Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lego Avengers

Hayden has become quite the lego builder. He is constantly creating new jets, helicopters, spaceships, tanks, forts, battle stations and anything else his imagination can create. His current lego building has included all things to do with the Avengers. Here is the jet, but he has also built all kinds of accessories to re-inact the movie. I am pretty impressed with his new found abilities to create almost anything he can think up to build.

Game Nights

Thomas and Hayden LOVE to wrestle and have tickle torture wars, one with another. Crazy boys! During baseball season, on Monday and Wednesday nights, while Jodi was at games with Brooklyn and Brigham, Talmage spent the evenings with us. Oh how we cherished these evenings. Hayden loved the one on one time with Talmage. I loved that it meant "family nights" with my guys. Thomas loved the downtime where we just relaxed. And, Talmage, I think he loved being the center of attention. Monday was FHE and Wednesday nights were always movie nights. Regardless of the evening, every one ended with the boys all on the ground wrestling. We laugh that every time Thomas sits on the floor that Talmage runs up and jumps on him. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of Thomas and Hayden. It is one I think I will hold close to my heart for years to come, and probably throughout my life. This is Hayden in his truest form of joy. His face, laughter and redness say it all. He loves his dad. He loves playing with his dad. He idolizes his dad and wants to be just like him. He loves every minute spent doing anything with his dad.
I love that no matter how many times Thomas pins Hayden. Hayden is convinced, yes every day, that this is the day he will be able to take down his dad. He thinks that since he can pin me, and very easily, I must add, that any day he should be able to take down his dad. I laugh and always reply with, "Hold on, my dear Jedi... someday, someday you will be able to defeat your father." He laughs, runs and attacks his dad anyway, knowing he will be taken down in an instant.
Talmage is the same. He loves being thrown around and wrestled with. I am not sure whether "Papa" loves Talmage more or whether Talmage loves being with his "Papa" more.
More of the boys trying to gain up on Thomas....
Love these boys. Love that Jodi shares her kiddos with us. They all have a special place in our hearts.

Monday, May 28, 2012


We decided to snap a few pictures last Sunday before heading to church. We were actually ready early and walked outside to enjoy the beautiful morning. I loved this shot of Hayden. He is growing up so fast and want to capture the great young man that he is.
He shot a great picture of me and Thomas.
I love Hayden's playfulness no matter what we are doing. I love how much fun Hayden and his dad have together.
And, oh my goodness, oh do I love my boy! I love everything about him!
We had a great Sunday at church. Hayden loved his class. We absolutely love the Marriage and Family Relations Sunday School class. We laugh and laugh and have the best time. We have a small class and went around the room and told the positive qualities in one another. It is so uplifting to hear what others think of you. Best thing someone said about me, of course was Thomas, when he said that I try hard to always follow the Savior and try to constantly listen to the Spirit. Wow, couldn't ask for a better or nicer thing said about me. Everyone had something nice to say about Thomas... he is kind, he is gentle, he is meek, he serves quietly and powerfully, he loves everyone, he never says a bad word about anyone. And then they asked me, to which I added. He is not only doesn't talk negative, but also adds in a positive comment about everyone he talks about... ALWAYS. And, of course, almost everyone mentioned how Christlike he is. It was a great day!

Handiman Placard

After seeing the Cardiac Electrophysiologist, I had a signed form to the DMV for a disabled placard and a disabled license plate. The specialist said that I would never fully regain my walking abilities. He told me lay down and get out of the sun. He stated that the chances of my leg coming back were real probabilities. Of course, I was sad about not being able to walk around Walmart anytime soon. But, for now, it is making a HUGE difference in that I can get where I need to and be safe while there. Until then, we will just be greatful for our Handiman placard!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


With me being sick, there is a lot of random sleeping around here. We all seem to get sleep in whenever we can. Suzi came over one night to give Thomas a break. She was helping get all my stuff together and taking a night shift so that Thomas could get a good night sleep. We walked into the family room to tell the boys to go to bed and that Suzi was "on duty" and this is what we found. I guess it was a good night to call for back up. These two guys DEFINITELY needed a night off.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Little Boos

Can I say how much I love these boys? I love that they play so well together. I love that Talmage provides Hayden the opportunity and experiences that come from being an older brother. I love watching them play, interact and yes, sometimes even fight. They adore one another. And, I, well, I absolutely adore them both!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, Julie and Joyce came over. We ate, watched a movie, and just enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. It was perfect. My boys got up in the morning and made me breakfast in bed, on the couch. They showered me with cute cards, presents and made me feel so loved, cared for and appreciated. I love Hayden's face when he serves and helps out. He is the greatest son. He made me a mother and that is the most wonderful role that I have been blessed with. I love being a mom. I absolutely LOVE being Hayden's mom. Joyce gave me a beautiful bracelet with interchangeable beads. So cool.
We loved giving Joyce her present of a book with pictures throughout the year of her being a wonderful mom and grandma.
Thomas has started making jewelry and necklaces. He is amazing. His mom wanted a cameo and Thomas did a great job in making her a necklace.
Julie came over and we made her a book, too, of all the wonderful moments spent with her over the past year. Thomas made her a gorgeous necklace.
I was showered with love. Julie made me a DVD titled, "I hope you dance". It talked about the struggles/challenges/hardships but during the last year all the good/strength built/memories made/love received and given. It was perfect and I cherish it!
I feel so blessed to be a mom. To be on this earth to teach Hayden. To help him gain the skills necessary to returning to our Father in Heaven some day. I am so thankful for this gift that has been granted to me. I cherish it. I love it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

