Thursday, June 4, 2009

Seizures and other fun

Poor Hayden! He has had a rough week. He had three seizures last Friday. The first one was just a white out seizure but the doctors are thinking the next two he had were possibly epiletec seizures. Oh no! He scared me to death and I couldn't believe the amount of strength he had during it. He was so upset afterwards. I felt really bad for him.

Then on Tuesday, Hayden started complaining about chest pains. Not good with a heart condition. Ann called me freaked out. I had Jodi go run and look at him. She took him to Suzi, who is next to the pediatrician's office, and I met them all there. After spending forever in the doctor's office, they decided it would be best to send him to the hospital. AUGH! I know what that means, lots of "observation" time. I decided to call the cardiologist instead and after three phone calls and all kinds of poking at Hayden, he decided it was chest wall pain, not actual heart pain. Whew! However, I did wake up all night staring at his fingers and asking him if he was breathing okay.

Just as precaution, we are back in PCH next week for the entire series of heart tests. Lucky Hayden. He just keeps asking if he is good if he doesn't have to do the "sticker test"... EKG. He is convinced that the wires are going to accidentally turn him into a robot or transformer. What a kid! He has definitely watched too many superhero movies.

So, my blogging and all activities have been put on hold while I was trying to make sure Hayden was okay. So, hopefully, I will be able to get caught back up on blogging, house cleaning and laundry soon.


Jamie Jo said...

Jerlyn, your poor boy. I'm so sorry. I can't imagine the stress of that.

Darce said...

Is he okay? What are the doctors saying?