Thursday, June 26, 2014

Priesthood and my beliefs

I have spent the last year of my life studying the priesthood. Not because it was in the news or because it was on the forefront of topics and media and social media, but because my sweet son was preparing to receive the priesthood. 

As we studied, we learned about how Christ established His gospel when He walked this earth. We talked of how the priesthood power, with property authority, was again restored to this earth through the prophet, Joseph Smith. 

We learned of the blessings that come thru the obedience of the gospel. We learned of all the ways that the priesthood power is the power to bind in Heaven what is bound on earth. We studied the power of the priesthood that miracles are wrought by. 

We studied the priesthood line of authority. Where all of the authority of each person ordained, could be directly traced back to the Savior. My sweet son was excited to learn that his priesthood authority directly came from our Savior. We studied this and the importance. We studied the scriptures. 

During that time, we learned important truths. The priesthood is a power do service and blessing the lives of others. Others. In no way can this sacred priesthood power be utilized to bless the lives of oneself. It isn't possible. 

To me, women are born with the internal desire to bless lives. We see the needs of others and we try to meet them. We are born to love and serve. We are born to be mothers and nurturers and caregivers. We naturally take care of one another. 

When our Savior placed Adam and Eve in this earth, they both had divine qualities that are gifts from our Heavenly parents. Women received the gift to give birth, to nurture and received the greatest call given, to that of divine motherhood. Men, to help encourage them and keep them focused on the Savior's ways, were given the gift of the priesthood to help them to look beyond themselves in this life. 

Both gifts different, but both essential critical and important. 

Is playing the piano or having a beautiful singing voice more valued? What about a fabulous cook or an amazing craftsman? What about an eloquent writer or a beautiful illustrator? 

We are each given beautiful gifts from our Heavenly Father. Whether raising  a child or raising the dead, or comforting the sick and making them meals or laying of hands to call down the powers of Heaven, we are all valued and needed in the Lord's kingdom. Each of us. Men and women. Fathers and Mothers. Sons and daughters of God. 

I am grateful to understand that my divine role of a mother and daughter of God is valued and precious to my Savior and Father in Heaven. I am grateful for a loving husband that guides and directs our family with love. That he uses his priesthood power to bless our lives and the lives of all of those around us. 

To me, the priesthood is a partnership. It is a power, given to righteous men to bless the lives of all those around them. With Thomas, I am a recipient of my Savior's love, because my husband can call down the powers of Heaven to bless our lives. 

After I have been caring all day for a sick child or parent or friend, my husband can help, be of service, by laying his hands on their head and calling down the powers of Heaven, to help heal and comfort and strengthen the sick and the caregiver. While giving the blessing, he can receive inspiration and guidance in what words to speak, what actions to take and how to bless those around. A good and faithful priesthood holder would then help in any way they felt inspired, teaming up with others, creating a partnership with the caregivers and our  Father in Heaven and Savior, to bless the lives of those in need. 

Each of us are important and critical in this life. Our Father in Heaven needs all the willing hands he can get to help in this life. Whether we help utilizing the priesthood, or God given gifts of nurturing and serving, we are all needed and wanted and a vital part of the plan. 

I am grateful for the priesthood, it's power, and the blessing I have to have it so easily accessible in my home. It is truly one of my greatest blessings. 

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