Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rex and Zee

Our great friends, Sarah and Jordan have had these two little boys in their home for over the past year. There were court cases on both boys this week, as they were trying to adopt both.

On Wednesday, they found out that the severance case with Zee's mom was not going to happen and the biological grandmother was going to go ahead and step in after Zee had lived with our friends for over the past year. When they got this little guy, he was 8 months old, had already survived surgery and nine broken bones. Oh how the Arizona court system frustrates me. How can a judge consider all those breaks accidental and after him being with a stable family for almost 14 months put him back in that abusive environment. My heart breaks for my friends and sweet little Zee that we have loved for over a year. We are devastated!

Rex also had a court hearing this past week. Rex's day ended in him being officially adopted! Rex wanted to come celebrate with cupcakes and visit Aunt Jer (I know he cannot talk... it doesn't matter.... we all knew who he wanted to celebrate with) Isn't he so cute that every time I pull out the camera that Rex waves to me. Cannot express the love I have for this little guy.

What a week... it isn't often that a week contains so much emotion. I pray that my friends will be okay. They are such an inspiration to me. Sarah has such peace comforting her soul. She may not understand but trusts the peace she feels and knows that it comes from the Savior.

Such sweet boys... such sweet spirits.... I've looked at them both and couldn't help but to hold Zee and ache for the life he is headed to while holding Rex and celebrating his new life full of hope.

It is in these moments that I try to turn my questions over to the Savior and pray that he will bless and protect Zee and keep him safe. And, at the same time, thank Him for the gift of Rex in our lives!

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