Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fathers and sons marathon

Hayden had one of the best weekends of his life. It started on Thursday evening when he and his dad went to the Iron-man 3 premiere. To say he was excited was a complete understatement. From the second he got home from school, he was jumping up and down and waiting outside for his dad to come home from work.
According to Hayden, Ironman 3 was AWESOME!!!

Since they arrived home so late during the night, I let him have a ditch day from school. He was in heaven. Thomas took a half day and picked him up a little after noon to head out for Fathers and Sons camp out up in Pine, Arizona.

Boy was a huge smile stretched across Hayden's face. He was giggly and hyper and a happy boy as he rode off in the car headed for the camp out with his dad.

Unfortunately, we packed based on past fathers and sons outings and failed to look at the current weather conditions. Oops. The boys were so cold. They enjoyed spending time with all, the men and boys in our ward. The boys ran around and played games while the men sat around the campfire and talked.

Hayden was so funny relaying some of the funny moments. My favorite was him talking about the sword fights they had. He said that one of the boys took the Nerf Axe and chucked it at his head. After having a swollen lip, he gathered the swords and with his witty little sarcasm said, "And on that note, I think we are done playing with swords. I'll have to remember that for the future. Nerf axes and father and sons camp outs do not mix." I laughed so hard as I think those words have come out of my mouth.

As the night went on, the colder the guys became. Luckily they chose to sleep in the car with a lot of blanket layers. They were so cold by morning that Hayden wouldn't get out of the car. Instead of hanging around they decided to do their own thing. They headed down the mountain and went out to breakfast in Payson.

On the way home, Thomas drove Hayden to Golfland so he could attend Gunter's birthday party. He had a blast partying with his friends.

Needless to say, when Thomas picked him up on Saturday evening, my boy was exhausted. Happy, full of life and stories but so tired.

He is such a great boy and deserved a great weekend! Hayden is so fun to be around. He is enthusiastic and loves life.

Thomas said the best part of the entire weekend was when Hayden whispered, "Dad, I am glad we are buds. I have a lot of fun when we are together." I sure hope they always enjoy each other and have a lot of weekend adventures together.

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