Monday, October 24, 2011

Primary Program

Hayden did it! He participated in his FIRST primary program. He sat on the stage, sang the primary songs and said his part. I was so proud of him. He did a GREAT job! He had quite the cheering section rooting him on. Mom, Dad, Grandma Joyce, Grandma Julie and Suzi came. Not to mention all the great people in the ward cheering him on.

I sure love my boy! He may not love participating in the primary program but he did it because he knew it would make me happy. Boy howdy did it ever make me happy! It just may have made me shed a few tears as well! Thanks, buddy! Your mom sure loves you!

Harvest Ball

Thomas took me to our stake harvest ball. He was so sweet and took me to buy a new dress and shoes. We doubled with Mark and Cheri and had a wonderful time.
We ate at Olive Garden and then went to the stake center. I felt like we were at prom. The cultural hall was decorated with lights. There were so many couples from our ward there. We danced and had a great time!

Life may change but I love that I know Thomas will always be by my side. I still fall head over heels in love with Thomas every time he dances with me. It was a great night away from real life. I did feel like a princess.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Julie's Birthday

Grandma Julie and Hayden..... always messing with electronics... she has all the gadgets and Hayden loves every single one of them.
For Julie's birthday we went out to dinner. We wanted to go to the movies but since I was dying, we came back and watched one on tv.
Happy Birthday, Julie!

Kingman- Scott & Shelly

We had a fantastic weekend visiting with Scott, Shelly and kiddos. I love them. They are a wonderful family. I wish we saw them more. Since I bought Jazzy a doll house for Christmas, we decided to bring it to her early so we didn't have to mail it. She LOVED it. Even though Hayden would not play Dora with her.
Meg is the best! I absolutely love and adore her. Boy, how I wish she lived closer. We would be buddies. I sure love being her aunt!
Jazzy wanted a tea party. We obliged.... even Hayden if I promised NOT to put this on facebook.
Me and Shelly and I can't believe that I didn't take a picture of Thomas and his brother. What was I thinking?
Ashley just had this cute baby, Dalton. Oh my howdy is this a cute little guy. Smiley, fun and oh so ever cute. He loved aunt Jer so he is getting big brownie points in my world.
Jazzy and Hayden. Hayden was so great at letting Jazzy follow him around. She loves transformers and dinosaurs so that helped. Look at that smile, she adores him.
Of course, Dalton, like all babies, LOVED Thomas. We brought him Mickey Mouse and he loved it. You have to train them young.
What a great weekend. We hated to leave, we were having too much fun! I could hold that little guy forever. We miss you guys already!

Coma - Mark

Thomas received an email from his sweet niece, Ashley, last Friday morning. She told him that his best friend from high school, Mark Green, was a patient of hers at a care facility. She was talking to him and he said that he wished he could find his best friend Thomas from high school. He needed to talk to him, they had searched and couldn't find him. She came to realize he was talking about her uncle.
When Thomas read the email, he yelled for me to come. He looked in shock. His best friend had been in an accident and had been in a coma for many many years. Thomas had heard that he died. Thomas wanted so badly to see him, that right after work, we jumped in the car and headed off to Kingman.
Thomas enjoyed seeing his best friend although he was sad at his condition. He had a brain aneurysm and crashed his motorcycle over a decade ago. The two didn't miss a beat and talked about old times, they fun they had and of course, Thomas talked about his family. Mark loved Hayden.
Mark's mom, Mary, was so happy to see us. She didn't know how to find Thomas. Mark had been asking for him ever since he got out of the coma. It was great to see my husband with Mark. He smiled, he laughed, he told stories of the old days. Most of all, I saw the compassion in his eyes, his gentleness, his unconditional love.
Although it was difficult for Thomas to see his best friend in this condition, he was greatly moved at the kinship that they still felt. Mark will be glad to have Thomas back in his life. I know we will be making visits, sending packages, and more importantly, he will have Thomas praying for him and caring.

Conference Weekend

I love love love conference weekend, but then again, what is there not to love? Pj's for two days, listening to wonderful talks, being inspired, surrounded by loved ones, eating yummy food, fantastic desserts, and coming out of the weekend feeling like I could accomplish anything. It was a great time.
It all started with yummy stuffed french toast... raspberries, blueberries, caramelized apples, strawberries and pure heaven. Yummy! Talmage LOVED it and ate tons!
Jodi and Brooklyn
Hayden loves that he gets his very own variety with maple syrup stuffed french toast.
Joyce and Julie - two very wonderful women that work so hard at making our lives wonderful!
No day is perfect without Thomas!
Moving on to conference, pen and paper in hand, we were definitely taught and edified through the amazing speakers. I will always remember the talk on climbing mountains. Yes, the top may seem far off, but every once in a while, it is good to stop. Even look back to see how far you have come.
One of my favorite parts of conference is sitting with Hayden and listening to the Prophet speak. We love to hear his voice and commit to taking whatever challenge it is that he gives us.
Of course, Suzi ended up on the floor with most of the kiddos. She is so good at entertaining them.
Great weekend! Great memories made. Great uplifting moments!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Road to Emmaus

Too often we are like the two
who walked along the road
We think that we are all alone
With none to share the load.

