Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weeks Family

Love these cute boys that we have adopted as our own cute nephews. Sarah and Jordan have become a wonderful part of our extended family. We love them and the great people they are.

They continue to take children in their home, love them as their own and are heartbroken when the babies leave. But their hearts are so big that they feel the need to love these cute babies that are going through turmoil in their young lives.

Luckily, they were able to adopt the cute little(or big) 2 year old, Rex. He loves Aunt Jer and oh how that warms my heart. They have T.J. That is 5 months old and are hoping to adopt him, as well. Then, this little sweetheart, Leeland, is only a week old. I'd love if they were able to keep them all. It breaks my heart each time they have to let one go.

Love these babies and their parents and all the joy they bring to my life.

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