Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jodi's house

With me being sick, it only took over 2 months for me to venture out to her house. 

On our way to the cabins, we stopped at Jodi's to spend the night. Her house is absolutely amazingly gorgeous. So pristine. So perfectly beautiful. I am still in awe that every detail is so perfect for her family, even though they did not build it. My dad and brothers did great. To me, it is one more proof that our Father in Heaven is in the details of our lives. 

He inspired my Dad and Josh and. Jake to buy a piece of land exactly where He needed them in Glendale. He had them build the perfect spec home for Jodi's family. It was everything they could have dreamed of. They are right by a fishing pond and skate park for Brigham. They are close to shopping. Right by the beautiful and amazing Peoria park with splash pad for Talmage, ball fields for the kids, sand volleyball, skate park, and more. Close to the movies, bowling alley and family fun all around. 

The backyard will eventually contain a pool, football field, basketball court, outside movie screen, and more. The home is built for ward parties, get togethers, young men and young women activities, fire sides and more. 

And although I miss my sister like crazy. I know this is where she is supposed to be. 

I loved visiting with her and playing with my adorable niece and nephews. We love them with all of our heart. Love these kids. Love their faces. Love the joy in their hearts and smiles on their faces. Nothing brings me more joy. 

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