We do not see our loving friend
Beside us on our way
Carrying us through life's dark nights
Into a brighter day.

So as we walk our own roads to
Emmaus may we see
That we will never be alone
Unless we choose to be.

Lately, in my life, I have felt the Savior so close that I have turned to see if I could actually see him next to me. He does walk with us, help us, teach us and comfort us. Although the road lately has been a little rocky, I have been blessed to not have to do it alone, for I know that my Savior is walking this road with me. And that has made all the difference.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Caitlin was a friend of Jodi's that I was fortunate enough to get to know. We have become good friends, all three of us. She is an amazing person, so selfless, so Christlike. I absolutely love spending time with her. She lives completely out on the west side of the valley but selflessly comes out to help both Jodi and I out whenever we need her. She came out to help Jodi get ready for Brooklyn's baptism. And, she stayed for Brooklyn's baptism.

I absolutely LOVED having her and her girls at the baptism and at Jodi's house afterwards. I loved that we were able to talk of Christ, the feelings that the Holy Ghost brings and different parenting strategies. Cati is one of the most Christlike people I know and she is ALWAYS giving service. She is such an inspiration to me.

So, I loved it that last night she was able to be there when I spoke on the Holy Ghost and all the different roles that he plays in our lives. Cati expressed to me afterwards how she felt such a tingling and overwhelming peaceful feelings while Brooklyn was being confirmed with the gift of the Holy Ghost. I loved that we were able to share what means so much to me.... my love of the Savior, the gift of the Holy Ghost and the peace, love and comfort that it brings to our lives and talk of the pathway back to our Father in Heaven. The feelings I felt when I was talking with her were so peaceful, so filled with love and hope. I know it is something that we will both cherish. I am so grateful for her friendship and the ways she makes me a better mom and follower of Christ.
One of my favorite conversations of the night was with her sweet daughter, Jessica (older). She came up to me after the baptism and said, "Jerlyn, I felt exactly the way you described when you were talking. When Brooklyn got the Holy Ghost, I felt Christ's love all around me." What a sweet little girl, one that I love. And, Tori, well she is about the cutest thing ever. She just smiled and smiled.
I am so thankful for wonderful friends! Every time I am with Cati, it makes me want to serve more. And, such a sweet bonus that she has such cute girls that I love to pieces.

Brooklyn's Baptism

My heart cannot express in words all the love that I have for my little missy. I tell her all the time that she is really half mine. I also reassure her that before she came to this earth that my mom held her and told her that she was going to the most incredible mom ever but also needed to give extra love to Aunt Jer since she doesn't get a little girl. Brooklyn obliges and loves me.
Brooklyn is amazing. She has learned so much at her tender young age of 8. She serves, she gives, she shows love and she is the best hugger. I cannot imagine my life without her.

My sweet little Brooklyn asked me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost for her baptism. She told me that was my favorite topic and I replied with an astounding, it certainly is! I decided to help Brooklyn remember all the roles of the Holy Ghost by having her help give the talk. We used common things like compasses, flashlights, batteries, candles, books, umbrellas and blankets to show how he guides us, lights the path, protects us, teaches us and most importantly comforts us. She loved pulling each item out of my bag and talking about how they could remind us to fully utilize the Holy Ghost. I loved the moment I wrapped the big white blanket around her and told her that the Holy Ghost could wrap her Heavenly Father's love around her. She smiled at me and her eyes sparkled like only Brooklyn's can.
I absolutely love it when these two get along. Lately they have played so much better together. They are both getting older and I love watching their relationship. I struggle with Hayden not having siblings. It breaks my heart and I wish I could have given him this gift. However, he has Brooklyn, Brigham and Talmage. He loves Brooklyn and tries to protect her. He kept going over everything she needed to know before baptism and was trying to teach her everything he has learned since he was baptized almost two years ago. Their interaction was so sweet, so gentle, so loving. I smiled and hope that Hayden will always look out for Brooklyn. I also hope that Brooklyn will always look at Hayden with the loving eyes that she did yesterday. I am so glad they have each other.
Grandma Joyce with Hayden
Joan, me, Renee -- I love these ladies. I need to be better and try to visit them instead of just trying to soak in all of their knowledge while at a baptism or event. I am so thankful they still support all of us even after 25 years of my mom being gone. I hope that my friends would do the same for Hayden and always be there for him. I have great friends and know many of them would. I am grateful for the wonderful advice I received last night from these wonderful women of God.
I loved attending Brooklyn's baptism. I love the peace that I feel when the Holy Ghost testifies of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am thankful for my own membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am thankful for my testimony of the Book of Mormon and that I took the challenge to get down on my knees and pray to my Heavenly Father to know for myself if the gospel was true. I can say with a reassuring yes that I received answer. The Holy Ghost encircled me in my Heavenly Father's love and let me know by the peace and warmth in my heart that yes indeed the words that I read were true. What a peace it still brings to my soul to feel those wonderful feelings. I am so thankful that my sweet little Brooklyn was able to feel those same things last night. It was a wonderful baptism.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Since my main goal with this blog is to have a record for Hayden and his wife and children, I need to include the stuff that is really going on in our lives.

