Sunday, April 26, 2009


Little Miss Kaylee, Jake's daughter, ended up in ER on Friday night, on Saturday she was transferred to Phoenix Children's Hospital. She kept getting sicker and sicker. They ended up doing emergency surgery on her early this morning.

She ended up losing 20% of one kidney, removed sacks and sists, and had to re-route her kidneys, bladder and the tubes that go between them. She was so sick during the night that the staff tried to keep her temperature under 105 which was difficult.

She was in surgery for 4 hours this morning and is doing so much better. Her fever is finally gone and she is in so much less pain than before.

Poor little girl. I am so thankful for modern medicine and doctors that study so hard to help our little kiddos.

Katelyn and Kiley are staying with me while Kaylee will be in the hospital probably most of the week. It is a zoo around here. Ann and Ariyona babysat Hayden, Brooklyn, Brigham, Katelyn and Kiley while we were all at the hospital. I don't think they want kids anytime soon. :)


Jamie Jo said...

That is so awful. I don't know what I'd do if my child was really, really sick. Josh had a broken leg and his appendix out, and those were sad, but not life threatening. I hope everything continues to improve and heal.

Brooke said...