Sunday, May 17, 2009

Taylor's Birthday!

Taylor turned 15 on Friday!

What a crazy weekend! Jodi and Taylor both have a May 15th birthday! We woke Tay up early and made her favorite breakfast, pancakes! We got her an ipod, a fuzzy pink blanket and a manicure at the spa. She was so excited! After school Nick came to see Taylor, and boy was she happy! They are so cute together and he was so sweet to her. As I side note... I love Nick as a boyfriend, they go to different schools and the last time she saw him, Christmas! :)

We took Jodi's kids overnight so Jodi and Troy could have a relaxing weekend alone. After Schnepf Farms on Saturday, I took Taylor to get a manicure. She loved it! Oh no, I have now shown her the world of pampering and spas.

Then we had an amazing pool party at Josh & Steph's house! So much fun! I think she had an amazing birthday!

Taylor is such a joy in our lives! She is happy, spunky, and just so full of energy and life. She dances between rooms instead of walking and is always giggling. She enjoys life and it is fun experiencing so many new things threw her eyes! I love the enthusiasm and fun that she brings into our home! Happy Birthday, Taylor! We sure love you!

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