Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Baby girl

Our baby girl, Maya Belle, underwent surgery and was spayed. Poor little girl, at only four pounds, she struggled with being put under.  Her little heart rate and body took the medication rough. She had to stay extra long for monitoring. 

When Thomas picked her up at about 5pm, she was still out of it. She stayed on my lap all evening and late into the night. She didn't move At ALL. Not a muscle. If I moved her, she whimpered. Poor little girl. My heart broke as I held her. She looked drugged. She looked miserable. 

It was a rough night. She didn't sleep. She cried. She whimpered. She wanted to be held. She wanted cuddles. She looked at me with those big dark eyes and they spoke volumes to me. They asked why I couldn't help her escape the pain. Why I couldn't make her feel better. Why did she hurt. It broke my heart. 

She continued to have a rough couple of days. She was miserable. She didn't wiggle. She didn't move. She didn't budge. I cuddled her. I loved on her. I tried to comfort her. 

She is definitely our baby girl. She completed our family. 

As I write this, both pups are cuddled up beside me. Baby girl in her "cone of shame" cuddling in by Max for comfort. She has to have mom right by her. She won't let me out of her sight. Max touching me and cuddled up by me. Tucked in. Probably wishing I would let him or give him a massage. 

They bring so much love and comfort to our hearts and home. They bring laughter and joy. 

Yes, our little Maya girl will continue to hurt for a couple if days. She will need cuddles and hugs. She will need extra attention and more support. But, she couldn't have a bigger spots in our hearts. We all love these sweet little puppies of ours. 

Little Miss Maya, I hope you recover quickly. I hope you get back to your spunky little self. Full of attitude and spunk. We miss that wiggle bum of yours that moves independently from the rest of your body. We miss the millions of kisses. Maybe even the wet willies and kisses. 

You are precious and we love you. 

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