Friday, August 1, 2014


Jodi called on Monday and said she was coming Tuesday. What a great surprise. What a great thing to look forward to. 

Tuesday, after I endured another dentist appointment, Jodi and her precious children showed up. We talked. We laughed. The kids played Minecraft. They enjoyed one another. I loved watching the boys with the pups. I loved the cuddles. The laughs. The noise. The fun. The love. 

Jodi and I talked. We caught up. We talked of church callings. Of kids. Of challenges. Of successes. Of the future. Of goals. We talked and talked. I could talk to my sister every day forever. She is such a blessing in my life. 

She was giving a fireside on the Holy Ghost that night and Troy was talking of challenges. I loved talking of spiritual matters. Of experiences and how those moments change us. How they help us develop into the people the Savior would have us become. Jodi is strong. She is a fighter. She is one of our Savior's strongest and most valiant daughters. She is a strength and grouding force in my life. 

Troy and Jodi were getting were eating ... Thomas and I were making dinner....  Kids were hungry ....we were listening to the Q96 call..... They wanted us to answer questions....I was vomiting .... Trying to talk.... Trying to fulfil my duty to others in was cRAZY to say the least. But I loved it! I loved the joy! The craziness! 

I always thought my home would be crazy and chaotic. Filled with noise and chaos and children and church callings. Our nights filled with laughter and family nights. Children giggling. Talking amongst each other. Noisy and messy. But filled with love. 

My home is usually not these things. It is usually quiet and calm. Clean and organized. Filled with love. But quieter than I imagined. 

I love my,life mi really do. And I see all the great things about it. And I love what I've been given and know it is a gift from my Savior. My journey here. 

But, when Jodi comes, my heart smiles as this is the life I pictured. And I love it too. Both different lives. But both great and wonderful in their own light. I'm glad I get the opportunity to experience both. It makes me appreciate what I have. It helps me to appreciate that The Lord gives me a glimpse of both. 

Soon after Jodi left and the kids ate. Life calmed down. We watched America's Got Talent. We laughed. We talked. We ate ice cream. We loved having a house full of love and kids and giddiness. 

When Jodi came back, they decided to spend the night. We were all thrilled! Another night of joy and fun and laughter. Another night of cousins and laughter and joy for Hayden. Another day with Brooklyn and Brigham and Talmage. Another day with hugs and noise. And another precious day with my sister. 

We went to bed in peace knowing I had another day with those I loved. 

The next day was more fun. More laughter. More joy. More noise. More mess. More of the life I dreamed of. The joy I felt indescribable. The peace. Amazing. 

I loved waking up and laying in bed and cuddling with my nephews and talking with my sister. 

I can honestly say it is one of the greatest joys in my life. It is one of the greatest things that refills my bucket. It helps to lift me and strengthen me. 

It gave me the strength to keep enduring. Jodi helps me to reach my,potential. She encourages me. She sees the best in me. She believes in me. That is what I needed. I needed my sister. 

It was a wonderful two days. Thanks, Jodi for coming. I needed you. And your sweet family. I felt stronger when they left. I felt strengthened to do the things we needed to do. To become. To become better and do more good. 

(Yes. We had a great night together. Filled with ice cream and Fruit bars. Joy. Laughter. As I watched these four precious kids at the counter. I thought of the amazing childhood they are having. Life is good. It is so so so good.)

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