Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Maya and Max

These two are little tender mercies in my life. I love their cuddles and love. I love their little spirits and the happiness they bring. So lucky these little fur babies are mine. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

My loves

Uncle thomas

Oh how Iove this boy! Jodi was getting supplies for the beach. She found a fan with water to help keep the temperature down. Jodi asked brigham, "do you think Uncle Thomas will set this up for Aunt Jer each morning if we buy this?" 
Brigham replied the truest statement. "Mom, uncle Thomas lives aunt Jer so much. He would do anything for her." 
So true. Yes. Uncle Thomas loves me tons Brigham. 
I pray Briggy that you and Hayden and talmage and all the nephews of mine treat their wives as wonderful as Thomas treats me. 
You are very observant Brigham. I love you. You are caring, loving, sweet, sensitive, kind and wonderful just like Thomas. You boys are going to be such great husbands and dads. I love you all. 

After church

Relaxing at Jodi's is the best! Love all these cute faces. 

Church together

We love going to Jodi's Ward. Hayden feels needed at church there as he leaders get so excited when he comes. He loves passing the sacrament and helping to prepare it. Thomas loves some of the families and I love being at church with this gang I love so much. Nothing better than celebrating our love for the gospel and Jesus Christ all together. 

Jodi's gang

I miss my sister and her kids. It's been years since Jodi and gang med. and I miss her ae kids everyday. 
I miss brooklyn and her sweetness. He kind hearted ways and how she les and serves all. I miss brigham and his sweet hugs and tender personality. I love his fascination how things work. I miss Talmage and the little buddy he is. I miss movie days with him. I miss cuddles. I miss him asking for donuts. And I love Patrick. The bonus for Jodi moving to Glendale. He has become my bonus nephew whom I love. And of course, my boy. 
We get to Jodi's house whenever we can. I love being with her and these sweet faces. I love watching Hayden with his cousins. He adores them and misses them. 
Jodi's kids are crazy busy. It makes it so hard for whe to break away and come here. So I do my best to get to her house as often as possible. I absolutely am the luckiest aunt and love all my nieces and nephews. I wish I could see them all every day. But my heart is happy when I'm with my sister and these cute kiddos. Lucky lucky me. 

Talk in church

Bishop Smith called speakers randomly. He would give two or three names and they would speak. He called Haydens name right after a rest hymn. Hayden nervously approached. He reported on trek and the feelings and spirit he felt. He loved trek. He strengthened his testimony. I'm so proud of him. I know it was hard for him but he did it. With a smile on his face. So proud of you bubba.