Thursday, June 14, 2012


My son is a movie fanatic. He cannot decide whether to grow up and be a movie critic or a doctor. I always tell him he will be fantastic at whatever he decides to be... whether it is a doctor, a scientist, a writer, an illustrator or yes, even a movie critic. Is it bad if I secretly hope he chooser to be one of the first four and NOT a movie critic? If he does, I will love him and be proud of him, no matter what. I do love that he could critic a movie with the best of them. He analyzes the sound, the music, the vocabulary, the story line and even the actors.

Best part for me this trip. Hayden wanted to watch a movie that was rated NR. He didn't know what that meant, we hadn't discussed a non rated movie. I was away, Thomas hadn't come up to the cabin yet. So, what did my sweet boy do? He went in the other room, said a quick prayer to see if it was okay that he watched the show. He said that he felt okay. His exact words were, "Mom, I felt okay, not great like I was going to watch a church movie that was good for me. But, not a bad feeling like I would see something inappropriate. More like a feeling of, yeah, it isn't bad, not good, but it won't hurt you to see it feeling." Man alive, I am so proud of him and the way he consults with his Heavenly Father on most decisions. I also wish my prayers were answered as clearly as his are, or that I understood the answers to my prayers they way he does his.

Love the picture of Hayden and Braden watching movies. I hope they continue to be friends as they grow up. I also love the picture of Josh's family with Brigham and Hayden, all watching movies. It was heaven. We were playing games, while part of the group entertained the ones wanting to just relax and watch movies. Pure relaxation!

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