Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Suzi took Hayden, Brooklyn and Brigham to Sunsplash on Saturday as a end of the Summer hoorah. I laughed as I received this picture from Suzi. She said she asked each of them to stop and take their picture. Brooklyn rolled her eyes, Brigham did a dance and Hayden did the dead zombie pose. Oh kids.
Love this picture of Brigham and Hayden. Hayden is getting so much better with his younger cousins. He has set a goal to be a good example and to take care of them.
I love that Brooklyn is holding on to Brigham and Hayden's inner tubes. She definitely is a mother hen and tries hard to take care of the boys. Love her and her little nurturing qualities.
My Bugwa. What can I say? This is Hayden in his element. Floating peacefully in the water, alone with his thoughts, the movement of the water carrying him around the lazy river and the occasional splash of water on his face. Seriously, I think that in Hayden's mansion in heaven there will definitely be a lazy river for him to float and think in.
I am so appreciative that Hayden has such a great Aunt Suzi that is so much fun! How lucky are these kids that they get to go to Sunsplash on a whim. Suzi is constantly doing fun activities with the kids. She is such a fun aunt!

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