Friday, November 30, 2012

Murphy Cousins

Hayden loves his cousins...all of them. But, tell Hayden that CJ and Nathan are in town and are coming over and that boy lights up and counts the seconds. Add Logan and Victoria into the mix and he is on top of the world.

He was thrilled with seeing them. I actually ventured out and met Terri, Kelli, Joyce, and the kids at the theater and saw my first movie in four months. We saw the Rise of the Guardians. It was a cute movie. I loved the message but really wish that Pixar had done the story instead of Dreamworks. Not a fan of Santa with tatoos. But, we did have a great time with all the Murphy's that were in town.

Afterwards, the kids all came back to our house for movies, video games, fun and a slumber party. I made it from the car to the bed and crashed until after 11pm at night. Never mind that it was a 1:00 show, I was out for the count. (Poor kids didn't eat until I woke up, too shy to ask for food. I felt so bad but couldn't believe they didn't say anything to Thomas or just get something.)

I hope and pray that Hayden turns out as well as Nathan and CJ. They are so so so good to their younger cousins. They humor them and put up with their every request. They treat them so good. I had a great talk with Nathan and CJ later at night. We talked missions, what they were doing to get ready to serve, some of the events they had to look forward to and talked about how all their younger cousins are looking up to them to lead the way. I believe these two boys have what it takes and think they are great examples to Hayden. I am grateful for them.
Love these sweet children.
Hayden loved having a movie theater/slumber party with the Murphy cousins. He was in heaven.
CJ watching Elf with the gang.
I woke up at 3am. When I went out to get my medicine, this was the beautiful sight I saw. Five sleeping kids, lights off except the sparkling glow of the Christmas tree. I stood and just watched them all sleep. I felt so much love for these great kids.
I dreamed of family slumber parties for my own children. Kids randomly sleeping all over. Thomas and I were only blessed with our precious Hayden. But the Lord knew that would just give us more room in our heart to cherish and love and find joy in all of our nieces and nephews.
I found so much joy waking up to kids sprawled all over the family room. They each fill my heart with so much love and joy.
Terri came over on Saturday and spent several hours just catching up, talking, laughing, telling stories, expressing new goals, new paths, discussed lessons learned and relished in finding new ways of dealing with current challenges. We had such a great couple of hours talking and just enjoying time spent together.

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Nothing like cousin love!!!