Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tire Blow Out

"I am okay. Nothing happened to me but the car.....". My heart sank, my head slipped away and I tears fell ever so slightly. Nothing else in that moment mattered. The car, the money... it didn't matter. In that split second, I realized that the only thing that mattered to me was that my husband was okay, he was was still here on earth with me. My head flashed to what could have been, what events could have ever so easily unfolded. I found myself in quiet prayer of gratitude and thanks.

I called and had Julie go meet Thomas on the freeway. As she began to describe to me that she had NEVER seen a tire so blown, so completely shredded. AAA said there was nothing left, it had blown and shredded completely, yet Thomas was able to safely pull over 5 lanes of traffic to get safely to the side of the road.

As Thomas and I spoke of this miracle later and were expressing our gratitude and our thoughts about these events to Hayden, it became a great teaching moment on attitude.

Things happen to us in life. Problems come, events occur that we have no control over, monies that were set aside for one thing have to be used on the emergency situation. Our family had a choice to make right then and there. Were we going to complain because yet another problem was occurring for our family to deal with or were we going to chose to be grateful that even though the tire popped, and we had to purchase a new one and fix the car, we could choose to see the miracle that Thomas lived through this very scary situation, and didn't even receive one scratch.

Of course, we chose to immediately kneel down and thank our Heavenly Father for watching over us and see to it that we praised him for sparing our husband and father's life. We are so grateful for the miracle of no harm coming to Thomas. We still need him. He is an amazing father and amazing priesthood holder. My heart is so full that the Lord stepped in and intervened on or behalf. I am so grateful to still have my dear sweet husband to share my life with. We are grateful for the miracle of the car tire and the Lord sparing Thomas' life.

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