Sunday, April 19, 2009

Katelyn's baptism

My sweet little niece, Katelyn, was baptized yesterday. She looked gorgeous in her beautiful white dress. She is such a sweet little girl with such a sweet spirit! I was lucky enough to get to bear my testimony at her baptism. I am grateful that I was able to share my testimony of the gospel and the Holy Ghost with Katelyn. I love this little girl so much and am so proud of the righteous decisions she is making in her life.

I can't believe that Hayden will be baptized in 8 months. Time is going by so fast! I was worried during the baptism that I am not teaching him enough or giving him enough direction. On the way home from the baptism, I had a car full of kids. Katelyn said something and Hayden piped up with, "Oh, you are going to have to do the repentence process now!" Hayden then proceeded to explain the repentance process to all in the car. So cute, his words and I felt so much better. He said, "You have to say you are sorry, ask for what is that big word mom that says its okay." I say, "forgiveness" and he proceeds with "yes, ask for forgivesness, get down on your knees, tell Heavenly Father you are sorry and you won't do it again!" I thought, well, at least we are on the right track. I guess he gets the basics of the gospel.

I am amazed by the strength and goodness in these sweet children. I know they are so special in Heavenly Father's eyes. I sure do love them and am grateful that I have been blessed to be apart of their lives.

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Danya said...

Wow! 8 already! Boys, time sure does fly!