Saturday, April 11, 2009


When Hayden isn't feeling good, I could give him anything he wants. Well, what this boy wanted was a hamster. He has wanted one forever! He loves animals and thinks our house should be a zoo!

So, with him not feeling good this week, he won! We have two new additions in our family, Whiskers and Bugsy, our two new hamsters. I sent Hayden with Thomas to the pet store and they came back with two hamsters. How fun for us.

So now we have three kids, two dogs, two fish and two hamsters. What are we thinking???

When I asked Thomas why two? He said, why not? You keep bringing kids home. I decided for each additional child you bring into the family, that entitles me to bring in another pet. Bring in as many kids as you like! I laughed! We are going to end up with a houseful. I sure love my chaotic life! :)


Jamie Jo said...

Awesome. We got Rachie some little dwarf hamsters for her 10th birthday; Cocoa & Marshmallow. Once they bit she lost interest, as my children do with all pets. We had some Guinea Pigs last summer and I loved those, but again, we aren't good pet people, so they had to go. I hope those new little guys help Hayden feel better.

Kerri G said...

I am totally shocked! You of all people have rodents in your house on purpose :-) I am cracking up Jer. What a awesome mother you are. Love and miss ya