Friday, July 25, 2014

Grandpa and Bubba

Grandpa was incredible this year. He tried so hard to make each of the grandkids feel special and loved. They took each group of kids wherever they wanted to go.
JD's kids chose Legoland. Jodi's chose walking down the pier and eating at Ruby's. Dallin and Austin picked Chicken and Waffles restaurant. Hayden's choice....Movies and lunch.

So, Grandpa and Hayden spent one afternoon seing the new Tom Cruise movie, "Edge of Tomorrow". He loved the movie and loved spending time with Grandpa.

I love that Grandpa tried so hard to make it such a special week for each of the kids. I know that wasn't relaxing for him but it was wonderful for building memories with his grandkids. It was definitely one of Hayden's highlights of the week.

Thanks, Dad! That was exactly what Hayden wanted and needed. I couldn't ask for a better gift than you spending time with my son.

Not only that, my Dad was around a lot more all week. Each night he would come visit. He spent more time on the beach. He went to fish with all of us. All of the Simonton kids and spouses and Dad and Bonnie went and ate at Chicken and Waffles one night. We saw him more this year than I think I have in the past five years combined. It was a fun week. One I will always remember and cherish.

I'm a lucky one. I have been blessed with an amazing family and people I cherish and love.

Childhood Dreams

I love the beach for so many reasons....

Of course, the vacations and time together. Cool weather. Listening to the wave. Spending time with family. I love the cousins binding and spending time together. 

With Hayden being an only child, I worry about him. I always pictured Thomas and I with a big family. Lots of kids. Hayden the oldest of five or six younger ones. Instead. With it just us and him, I love the chance for 2 weeks with cousins. Kids around constantly. Laughing. Interacting. Having a great time. 

To me, snow cones on the beach, ultimate childhood dream. Yummy and fun. 

I love that I get to take Hayden and one or two others off. Bonding time with each of my nieces and nephews. 

This day on the beach, eating snow cones, playing in the water is one I will always cherish. I love Katelyn. Her and Hayden are the closest in age. Best of buddies. 

Life really is great. I love the smiles. The friendship. The love. 

Legoland with Suzi

Suzi, Mike, Jill, Cooper, Ollie, Lucy, Kiley and Hayden went to Legoland and Seaworld courtesy of Mike's friend. 
The kids had a great time! Ollie, who isn't a big fan of anyone, loved Jake. So funny. 

The kids rode rides, played with Legos, visited the movie set of the new Lego Movie. 

They had the time of their lives!!!

Sea World

A fun filled day at Seaworld!

The Oceanside Gang



Talmage. The youngest of the Simonton's. The joy and spark of life. This little boy brings joy wherever he goes. Joy. Happiness. Energy. Love. 

We love this little guy to death. He is filled with all things boy and fun. 

Uncle Jake took Talmage out into the ocean. Talmage was terrified. He didn't want to be eaten by a shark. He yelled out for Uncle Thomas to save him. Of course, Thomas did. 

The last two pictures are of the rescue and cuddles afterwards. Talmage smiled that adorable smile. We all melted. 

We loved our time with this precious little guy that we all love and adore!