help to turn things around and I will start feeling better.

I started 2010 with surgery and feel like it has been eight months straight of surgeries and hospital stays. My patience is beginning to really wear thin on medical issues. I am ready to feel good and have my life back.

I will be making the surgeon promise not to break or mess anything else up while he is inside tomorrow. Hopefully, he will be nice and just fix the problem and not create any new ones. That would be so nice.

I am looking forward to the extra family time this allows me. I am hoping for lots of hugs and cuddles with my boo. We will be watching a lot of movies and reading a lot of books. I am sure I will get a lot of coloring time in also.

I will also get some special time for just long chats with dear family and friends. I am so thankful for the loving support of family and friends that will take the time to just be with me and to take care of me, Thomas and Hayden. I have an amazing support group that I am so very thankful for!


Hayden had a day off of school on Monday so he was lucky and had a Grandma day. Too bad that mommy was sick, so they couldn't go anywhere, but had to take care of me. Grandma and Hayden decided that they wanted to cook and made churros. Hayden LOVES churros! I think they are his favorite treat. The churros tasted really good.

Hayden had fun cooking with Grandma.

Hayden is such a lucky little boy to be so loved!

Game Room

Thomas took Hayden and found posters for the game/toy room. Hayden loves all the superheroes. Iron Man, Bumblebee, Batman are all some of his favorites.
Thomas and Hayden have been reading the Percy Jackson books every night before bed, so this Percy Jackson poster was his favorite. I think he will probably end up being Percy for Halloween. He loves the movie and more importantly the book series.