Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hanging with the Murphy's

What a group! We had all of Thomas' family at our house for several days. We hung out, ate, talked, made homemade ice cream, jumped on the tramp, bbq'd, went swimming, fed the horses and played Rock Band.

Me, I was most content hanging around Jazzy, she is almost 2 and so cute! Plus, she says, "Jer, Jer" so cute! I'm hooked and ever since she has been home she has been asking for me. Too cute! I absolutely love her!

The kids all love Rock Band! They are actually pretty good, although I don't think I ever want to listen to the song Eye of the Tiger again. I heard it so many times as they were trying to perfect it! :)

I loved watching Thomas with his brother and sisters. He loved being with them and they had a great time together. I loved seeing him so happy and having so much fun!

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connie said...

I swear, you guys know how to do "family fun" it! Sorry about the rough week Hayden (and you) had...hang in there!