Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday

Another love of mine is Black Friday.

About a month ago, Jodi and I came up with a new plan to accomplish our black Friday goals. We knew that me going out shopping was not going to be a reality. Sweet Jodi, knowing that I was worried about it, came up with an altered black friday plan. Instead of going from store to store, and filling shopping baskets to the brim with our sales and great finds, we would sit on the couch and load on-line baskets with bargains. We would load up on QT drinks, snacks and shop on our I-pads.

As only a loving and incredible sister could do, she convinced me it wasn't the stores, cold nights, snagging that incredible deal or emptying our carts to a reasonable level that made Black Friday a cherished tradition. The cherished tradition was spending time together, finding the perfect gift for our children, spouses and loved ones.

This didn't have to be accomplished in a store but just as easily on line. We could still talk, spend time together and locate that perfect gift on-line. We could still spread out the ads and "let the stores tell us what we were looking for" based on their ads.

What a great sister. She let me know that I was more important than our tradition. I was more important than her love of shopping the sales. I was what made the tradition meaningful and special. Jodi will never ever know how much that meant to me. How much she made me feel so important to her, so loved, so cherished. How I ever got lucky enough to get her for a sister and cherished friend, I will never know. It is seriously one of the most tender mercies and greatest blessings in my life.

I was still determined to at least hit one store and push a cart, even if only for a few minutes. Jodi, hesitant about taking me out, humored me as I wanted to attempt Target. We waited in the car until the line died down. Our merciful Savior reserved us a parking spot right at the entrance, even with thousands of people in line. Even though we walked in late, walked slowly, and couldn't chase for the great deals, we were blessed to find all the great deals that we wanted. Everything we had circled and wanted for our loved ones, miraculously found a way into our cart. Jodi and I were not alone at Target late on Thanksgiving night. We definitely had our guardian angel with us, helping us find our finds. Plus, I was able to do it!

We weren't gone long but enough to be able to experience Black Friday. And, we had a great time, even sitting and talking on the couch. I am so thankful for the precious gift of my incredible sister.

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