Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beach Overload-Sorry

After my blog book was published, I wanted more pics and more memories for 2009. The beach is the highlight of our year and I wanted to document more of our traditions. Sorry, for the overload, I am on to other topics now!

Car Trouble

10 miles outside of El Centro, California, I think the hottest place in the U.S., Jake had a tire blow out. Luckily, we were only a couple of miles behind him. We couldn't get the jack out or tire to drop off Jake's escalade. Luckily, we called AAA and they came out. Over an hour later, we were back on the road, after having to unload both cars to get the spares/jacks out. Such fun, especially in 116 degree heat! :)

Coby Jay

Sweet little Coby Jay, JD's middle child, has never liked me. Don't know why. Well, this trip he was my buddy! He was so excited to see me the first day he saw me in Arizona and came running up to me with a huge hug. He did the same when he saw me in Cali and was so sweet.

I asked what he wanted to take back from his trip as a souvenier. The sweet little boy responded, "Aunt Jer". JD then asked him, if he wanted to take me to Lake Powell with them. His response, "Minnesota, too!"

What a kid! I sure love and miss him!


What is better on a sunny day than huge snowcones??? Yummy and Refreshing!



Hayden and Chase-with blue raspberry!

Katelyn, Kiley & Kaylee

Jake & Rosie

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beach Baseball

The last couple of years, there has been a Simonton vs. Bair baseball game. Simonton's always dominate. This year, we had all kinds of games and with all different ages. No matter who was playing, the girls all sat, watched kids and talked while the guys played! So much fun!

Jer, Suzi, Steph, Rosie and Cassie all being supportive and watching the game.

The boys playing ball.

JD hitting a homerun into the waves.

Brinley and Suzi-by the end of the week, Brinley followed me or Suzi everywhere, she knew we had treats!

Team Simonton

Jodi, Brigham and Jerlyn-we were great spectators.

Hayden's excited expression.

Mean JD handed Thomas a chair to hit with instead of a bat.

Thomas headed home! Great home run honey!

Tanner man

My sweet Hayden bug!

Ball players

The beach at Night

We spent a lot of time at the beach at night. There were too many kids to let them run around so we made dinner and hauled it to the beach. The kids loved playing in the sand, playing baseball, football and I loved the weather! So nice! Plus, the sound of the ocean waves at night is just magical to me.

Jake & Rosie

Thomas, Jer & Hayden

Me and Brinley

Jodi & Cassie

Suzi and Hayden

Austin-what a punk.

Thomas passing out grilled hotdogs!

Hayden in the sand.

Simonton kids

I love when all of my siblings are together. I was blessed with the greatest brothers and sister anyone could ask for. What a great time to all be together in such a wonderful place.

JD, Josh, Jodi, Jake, Jerlyn

Beach Fun

What fun the kids had at the beach!

Brooklyn & Kiley were always together! We never saw one without the other.

Thomas and Jake throwing Suzi in the ocean. It is tradition... they throw her in every year.

Chase and Hayden... were the best of friends. They loved playing together. They were together from sun up to way past their bedtime. An entire week together and they couldn't have enough fun!

Thomas pulling Chase & Hayden out to the waves. The boys loved being dragged into the water.

Thomas had as much fun as the boys did!

When Thomas would quit getting them, one of the boys would get his attention and he would drag them back into the water.

Jerlyn-loving the beach!

Beach fun!

Casen, Braden, Hayden and Chase-squirt guns at the beach were a fabulous idea!

My favorite place-watching the kids playing, chatting with the fam.

Katelyn, Kiley & Brooklyn-cute little surfer girls!

Water fights!

Everyone at play!


Our beach condo


Hayden always had two shovels in his hands. Great to dig with, catch sand crabs with and play swords!

Pretty little Brooklyn girl. Our little California girl!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deep Sea Fishing

Thomas took Hayden deep sea fishing on Tuesday. Hayden was so excited to spend the entire day on a boat fishing. They saw a lot of dolphins, sea lions and seals while out on the water. Hayden loved fishing and caught a "big one".

Grandpa brought the kids donuts! Best thing to give the kids before heading out on a deep sea fishing excursion.

I snapped several pictures at the harbor before they took off.

Hayden's big catch. They all caught a ton of fish!

Hayden and another of his catch!

Hayden looking like a total punk going fishing. I went to hug him goodbye and his reply was, "Mom, this is embarrassing" .

That evening we had a huge fish fry with all the sea bass that everyone caught. It was yummy!!! We had a huge group of us all eating, laughing and playing.

Jake entertaining all the little girls.

Thomas and Haydibug!

The gang.

The catchers and the cookers! It was fantastic, I just had to show up!