Friday, January 4, 2013

My sister - deductibles

My sister is amazing. She called and told me that she had been thinking about our new year of medical bills, our new deductibles to be met and new costs that we must bear.

We are so, so, so grateful we have insurance. It is actually pretty good insurance, but it does not pay out even a dime until we have met our deductible for the year which is $5,000. Problem is... we do not have $5,000. We are headed on year three of extreme medical bills and deductibles.

I am on payment plans to every doctor/hospital in the valley. We are paying what we can but spend thousands a month is just meeting our monthly minimum obligations. The thought of coming up with another $5,000 BEFORE I can be treated is terrifying. That is great if I have to go to a hospital or ER, they take you and then figure out payments. But, Mayo Clinic? Treatments? Medications? Regular doctor office visits? Nope, no way, no payment plans, no seeing the doctor and then figuring it out... it is payment in advance or sorry, we cannot help you.

I need to make an appointment to see a cardiac electrophysiologist as a pacemaker looks like the only way to stop the high/low heart runs. Without it, it is slowly tearing apart my heart. It is taking a real toll on the old ticker and causing it to want to fail.

I also need to see the neurologist. We need to once and for all get these seizures under control. They are coming back and I am scared I am going to start back into more grand mal seizures.

But, what do you do when there is no money to pay to get in? Most of these doctors, although wonderful, will not see me until I have paid.

So, my sweet and amazing sister decided to take on some fundraising projects to help us come up with our $5,000 for our 2013 deductibles. She was so sweet and said that it won't take care of our already established medical bills, but it may buy us the time to get help right now with these doctors.

How in the world can she pull off helping to raise money? She is a gourmet cupcake maker. She is making and selling her out of this world, amazing cupcakes to raise money for me to go to the doctors. She also held and is holding another garage sale for me. She found all types of stuff and sold what she was planning on selling, collected all of our extras, and sent out emails for others to drop stuff off. She is organizing, pricing, selling and collecting donations for me. For me. She is killing herself making cupcakes, so that I can get the medical treatments that I so desperately need. She is sacrificing her time and her money by holding garage sales and bake sales for me. Ones that I cannot even help out because I was too sick to even get off the couch.

My complete and undying love for her cannot be expressed. This sacrifice. This gift of self. Gift of love and acts of kindness and charity are beyond words. My heart is so full of gratitude, love and thanks. I am so blessed to have her for a sister.

And, with Jodi on the mission to raise the money, I absolutely know we can do it. She is amazing. She will recruit whomever is needed and will figure out how to get the money needed. She is rallying in the troops and looking for volunteers to help in all types of ways. If you can, please join her. My undying love and gratitude to all those who are so selflessly giving of their time and talents to help me.... there are no words for my thanks and love.

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Connie said...

Such a sweet sister and wonderful person! I want to help...please check your FB messages!