Saturday, August 25, 2012

Support Rally

I am in awe of the support that has come to me in this past week. I have been encircled in the arms of my family, friends and loved ones. It is in moments like these of uncertainty and trials where true friendships are felt.

There have been many that I called on for advice, many who have listened, even more that have called, stopped by, emailed me, sent messages via Facebook.

I am touched beyond words with the sheer kindness and love that I have been completely showered with.

I could not let the kindness and outpouring of love go unreported. I also want to express the difference it made, as I was trying to determine what I should do and how strong to fight. The influence and love I have felt has made my determination to fight even stronger.

Thanks to each of you that made a very difficult week, bearable. My gratitude and love cannot adequately be expressed... thank you!

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