Friday, August 10, 2012

Seizures Galore

I only worked a couple of hours on Friday before I was completely done. My body had been pushed beyond its limits. I had a ton of events of seizures and passing out all afternoon. Jodi called in the early evening and asked if we could do a kid swap. I laugh as it is always Hayden for Talmage. Jodi took Hayden, Brooklyn, Brigham and friends to see the Lorax.

Talmage, Thomas and I cuddled up on the couch and watched a couple of Disney movies. Man, I sure love my cuddle bug. He makes me smile. I love how much he loves being with Thomas and I. He is easy breezy for us. Thomas loves it because when Talmage is around, I don't try to do anything. I just soak up the time with him and cuddle him..... sheer heavenly moments.

Hayden came home, saw that I was cuddling with Talmage and asked if we could watch a movie and cuddle. I couldn't pass up such a wonderful invitation, so Hayden selected a movie, and, as promised, he cuddled on the couch all during the movie. I may have dozed off some, I may not have remembered the movie, I may have gone in and out of consciousness, but what I do remember and cherish is those precious moments that Hayden wanted to sit on the couch, cuddle and watch a movie. I am sure learning to not be busy and take the time to just stop and be present in the moment. And, oh how I relished in each moment of that evening.

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