DS Games

Hayden absolutely idolizes his cousin, Logan. Logan is 10 months older than Hayden and a year ahead in school. Hayden thinks he is the coolest. He also loves that Logan is so great with playing DS games and can show Hayden all kinds of moves and better strategies to winning. They sure have fun together and I love seeing my boy smile. It absolutely melts my heart.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Easter with the Murphy's

After church, all the Murphy's and Knapp's and Suzi came over for an egg hunt, Easter dinner and just good old family fun. Logan, Hayden, Victoria, Brody and Lily are all lined up ready to head outside to score finding the most Easter eggs. At least the older ones didn't care so much about the candy eggs, as they did the eggs with money in them.
Brody and Hayden stopped long enough for me to get a picture. What good boys!
This was Lily's first year with hunting eggs. She decided one, she would immediately sit down, open it up and want to eat the candy inside.
The kids all scored... Hayden...
Logan's haul....
Victoria had a lot, too!
Logan, Hayden and Brody posing for a picture during their egg hunt.
The boys eating dinner. I was shocked that we actually were able to get them to sit still long enough to actually eat.
Yummy dinner. Joyce, Julie and Kelli planned the dinner, prepared it and didn't let me do a thing. They wanted me to have a great Easter with no work!
Dinner table #2.
Kelli snapping away pictures of Logan and Victoria.
Hayden scored...lots of money....lots of candy...great fun hunting the eggs.
The kids putting Hayden's newly found money into his bank sorter/counter. It hit over $100 total and he was so excited.
Mom helping Hayden get his eggs opened and looking at all the yummy treats that Hayden scored.
It was a perfect day! I sure love Thomas' mom and family. I love Julie and her boys. I am so lucky that everyone wanted to come celebrate this beautiful Easter day with us. It is the perfect time of friendship, laughter and love!

Easter Morning at Church

I love attending church on Easter morning. I love that while the Sacrament is being passed that my heart tends to turn more to the events that unfolded oh so long ago. The Atonement and ultimate sacrifice of our Savior seems to come alive! My heart is fuller. My gratitude stronger. My faith is increased. My heart is softened. I set new goals. I strive to be better. I work at conquering my faults. I resolve to life my life with more of a focus on the Savior. I love Easter, the fresh start of Spring and the symbolism of a new birth. My commitment to be a better follower of our Savior is renewed in my heart and carried with me in all I try to accomplish. And, have I mentioned how very much that I love these two guys standing next to me. I cannot express enough my gratitude for both of them.

Easter Morning 2012

Easter morning, Hayden awoke to find a gift basket from E.B.(Easter Bunny), a pile of new clothes from mom and dad, and a box of filled eggs with a note to Hayden.
The note from E.B. stated that since his cousins weren't coming over until the afternoon, E.B. left the eggs for mom/dad to hide so Hayden couldn't have an advantage over his cousins when they all came to hunt eggs in the afternoon.
Hayden loved the Skylanders, Ben 10 watergun, art supplies, new comfy outfits, new shoes, new swimsuit, and other little trinkets.
I love his face and how excited he gets when he exclaims, "AWEEEESOOOMMMMEEE".
E.B. did leave enough eggs hidden in Hayden's room so that he could have his own personal egg hunt, while waiting for his cousins to come over!
Hayden loved that his huge Spiderman was hiding two of the spiderman eggs.
Boy, that boy scored with over $25.
After the egg hunt, cracking open the eggs to find the inside treasures, we grabbed a quick breakfast before heading out for church. It was a great family morning.

Easter at the Simonton's

Easter with all the Simonton's on Saturday was a lot of fun! It was a little less busy this year, more talking, less doing. Basically, we ate a wonderful ham dinner, enjoyed lots of talking and catching up, the cousins played, ate, talked, hid the eggs for the kids, had our traditional egg hunt and just had a great time!
Grandpa and Grandma Bonnie brought a basket with a egg for each grandchild in it. One by one, starting with Dallin, each grandchild picked an egg. With eager anticipation, they did some type of good luck call, and then cracked open their egg. Each egg contained a prize, varying from $10 to $25 each.
I love Hayden's expression as he cracked his open... He scored with 2 $10 bills and 1 $5 bill. He was thrilled that he received the $25 and thought he was "hot stuff" for picking the "JACKPOT" egg.
Hayden ran over and gave Grandpa a hug, which I clearly missed. He sure loves his grandpa.
The kids all standing in anticipation as they took turns picking out the perfect egg and hoping to hit the jackpot.
Mr. Hayden scored a bucket filled with eggs. He was so kind to stop and let me take a picture.
The kids all lined up and ready to hit the outside for an amazing egg hunt!
Brigham absolutely LOVED the egg hunt! He was so extremely excited with each and every egg that he found. I absolutely loved finding him more candy filled eggs.
Saturday was filled with lots of good moments. I love spending time with my brothers, sister and Dad. I love watching Hayden interact and develop special bonds of friendship with his cousins. Mission accomplished. Wonderful event and some precious memories were created. It was the perfect type of day!