Monday, April 6, 2009

Goodbye Tonsils

We have survived Hayden getting his tonsils out last Friday. Poor kid is still miserable but we are loving that we are home.

He is so funny, he woke up from surgery and started crying for his tonsils. He has been quite funny on medicine, keeps saying he is tippy. He hates the feeling of the medication and really hates having his throat hurt so bad.

Spending the night in the hospital was no fun. His heart monitor kept going off all night because his heart rate kept dropping. They think it was the morophine causing it to go so low. But, we only had to stay one night, so we were happy.

I am ready for him to start feeling better. He is grumpy and miserable. I feel so bad for him. But, in another week, I am hoping that he starts feeling better and he stops getting so sick all the time.


Danya said...

We were wondering how he was doing. Glad you posted an update. We hope that he will heal quickly! Rest up!

Jamie Jo said...

Poor thing. Rachel almost had hers out last month, but we decided to wait until Summer, as the doctor said she'd miss two weeks of school.