Saturday, August 11, 2012

Birthday Celebrations

Everyone was so wonderful to me. I have been spoiled rotten with people trying to be so good to me. Saturday morning, Suzi took me, Thomas and Hayden to a new breakfast place literally right across the street. We wanted T.C. Eggington's but I just didn't have it in me to venture out that far. It was yummy and nice for a quick outing.

I went home and slept while Thomas and Hayden cleaned the entire house. I mean Hayden cleaned both bathrooms, helped with dishes, cleaned his room, toy room, cleaned all the walls/light switches and picked up the entire house. Thomas said he stayed right with him and cleaned for several hours.

Rosie, Suzi and I went to a late lunch at Brio. It was good. I had never been there before. I loved their bread and seeded crackers. Absolutely delicious. Yummy chicken salad, too. Then, we headed to Frost for some yummy peach gelato.

Julie came over and made me a strawberry fields salad for dinner and we watched P.S. I love you. Lots of fun!

Thomas took Hayden to Cambridge's Back to School Party at Mesquite Groves Water Park. They had a great time. They loved having a guys night out. Hayden enjoyed hanging out with some of his new friends from school. And, he loved every minute playing with his dad.

Yep, I have been pretty spoiled, that is for sure. I appreciate all the love everyone has shown me. It is has been so appreciated!

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