Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun Family get-togethers

I love Simonton family get-togethers. I love how much the cousins love being together. I love spending time with my siblings.

Jake is such a tease. He loves playing with the kids. Hayden loves him and wants to be with Uncle Jake. Ann, Ariyona and Taylor will re-arrange anything to go to Jake's house. They love teasing him and talking with him about boys. He is so great to all of them! Here he is chasing all of them thru the house with the nerf guns.

We love playing games and always have! It is fun now that the kids are getting old enough to enjoy the games with us.

Suzi is the best aunt and they all love her. Me and Jodi are minced meat compared to her, I hate taking a back seat with Jodi's kids to her, but I love her being so wonderful to all of mine. I can't imagine any of these kids lives without their aunt Suz!

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