Monday, July 7, 2014

Empowerplus Q96

Thomas and I are starting a new adventure. Ok. More Thomas. Less me. But we are a "we", right??

With the success that. Hayden and I have found on Q96 vitamin supplements, we decided that we might as well get them wholesale and share this amazing product with others. Everyone we talk to is interested. In today's world, most of us could use more energy, increased awareness and mental clarity, better coping skills to face life and a sense of calm and peace to get us through each and every day. So, Thomas signed up to be a representative for the company. 

Thomas has absolutely loved the opportunities this is product and company is offering. He enjoys his Thursday night meetings and loves to inspire and help others. This is his dream job to be helping others find hope and relief. 

Me, the difference I am experiencing is amazing. I never again dreamed of feeling even this good. Hayden is finding and achieving amazing results. 

Hayden's success has been astounding. He no longer has night terrors. He sleeps in his own room. He is genuinely happy....always. He is braver. More social. More outgoing. His headaches and migraines have subsided. His gastrointestinal issues have significantly decreased. His leg aches have stopped. He says the storm is gone. 

He said he never wants to be without it. 

For more info or how to experience these miraculous changes in your own life, contact me or Thomas or see our website at 

More info to come......

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