Thursday, November 3, 2011


Meet "Clumsy", the latest addition to our family. I have been blessed with a new friend. I am not sure who was more unhappy about this new addition, me or Hayden. Hayden doesn't like change, so of course, mom using a cane, didn't go over so well. We let Hayden name it and laughed hysterically over his choice of names.

First was gun. I told him probably not a good choice if we were at his school and I told him to "Go get my gun." We laughed at other names such as Toby, Dumbo or Lucy. When he said clumsy we laughed and laughed.

He was afraid of his friends at school making fun of his mom using a cane. We decided with this name, he can tell them if they think having a cane is funny, listen to the cane's name, "clumsy". He said, "My dad tells me to go get clumsy or where did we put clumsy." Then his friends would laugh at the name, not the situation. He is better with it now.
Okay, now for the explanation. I have been having a lot of problems since my surgery in July. The neurologist thinks that when I had so much internal bleeding it wasn't from my surgery but some neurological "event" instead. So, we are having all kinds of fun trying to figure it out. In the meantime, my balance and walking has become difficult, at best. In fact, after all kinds of testing this week, I am being told that I am very lucky that I have any use of my right side. It is a miracle that I am still here and I am fortunate to have use of my leg and arm, even if it is limited usage.

So, with the help of clumsy, I am falling less and walking more. I won't lie and say this hasn't been hard. I knew I was falling a lot. I knew I was struggling to walk. I knew that my right leg wouldn't lift very far off the ground. What I didn't know is that I have hardly any strength in it... that it wasn't a temporary problem, but one that will require six hours a week of OT and PT. I will also have weekly neurological rehab. What did freak me out a little is that I am in stroke rehab. So, on the anniversary of my mom's death of a brain tumor, I have been given a present of my own neurological condition.

I am trying to stay positive. I am trying to keep upbeat. This week has brought many tears, I won't lie. This week has brought heartache to the point that I thought my heart may actually break. I even knelt down and told my Father in Heaven that me being diagnosed with a stroke at 41, the same week that my mom died at 41 years old of a neurological condition, may be too much for me to bear. I also told my Heavenly Father that although I did not see the humor in this, that I did and do trust Him. I am thankful that I survived and I am thankful that I am still here to be a wife to Thomas and a mom to Hayden.

So, my job right now is to fight. I will fight to get better, I will fight to overcome this trial and I will fight to not let the adversary get me down. I know myself and I will win this fight! After all, clumsy and I have a lot of people on our side that are going to fight this fight with us.

Halloween Night

Halloween night finally arrived. I have to admit. By the time it got here, I was a little done with the holiday. I was ready to put away Halloween decorations and be done with the Captain America attire. I know. I felt like a party pooper for the first time. So not me. But, I must say, we made one heck of a cool Captain America family! Hayden did a great job choosing our costumes!
So Hayden and Brooklyn. Hayden is always saving the world and Brooklyn is always some time of fairy princess. They both have mastered the art of "striking a pose".
Hayden in all his glory of Captain America! (I still think he wanted the costume because the shield was a disc shooter. And, the reason for his dad to be Mr. Captain America... two disc shooters for him and his dad to play with.)
Love this shot of him playing.
Our fairy princess, superman, football player and save the world superhero! Love them all.
Hayden showing me his loot! He loved it this year because he could sell us each piece of candy for $ .10 each. The non-candy eater loved this bargain.
Talmage would say, "Hi. Trick or treat. Sucker please." Love him.
Grandma Julie joined us this year. The kiddos scored at Jodi's. A piece of candy from me, one from Julie, one from Suzi and one from Jodi. Not bad for one door.
Can't forget Aunt Suzi....
Or crazy Aunt Jodi
or Mr. T loving this HUGE sucker.
It was a great Halloween!

Halloween cupcakes

Hayden wanted so badly to make Halloween cupcakes as a family. I bought him some test tube candies with bones, skeletons, body parts and sprinkles. He loved every minute of it! So worth it. We all got in on the action!
Me and Hayden frosting.
Hayden dumping sprinkles. Man sakes alive, those cupcakes were covered in candies and sprinkles.
His final work. He loved every one and was so proud of himself. Who wouldn't be? He did an eXceLLent job!

