Sunday, May 17, 2009

Schnepf Farms

I love traditions. Not just the ones on holidays, but ones at random times of the year. I believe traditions are something that give families and children security, love and a sense of belonging.

Our new favorite tradition in going to pick peaches at Schnepf Farms each year. Hayden loves picking them off the tree and being able to eat them. Then, we come home and make all kinds of yummy dishes with fresh peaches, homemade peach ice cream being my favorite.

We took Brooklyn and Brigham this year with us and they all loved it! Hayden spent a lot of his time trying to find dinosaur fossils in the dirt, while eating a peach. Brigham ate about six peaches while we were there and Brooklyn just liked picking them.

Thomas loves all the cool ideas he gets to make with peaches while we are there. Yesterday he discovered peach salsa and it is FABULOUS!

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