Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Wrap up

Halloween has long since passed but the memories still need to be captured. I love the iphone, not that the pictures are great, but it is so easy to capture real life with.

Halloween night I actually left my house to go to Jodi's. Our annual tradition of the girls passing out candy and the dads taking the kids around trick or treating. I absolutely love this tradition. I get to sit, chat with Jodi and the rest of the moms and no walking is involved.

This year, we sat right on the sidewalk, until the sprinklers came on and then it was a mad dash to move things to keep them dry. Good thing lots of people were chatting with us when it happened and they quickly moved our set up.

I made it for a little while before Thomas took me and Talmage home. Hayden stayed on with Troy as he took them to other neighborhoods and to a haunted house. Fun night with pizza, candy, costumes, cute trick or treat-ers and great friends. 
Ninja Hayden with his jack-o-lantern creation.
Love when the candy cane witch and the Ninja play great together.
Jodi with her precious daughter.
Ninja and his mom. (Love that I was able to participate...even if only for a short while)
My amazing sister and me...I even dressed up in doctor scrubs. Having spent so much time in the hospital it deemed the only appropriate tribute to this years adventures.
Some of my favorite kids in the world...Candy cane witch, Gangster boy and Ninja Master.
Carving pumpkins was definitely different this year. Hayden wanted total artistic control and wanted a friend over to carve pumpkins with. What he was not thrilled with... mom taking pictures... what a punk.
Thomas still was a great consultant and support. Such a great dad. Especially since he let me take a nap while he handled the entire activity.
Finished masterpieces.... when I woke up and came out to see Hayden's creation, I outright laughed. So Hayden. He was so proud of his vomiting pumpkin.
Ninja and Nacho Libre off for some trunk-or-treating fun. Bring on the candy.
Hayden loved seeing Chase at Grandpa and Grandma Bonnie's halloween party. Not only did the kids play games, but this year there was a real magician which the kids all loved, fortune teller, bounce house, games, snacks, food galore, and even a catered homemade ice cream company that made any flavor of ice cream right there on the spot for you. (I had Thomas bring me back homemade banana ice cream...Yummy)
Right after Halloween, decorations were packed up, costumes tucked away, candy was consumed and we were officially onto the wonderful season of gratitude, thanksgiving and counting our blessings. For me, I absolutely treasure this time of year.

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