Sunday, February 1, 2015

Not my monkeys. Not my circus.

Hayden always laughs that I say, "Not my circus. Not my monkeys" in response to the craziness in the world around me. So when I got to where I felt like I was running in circles and ready to pull my hair out, Hayden said to me, "so, why are you going crazy? It's not your circus and not your monkeys, so why do you care?"  I hugged my boy and told him unfortunately this time it is my crazy circus and all the crazy monkeys running around are mine to conquer and tame. He responded, " oh Boy. It must be bad if the entire circus and all the monkeys are coming after us."  I hugged my boy. Sometimes all I need is his sense of humor, his joy and his love to pull me out of going completely hairy carry. 

Happy Birthday, Suzi!

Yesterday we celebrated the birthday of someone I love and adore. Suzi and I have been friends since way back to the days of college roommates. She has been apart of my crazy life since I came home off of a mission, many many moons ago, almost 20 years. We have worked at the same jobs, had the same fun crazy roommates, she has been there as I met and married my husband, sat at the hospital with me when Hayden was in surgery, we have been on numerous vacations together, she has cleaned my house and made us dinner, she has been a second mom to Hayden and helped us more than I could ever express. 

Suzi is more than a friend, she is family... The very best Aunt Suzi ever. As these pictures clearly show, she is loved and adored by all the nieces and nephews. And I love the picture of her with Hayden and Tman. Their faces show the love that all of us have for her. 

Suzi has walked this illness with our family. When this journey began, and I miscarried twins and was so sad and sick, she booked a trip for us to Hawaii, paid for it and watched Bubba while we were gone. He became so sick that he almost had to be hospitalized. She took off work and cared for him like her own. Little would we know that just a few short months later that I would endure this illness and spend the next three plus years fighting for my life. I have gone to that happy place of me and Thomas sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in and out, more times than I can count. It was a time for. Thomas and I to reconnect and to spend precious time together. I cannot express the gratitude I have for that generous gift during this trial. It has made such a difference. 
Her generosity has reached far beyond that amazing trip. She has paid for cleaners to come in and clean our home for three years while I couldn't do it and to take the load off of Thomas. She has paid for Hayden to get many therapies and treatments he has needed like brain mapping. She has sat by my side and read to me. 

Aunt Suzi has been a lifesaver. I remember when we were trying to adopt. We were explaining to Hayden that there were kids without moms and dads. He piped in and said, "it's ok mom, they may not have moms and dads but their aunt Suzi's will take care of them!"  I went on to explain that they didn't have anyone. He said, "we need to go get all those kids. Life without an Aunt Suzi would be awful."  I could post a picture of every child's face showing the same look and I am certain each one would agree that life without Aunt Suzi would be dull and boring and not the same at all. 

Yesterday we celebrated by going to see he movie Spare Parts and how one teacher changed lives. It was fitting. Our lives are better because Suzi is in it. She has made a positive impact on all of us. Our lives are better because of her. 

I smiled as I looked over during the movie and Hayden was leaned into Suzi talking about something. And smiled even bigger when Tman spontaneously jumped on Suzi's lap, hugged her and told her he loved her. Then, as we sat in Cheesecake Factory, she was the cream filling between Hayden and Talmage again. They both were talking non-stop to her and laughing. She took turns playing rock, paper and scissors with. Talmage and talked to Hayden about favorite things. I smiled. I sat there with my sweet sister, Jodi and my adopted sister, Suzi and thought how very blessed I am. 

Happy Birthday, Suzi! We love and adore you and are so very grateful for the gift of YOU!