Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Showered with Love

I cannot express the love that has been shown to our family. The acts of kindness, service and love go beyond what I could have ever imagined. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the gifts brought over. The ward has brought in delicious and comforting meals three times a week. Julie, Joyce and Suzi have continued to fill in when we haven't had meals or left overs bringing in great food. I cannot count the endless number of diet cokes that have been brought in by so so many. In fact, the rule is that anyone coming over must have a 32 oz diet coke in hand.

Heather and Lindsay are my dear sweet cousins that I adore. Heather brought all 5 kids over while Lindsay was working to decorate my door. They all made these cute decorated hearts. (Over a week later and the hearts remain on the door. I cannot take them down. I love them.)
Their sweet kids all made me cute pictures, brought me beautiful purple flowers and my beloved caramello candy bars. What love. What service. What kindness. I was so deeply touched.
Jodi's visiting teacher stopped by her house with this gorgeous gift basket. She told Jodi that she thought of what she could get her but said that if her sister was sick, she would want someone to do something nice for her sister. Amazingly, these were some of my favorite things and I have never met this sweet lady. A soft fuzzy blanket to curl up in and it is so cuddly and soft. Organic assortment of soups and aromatherapy bath lotion. She also brought Jodi a candle and chocolates. What an act of service and love.

Speaking of Jodi's ward, they have brought her in some meals and been such a great help in watching Jodi's kids so she can be with me. I am so grateful for all the amazing friends Jodi has and all the people willing to serve her, so she can serve me.

Also, Jodi's kids drew adorable cards. And, Talmage brought me a smiley face balloon with mnm's that he is so proud of. Love that boy. I don't have a picture but I am in love with the Frog Togg that Jodi brought me. It keeps me nice and cool.
My Dad and Bonnie sent this gorgeous bouquet of flowers that I have loved looking at.
Ann deeply touched my heart when I woke up one morning to hearts all over my yard with different qualities and ways I have touched her life. Very touching. Very thoughtful. Perfect. I felt so loved.
One of my bestest friends brought over a case of diet cokes, flowers and chocolate for me to survive my treatments. Along with hauling her husband over, without being asked, just knowing and sensing that I really needed a priesthood blessing.
There have been so many, many, many more acts of love and service and kindness. Loaves of homemade bread dropped off, lots of goodies, homemade cards, meals, casseroles to heat up as needed, chocolate, diet cokes, hugs, cards, articles to read, testimonies shared, uplifting messages given and more than I can ever have imagined. The hugs, the phone calls, the texts, the messages on facebook and all of the prayers will never be forgotten.

Thank you from the bottom of heart all of you that have selflessly sacrificed for me and my family. Your love and generosity is so appreciated. The outreach has been nothing less than miraculous. I have felt so much love, so much Christlike service and so much joy. I really do have the best family and friends and ward members. The Lord has blessed me with an incredible support system to help me walk this trial. I am in awe. Thank you!

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Jodi Davis said...

I think this was the greatest post ever! You should never doubt that you are truly loved by so many. It continues to amaze me each and every day how incredible the human spirit is. In an often chaotic world, the fact still remains that people are good and want to help. So many tender mercies have been seen and felt through all of this. It is a time I will never forget as well.