Saturday, January 24, 2015

Death of Maya's BFF

Maya got a monkey for Christmas from Grandma Joyce. She loves it. She carries it around, sleeps with it and loves it. 

When I walked in from enrichment night, he BFF and monkey had broken. She was sitting under the desk doing her little cry. She was so so sad. Hayden took pity on her and destuffed the monkey and gave it back to her. She was so happy to have her monkey back but was so sad it was broken. 

Oh Maya. She is a spaz. She loves new toys. She loves anything that is hers. She was so happy that her boy went to the dollar store and bought her a new monkey and BFF. She is spoiled rotten. Absolutely rotten. But we love her. She keeps us on our toes. But we absolutely LOVE her! 

My favorite things

Im an administrator on a holistic health site. We each did a list of our favorite alternative treatments. I loved having the opportunity to explain why I love my Q96 and sprays. 

I love my Q! I feel better. I feel more alive. I feel more alert. It helps create a calm, greater clarity and gives me better coping skills. Best vitamins ever. 
My sleep sprays. Qsleep helps me to sleep better. It helps Hayden sleep better. When I wake up at 2 am, I squirt a couple of sprays in my mouth. I'm back to sleep in 10 minutes. 

QB12 and QD3 help energize me and bring my levels up. I'm more alive because of these. The only things yet to work to bring up my levels. I love it. 
Q Restore helped heal Thomas' severe burns. It helped heal my sores. Great stuff. An all natural neosporin with healing properties. 
Silver spectrum. Best stuff for healing internal ailments. The flu, colds, sicknesses. And I feel better. 
I also love my essential oils, doTERRA's deep blue rub and my Epsom bath salts. 

So grateful for all of the natural healing that allows my body to feel better. 

Our lego master

Hayden has become quite the master builder. 
He took this set and completely built it in less than 2 days. 
His goal in life: become a Lego. Master builder
Home has researched the job requirements and is now determined that he will earn a master's degree in Engineering. 
He is also trying to create a new design and submit it for the current Lego contest. If chosen, his set will be turned into a lego set and distributed by Lego as one of their sets. Definitely a bucket list idea. 

I love watching how his mind works when he is tinkering with Legos. He amazes me with his engineering and design techniques. He is creative and ingenious. I love watching his mind work. He absolutely amazes me. 

IHOP for breakfast

Before taking Jodi's kiddos home on Monday, we stopped by IHOP after my doctor appointment. I love Monday holidays that Thomas has off. I love Thomas being home. 

Tman is a spaz. He brightens our lives with joy and sunshine and happiness. Oh how I miss him since he moved so far away. 

Last week Tman woke up and told his mom, "I miss Aunt Jer. I really want to go see her." 
Jodi replied, "she lives too far away. We can't go today."  
Tman had a solution, "Let's take the shortcut".
Jodi told him there is no shortcut. 
"Why would we have moved so far away that there is no shortcut to Aunt Jer's. I need to have cuddle time with her". 
Oh how I miss my sweet boy. My cuddle buddy and little buddy. 

Hayden and Brooklyn have become the sweetest of friends. They are BFF's. They are so sweet to one another. I hope they are forever as close as they are today. I'm so grateful for Brooklyn and all that she is. She brings out he best in Hayden. She gives Hayden the experience of a sister. I cannot express my gratitude enough for her. 

My greatest regret for Hayden is he has no siblings. It breaks my heart. My siblings mens so much to me. They are my strength. They are my best friends. They are my place to fall. So I so badly want that for Hayden. It breaks my heart he doesn't have any. Not that I didn't try, I wanted a ton of kids. Lots of little brothers and sisters for my Bubba. 

Next best sweet Brooklyn to be the little sister and BFF for Hayden. Brigham and Talmage provide little brothers for Hayden. And Chad an older brother. 

Our prayers may not be answered in the ways we want but they are answered. Brooklyn, Brigham and Talmage are answers to many many prayers. Answered prayers in a way I would have never dreamed of but answered nonetheless. 

So grateful for each precious moments with these kids. 

Davis kiddos

I loved seeing Jodi's kids at the baptism. They walked in a few minutes late and Brigham came and aT on my lap and Brooklyn and Talmage headed straight to Hayden. So so cute. 

Then they all begged to stay at my house for the rest of the weekend. When Jodi told Tman he didn't have clothes, he didn't miss a beat when he said, "not a problem. Target does."  I love his solutions for everything. Brooklyn begged. Brigham wanted to see the puppies but told me he hated spending the night, which I knew. 

So Brooklyn and Tman stayed until Monday and Brigham just spent a couple of hours after the baptism with us and then went home with Jodi. 

We played games. The kids played Minecraft and infinity. We watched movies. They played Legos. We cuddled. We laughed. And my heart felt complete. 

I love these kiddos. So so so much. I have missed them like crazy. I loved them being with us. I love my bonus kids so so much. 


We love to play games. We love apples to apples or logo. Hayden's favorite is Settlers of Catan. I love ticket to ride. Etherington's favorite is Mexican Train. Thomas loves Tenzi and Farkle. Davis kids love Telestrations and Blokus. 
We were the lucky recipient of many games for Christmas. I'm excited for the many more nights of games and laughing, talking and treats, fun and friendship. 

Game nights are our favorites. 

I think my perfect night involves playing games with those I love. 

I'm excited for 2015 and the many memories to be made. I'm excited for many more fun game nights with new and old friends, those we love and cherish. 

Bring on the games!!!

Chad's birthday

Chad turned 17 years old. Oh how we love and adore Chad. One of our greatest blessings of 2014 was Chad moving in down the street. He brightens our lives. He is so great to Hayden. He is a help to Thomas. And brings so much joy to my life. I love his philosophies. I love how his mind works. I love his sense of humor. I love his OCD tendencies and funny ways he plays practical jokes on all of us. He has a heart of gold. 

We celebrated a couple of times. First Suzi and Hayden celebrated with Chad at IHOP. Hayden and Chad are so much alike. 

Then Lisa had a birthday party for him with all of us, all of her family and Bobbie and Roger. 

We celebrated with his favorites.... Wings and deviled eggs and chicken and brownie sundaes. 

I loved watching Lisa desperately try to get Chad to put the birthday hat on. Oh Chad. He is his own character that we love. 

Josh and Chad are so funny together. Josh adores his younger brother. I love watching them interact. 
Josh holds a very special place in my heart. He has brought joy to my life for over 20 years. His smile. His goofiness. His laughter. 
Chad is Chad. He received several funny shirts. We bought him one that said "despite the look on your face you continue to keep talking". Suzi gave him one that said, "sarcastic comment loading". And Katie got him one that said, "I'm not arguing, just explaining why I am right!"
Trying to get Chad to blow out candles and sing to him.... Difficult at best. He doesn't like attention. He is hilarious. 
Chad also received many many food gifts. Goldfish, chops, slim Jim's, Mountain Dew and more. 
Katie is a joy. So sweet. So calm. So absolutely amazing. 
I love the faces of Chad. I love the Etherington's and that they live a few doors down. They make our lives so much better. And bring fun and joy to our lives. 
We have Chad a candy bar poster and Mountain Dew and a shirt. My favorite was the love from the 3 Murphy Musketeers Thomas, Jerlyn and Hayden. And the two airheads, Max and Maya. 

Happy Birthday, Chad! We love and adore you. And are so grateful for the gift of you in our lives.