Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Poor little Max!

Poor Max!

Max had to have three surgeries in one day. He finally hit six pounds and went in for his neuter, have two teeth removed and have his third eyelid surgically repaired. Poor baby. 

He came out of the surgery absolutely miserable and in pain. He looked awful! 

Worst yet, he had to sport the "cone of shame". 

The day after surgery, Max cried and wimpered. He wouldn't walk or eat at all. I felt horrible as he just cried, yelped and felt horrible. I finally called the vet and brought him in, explaining all that was going on. 

As the vet came out, she handed Max back to me with a smile on her face. She said he was fine but had turned into a drama queen. She said that Max is so spoiled rotten that he realizes if he moans and whimpers that I will pick him up, cuddle him and baby him. She said that yes, he hurt, but not to the point he was being vocal about it. 
I laughed. He definitely is the little baby at our house. He is spoiled and we love and adore him!
We had to go run and pick up something the other night and didn't want to leave Max at home, even though we were only going to be gone for a few minutes. 

We stopped by McDonalds and got ice cream cones. Thomas bought Max a little toddler cone. He LOVED it! He ate his and then whined because I wouldn't give him mine. Ok. So maybe he is a little spoiled.
Max has absolutely despised the dreaded cone of shame. He is miserable and keeps running into everything. Plus it has to be very uncomfortable. 
After his follow up yesterday, Julie bought him this long fluffy bunny. He loves it. He wrapped it around his neck bit it do no one would take it. He slept with it around his neck last night. It must have been comfy because he brought it to me today to wrap around his neck before he fell asleep. Too funny. 

Drama King or not, we sure do love and adore this pup and all the joy and happiness he brings to our lives. 

Hopefully he will only have to keep the dreaded come of shame for another week. U til then, we will gladly indulge him JD wrap his soft little bunny around his neck to make the days with the cone more bearable. 

We love you, Max! (Maximum, Maxwell, snack attack, drama king, and all the other nicknames we have for this dear puppy)

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