Friday, September 14, 2012

Foot Baths

I spend a lot of time at Dr. Shiflet's office sitting in a foot bath. This ionic foot bath is pulling the toxins, heavy metals and infections out of my body. It is similar to an IV and although I do not understand all the hows and whys behind it, this is what I do know.... it is keeping me off of kidney dialysis, it is dumping my kidneys and liver for me so my body doesn't have to, it is pulling the infection out of my body and it is helping my body to get rid of the fighter cells.

I should have taken an after shot. It is gross and all black and green and brown. Nasty. But, better in the water than in my body. It is a 40 minute process, three times a week. Needless to say, I have become very good friends with all the girls that work there and especially Dr. Shiflet. I honestly believe that my Father in Heaven led me to Dr. Shiflet to keep me alive while the doctors were sorting through this health mess. I have so much respect and adoration for all the the Shiflet's have done for me. They are incredible people with incredible hearts and incredible healing capabilities.

I am guessing that I will continue spending a ton of time sitting in my foot baths. I am just so grateful that something is helping me to feel better.

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