Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life at our house

It gets crazy sometimes with tons of kids at our house. Not only are there the four living with us, but all of their friends, cousins and boyfriends.

The other night at dinner was a crack up:
Ariyona: Asked for more cantaloupe.
Taylor: Isn't that kinda like deer?
Long pause from all of us, trying to figure out what she meant.
Trevor: That would be antelope, not cantaloupe.
Taylor: Laughs and says oh, I thought she was eating deer.
As hard as we tried, Thomas and I couldn't quit laughing.... really??? It is a fruit, not meat.

I was singing in the kitchen making dinner. Hayden comes in and says, "Seriously, mom! That is embarrassing. You gotta stop!"
When did he start talking like one of the teenagers?

Yesterday, walking thru PCH to visit Kaylee, Hayden starts holding onto his neck. I ask him what he is doing. He responds, "I don't want any of the doctors to think they can steal my tonsils again."

He was so funny, going thru admitting at PCH, he kept asking me, "Is this just a trick to get me back here without stressing me out?" I guess he is a little more anxious about going to the hospital than I thought.


The Graves said...

What a fun house full you have! I hope Kaylee is doing better, man she has been through a lot poor thing :(

Ann said...

Haha, you didn't tell me about Hayden not wanting his tonsils stolen again! :D