Sunday, May 17, 2009

Science Fair

Hayden had a science fair at school on Friday evening. All kids in the school are required to do a science project, including having a hypothesis and stated bibliographies. Having a little budding scientist on my hands, this is the Disneyland project of school for Hayden. He loves it! He talked and researched what project he wanted to do for the science fair.

On the way to the fair he said, "Mom, you know I got the blue ribbon, didn't you?"
Me: "No, Hayden, I didn't, that is fantastic!"
H: "Mom, its not like it is a big surprise... you know science is my thing and I am the best there is at it!"
Wow, that kid definitely doesn't lack self-esteem. Then, at the fair, a couple of moms walked up and said they were excited to see Hayden's experiment and laughed that their kids had to get Hayden's approval before doing their science project. He was actually giving them advice on what to do and how to do it! I guess it is his thing.

Hayden did the geyser explosion experiment where you put mentos in the soda. It did rupture higher than the tree.... so cool when you are 7.

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