Sunday, January 31, 2016


The night Chad said goodbye was heart wrenching. I felt like I sending one of my own away. I miss him over most every day. I. Miss his jokes. I miss his analogies on life. I miss his friendship with Hayden. I miss him helping Thomas. And oh how I wish he was here during this chemo. His help would be so beneficial. He called the other day. I almost cried. Oh how we miss him. He is simply an amazing kid that is now an adult. I'm so grateful for him. I'm grateful we were able to have him in our lives so much during the last several years. He has made such a positive impact in our lives. 
And the video game room misses him and the dogs go crazy when we say Chad and wait by the door. This scene was so common at our home. It feels weird without him here. 
Lucky for me. This face still embraces my world. Love him so much. 


This boy owns my heart❤️!  His smile warms my soul. His laughter instantaneously stretches a smile across my face. He laughs and brings so much JOY and FUN to our lives. 
He looks so handsome preparing the sacrament and heading to church. I'm so proud of who he is. 
He loves his dogs. He is so good to them. He completely takes care of them and they adore him. 
He carries Maya around like a little baby. He absolutely babies her. He talks sweetly and plays with her. He is tender and kind. 
He loves that Julie and he do crazy things for the dogs. Like putting three piles of left overs on a plate and teaching all three to share. Or ice cream. They are crazy together. 
This boy. I can't imagine my life without his absolute JOY and his ENTHUSIASM for life!his smiles and laughter is simply contagious. 

Julie. & dogs

Julie comes over every Thursday afternoon to work with Hayden. Oh how the dogs look forward to it as she always brings her dog Ellie for them to play with and sometimes she stops at QT and gets them ice cream to share. 

This is her on the backyard sharing ice cream with all four dogs. Max and Maya, suzi's dog, Olivia and Julie's dog, Millie. It is crazy and wild and full of life at our house on Thursday afternoons. We love it. 


"But it is MY cookie!" I heard coming out of Thomas' mouth. I looked over and lighted. All three dogs were attacking Thomas trying to get a bite of his cookie. Yes. Our dogs are spoiled. Yes. They think they always need a bite. Yes. Thomas and I give in. 

They bring us so much joy! They are so funny. I love Maya growling at Thomas and trying to talk to him to get what she wants. Max lays his head down and sits and begs quietly and patiently. Then there is Livvy. Oh wow. She climbs up and simply tries to eat it directly out of your hand. She is simply crazy. 

But the smiles they bring. The joy. Simply indescribable. ❤️���� our little pups. 

Scripture study

Julie gave our family the greatest gift. A copy of the David J Ridges Book of Mormon made easier. I'm so very happy. I'm grateful for this gift. Each night as we sit and read the scriptures and work our way thru these books, we come closer to Christ. There is no greater gift. I love this time of day. It is my favorite. Thomas and Hayden and I stop and just talk of our Savior. We relate the scriptures to our lives. We have the greatest conversations. Some of my favorite nights are when we spend hours engrossed in he words of the prophets of old. It brings me such joy. 

I am reminded of what Nephi taught. We talk of Christ, we prophecy of Christ, we rejoice in Christ so that our children will know where to look to retain a remission of their sins. 

I hope Hayden remembers the tender moments we have spent in the scriptures. I pray he will know where to turn to receive guidance and help throughout his life. And I plead and pray that someday, he will love teaching his own family out of these great books. I Joel he will also find joy in teaching his family about our Savior and the message of the atonement and hope in Christ. I pray he will always follow our Savior and search for answers to life's questions, in these inspired words of Christ. 

Youth conference

Hayden attended his first youth conference. He was excited until he found out Jodi and Brooklyn and Talmage were coming over. He told me how much he misses Brooklyn. How with all the craziness at our house with my health, that he needed to talk with her. He had me almost convinced to miss youth conference. I struggled knowing what to do. 

Friday night came and Hayden and Brooklyn were having such a great time. They were both devastated that they had to be split. Suzi said to just send her. Jodi said why not. Why should I care. Hayden gets Brooklyn time while attending youth conference. Win win for me. 

I wanted a picture of them walking out the door. This is what I got. Crazy faces. They were so incredibly happy that they got to spend more time together. What crazy and fun kids. 
As they came home that night, they both talked non stop about the fun they had. They talked of the speaker and what they learned. They talked of the fun they had together. The games. The spiritual events. Then Brooklyn smiled and said they told her she could attend the entire weekend. Please. Please. Please. Is all we heard. Begging. Pleading. 

Why not?! It's spiritual. They are learning. They are together building testimonies and deeper bond of friendship. We told Jodi we would take Brooklyn home on Sunday if she could stay. 

We had happy kids as they left for a full day of youth conference on Saturday. They spent from 10 am to 10pm learning of Christ, doing service projects, playing team building games and more. Oh they were filled with the spirit when they came home. 
I'm grateful for the leaders that work so hard to bring amazing activities to our youth. For the countess hours of dedication and love that goes into these activities so our youth can feel the spirit and gain a greater testimony of our Savior. 

It turned out to be a weekend they will always rememeber. They learned service is fun. And they loved learning of our Savior and how they can be warriors of light. 

My loves

I sure love my family. Our family unit may not look like most. But I couldn't be happier with how our family turned out. 

I am so grateful for my loving husband, Thomas. He is an amazing husband.  He cares for us. He treats us incredible. He is the greatest man I know. I'm so blessed he is mine. 

Hayden is the dream child. He is everything I wanted and more. He is kind. He I loving. He is helpful. He has a testimony of our Savior. I love and adore him with all of my heart. He is the child I longed for and dreamed of. My joy. My heart. 

Life moved forward and we were given Max, our therapy dog. He is a sweet and loving dog. He craves loves. He has a tender heart. 

Maya is my baby girl. She is quite the little cuddler. She is happy. She is my shadow. And I love and adore her. 

These four are my heart and soul. They are my strengths. They bring joy to my world. They comfort my long sleepless nights. They bring solace. 

I'm grateful for my Savior. He has given me exactly what I need.