Simonton Halloween Party

We attended the Simonton annual Halloween party. One of the highlights of Hayden's year. Grandpa and Grandma Bonnie do a fabulous job at putting on a fun carnival for the kids.
I thought Josh had the best costume as a real estate grim reaper. He makes me laugh.
Grandpa went as the King! There are so many of us that it is like feeding and preparing a large family reunion for each event.
Hayden loved the dart throw and the snow cone machine. Definitely his favorites. Although, I think the bounce house was up towards his top, too!
I only lasted a little over an hour, hence not very many pictures. Thomas manned the balloon dart throw and Hayden enjoyed all the activities with his cousins. He wasn't ready to leave until really late at night. He came home so tired but talking non stop about the carnival, events and fun times he had with his cousins. A big shout out thanks to my Dad and Bonnie for putting on a fun Halloween event for all the kiddos. They certainly love every minute of it. And, boy howdy did he ever come home with a huge bucket full of candy and a huge bag full of toys and prizes. Grandpa does Halloween baskets for each of the kids with slime, sticky hands, cars, small toys and all kinds of fun little toys. Hayden scored!

S"boo"ghetti Party

It was the annual Sbooghetti party at Hayden's school last Friday. Hayden and I went as Mr. and Mrs. Captain America. Believe it or not, he choose our costumes. I loved matching him. He was so cute telling everyone what we were.
Hayden and his best buddy Lucas. They had so much fun together and loved that they were going to Lucas' birthday party right after the party.
Hayden loved taking both shields and defeating both Darth Vader and Joey ninja at the same time. They played and played and played.
The spaghetti lunch was fabulous and delicious. Love that BJ's caters. So yummy!
Ms. Waisel, Hayden's principal is a ton of fun!
Hayden is so fun! This was him during the parade. He had to make a face.
I love that Hayden's school puts on this fun carnival and party for the kids to dress up and attend. It is so much fun!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

Annual carving of the pumpkins went amazing! We all had a great time!

Thomas with Grandma Joyce and Hayden - cleaning out the pumpkins. Definitely my least favorite activity!
Jodi and Brookyn
Our family with Grandma Joyce
Brigham, Talmage and Troy
Suzi being well... Suzi and trying to make Brooklyn make a scary face!
Me and my Bubba
Hayden wanted to put knives in the poor jack-o-lantern's head... ouch!
Brooklyn's pumpkin is smiling. Wow what a difference between boys and girls.
Thomas had to carve his own. He loves this holiday. Who am I kidding. He loves all holidays. He is one big kiddo.
Brooklyn, Hayden and Brigham with their final results. They did great! It was a successful family night event!


Talmage spends lots of time with us and we love it! Jodi, being Primary President, somedays needs a little help with TT. Luckily for us, we get him. He loves it because we spoil him rotten!
Even Hayden is adjusting to us giving TT lots of attention. He loves him, too!
Seriously, have you ever seen two cuter boys? Love these little buddies!

Optimus Prime

This may just look like any old Optimus Prime but oh no. This is the ultimate optimus prime in all of its glory. During the summer, Hayden decided he just absolutely NEEDED this optimus prime. It was new. It was amazing. It was exactly what he wanted. Problem was this guy was $84.99. There was no way, no how that I was going to buy it for him or let anyone else buy it for him, even Santa.
Hayden knew the ONLY way that Ultimate Optimus Prime was making its way into our family was through a lot of hard work and earning money on his part.
Four and a half months of extremely hard work, many many chores, cleaning lots of dog poop and tooth fairy visits later, Optimus had a new home. (Luckily the price dropped to $59).
Hayden earned enough money to purchase his beloved Optimus Prime. He squealed with delight at he opened the package to play with his new toy. I must say.... Hayden loves him. He is so careful with him. We even have a special home for Optimus so that no one ruins him.
And, although I do not think it was a good choice of how Hayden should of spent his money. It was his money and he did learn a very valuable lesson of hard work and perseverance in order to attain the prize. He is a happy boy and I must say that Mr. Optimus Prime could not have found a home in which he would be more loved. Hayden does love him!