I am still going to doctors. This illness started a little over three years ago when I miscarried twins. Since then, I feel like my life has revolved around doctors, surgeries, health concerns and more doctors. Let me make this clear, I do not enjoy going to doctors. I do not enjoy waiting rooms. I get nervous when I have tests run. I get scared. I cry. Then I pick myself back up and remember all the wonderful things there are about my life. And, I do have an absolutely incredibly wonderful life which I enjoy.

As I have battled this last round of health issues, I have felt such legions of family and friends surrounding me, lifting me, buoying me up, helping me to reach a little deeper down to find the strength to make it to the end of this journey. I have felt the light at the end of the tunnel so close that I felt I was within short steps of the finish line.... yet as I have approached the end of the tunnel, I have felt a turn and I am again among the mazes trying to find the light and my pathway. As I find myself walking through a new and different tunnel once again, I search for the light, I cling to the familiarity of my loved ones and I pray for the guidance of His light to once again show me the path and the tunnel I am to walk thorough.

As I listened to conference on Sunday afternoon, one of the speakers used the analogy of climbing a mountain. The road ahead looks so steep, so long, so windy and yes, hard. But, if we stop to take time to briefly turn around, look where we have been, all the lessons learned, all the strength gained, it is in those moments we will see the joy and beauty of the path we are on.

Lately, I feel I have been navigating tunnels of darkness and the path ahead is unsure, I have taken the time to stop, get my bearings and then again forge on into this unknown journey. I know that the past, with all the insights that I have gained, all the tender moments of love from our Savior, the moments of somehow reaching deep down and finding more strength, that all of these experiences have shaped me,molded me and given me the experiences I need to keep going.

As I take a new step out into the unknown, I find I am not as scared as I was three years ago. Yes, there are moments of apprehension, moments of questioning and even moments of pleading with the Father for this trial to end. However, it is in these moments of really looking at myself and who I have become that I take the time to look back down my own mountain and relish how far I have come. I may not yet be at the top of my mountain but I am definitely far enough along to have experienced some wonderful things, learned so much about myself and more importantly my Savior. Hands down, the most wonderful thing I have been blessed with is my personal relationship with my Father in Heaven. I love Him and know how very much He loves me.

No, that does not take away the day to day drudgery of the mundane tasks of doctors appointments, procedures and recovering from surgeries. But, these tasks have all lead me closer to my ultimate goal of becoming more caring, more understanding, more willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt, more willing to love, more depth to care, more of a willing heart. As I look back down my mountain, tunnel and path, it is clear that I am becoming more like my Savior and in the end, that is all that is required of us here on this earth.

So, Hayden, here your mom goes.... I will try to have the faith to conquer my own Goliaths, have the trust in my Savior to be able to walk on water and above all try to have more of the true Charity like Paul. It doesn't happen overnight, my son. It is through the winding paths, climbing mountains and navigating dark tunnels that we come to understand the importance of following the Savior and putting His will and ours into alignment. I hope someday to be as good of an example to you as my mom was for me. I love you, always and forever!

Our anniversary

We were lucky enough to sneak away for our anniversary to our favorite restaurant. I convinced the manager to give us the best private table in the back. It has a couch so I would be able to sit for the entire meal.

Sure, I love the food at Melting Pot. I love the entire fondue experience. I definitely love the lobster and the yummy chocolate at the end of the meal. But, what I truly love about Melting Pot, is the time that it gives Thomas and I to just talk. I love the private booths where they draw the curtains. I find myself just feeling so comfortable to talk without anyone else around, yet someone else is doing all the work for the meal.
Thomas and I enjoyed talking for over 2 hours. I just laid back on the couch and chatted and relaxed and talked with my husband. It was fun to get out, get away and not have any worries. We had agreed to just talk about us. The fun times we have shared. Our best memories. And, all the wonderful qualities we loved about one another.

It was so good to voice all the good things. It really made me appreciate Thomas even more by telling him out loud why I was thankful I chose to marry him. I do think I totally lucked out and got an incredible man. Here's a list of just a few of the reasons I am so glad he is mine:

-Makes me laugh
-He treats me like a queen
-He does dishes
-He is an incredible dad
-He puts up with my craziness
-He rubs my feet
-He honors his priesthood
-He loves the Lord
-He grocery shops
-He fills my car with gas
-He cherishes me
-He adores me
Yep, I got a good one and I am so planning on keeping him for forever!