Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Science Project

Hayden's 5th Grade Science Project for the Science Fair has begun. We were trying to get a jump on it... extra credit for turning it in early. Easy points so we are trying to get it done. I gave Hayden an entire list of different ideas for his project but he was insistent on the one he came up with.... developing a new recipe combining Oobleck, Slime, Gak and Goo to make the perfect consistency of goo.

His science project is officially titled:
Oobleck, Slime and Goo: Are You Gellin'?

We had to try so many different "recipes" and get creative. Hayden came up with a list of needed materials and talked his Dad into going to the store to find all of these items. Hayden made the list and boy do we have a lot of extras of some items. I think that was on purpose since he LOVES science. I think we will end up making the "perfect slime" recipe for his entire class for the day of his presentation.
Hayden was all smiles as we started combining ingredients. Not only is he a scientist at heart, I really believe he is a chemist. He loves combining ingredients whether it is food science, slimes, polymers or anything that he can combine and get a reaction.
We definitely improved upon the recipe as we went on. Having 1/2 cup of water as the constant made things interesting. I want to save some of the recipes because I think we made the perfect brain for Halloween. Orange, goopy, slimey, and it solidified in chunks.
We had much better success when we mixed the water and glue BEFORE adding the cornstarch, baking soda and Borax mixtures. Hayden loved the consistency of this slime. Lots of fun and it hardened when it sat but would turn to liquid in your hands. Cool stuff.
But, our home run was when we attempted "radioactive slime". Absolutely, positively the best consistency of slime, the best color of slime, the best and easiest to follow recipe of slime and the best... it glows in the dark. Yep, he thought I was a pretty cool mom for thinking of some of his project.
He is definitely wanting to play with it here and when he made his "perfect, can't get any better than it already is slime", there was no more trying. Quoting Hayden, "Why mess with perfection?" To him, there has never been a more perfect goo. He has officially validated and promoted himself from scientist to chemist.
In the end, we had all different consistencies, different stages of solidification and different recipes. In Hayden's eyes, the rest were just steps to creating the perfect goo. He is so proud of himself!
Now the work begins... charting, graphing, analyzing data, comparing the hypothesis, typing up results, printing pictures and then creating a master science tri-fold poster. I am hoping the momentum stays and we can complete the entire project while he is still excited about it.

I do love having a scientist...oops a chemist in my home. It sure makes for some creative messes disguised as experiments. Can I post a sign that says, "Excuse the mess... scientist in the making"?

Mess or no mess... I wouldn't trade tonight's experiment for the world. I love watching his brain turn and solve problems. How lucky am I to have such a scientifically minded son. Love him!

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